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  1. Dak, you can use the helmet ^^


    I had tried once to do the shadow guard, but failed, even if I think now I should be able to fix that x)


    Whatever lets see what you can do =) I would have helped if I had the time, but I leave to spain in two days, and I'm just back from south France, =/


    Good luck with the shadow guard!

  2. Hey Seikan,

    Do you think I could use your Mandalorian helmet from your new mod to create something like this? I might end up editing the model a little, if that's okay with you. Or, if you'd rather edit it yourself you're more than welcome to.


    Thanks in advance!

  3. Cool! I will do so!

  4. Jacen, if you still want to make a v2 for the mod, pass by the team's section.

  5. I passed on the topic, and posted (3 days ago °°)

  6. Would you please look at the new topics on the TeamFett Group Page? I would like to have your input.

  7. We need to get our team back together to make our mod compatible with BOS:SR. Please, check out the new topic in the thread.

  8. Woohoo! It's up on kotor 2 files. You can check out our mod, here.

  9. Check out the new screenshots in TeamFett. I have submitted our mod to Kotor 2 files and it is still pending approval.

  10. yo, where are you?

  11. Here is the latest version of the Fett Armors mod for K1. You may download it here. I also, posted a link in the discussion group.

  12. Can i get a link to your mandalorian armors mod for k1?

  13. http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2671641&postcount=62


    Look, Bryan he put the Baremetal to the head, so it's possible ^^


    And sorry but i think the back pack of the heavy trooper is just horrible xD

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