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  1. The bow wouldn't have the proper animations, so unless you want a bow handled as a blaster... I don't think it's possible, the crossbow, yes.
  2. here http://www.filefront.com/14491849/Avol-Darth-Vader-Mod-Kotor-2/ and you're welcome. Threads like this should be just posted in the pcgamemods request links thread. Members are also reminded to PM download links for any mods which to not have the permission of other the original authors to be distribured -- j7
  3. Well you can restrict the power to a prestige class, and that's it. For that, just open spells.2da look at the columns, there are the jedi classes names "guardian", "wpnmstr" (weapon master) etc etc... the numbers in it, are the lvl at which you can learn the power with that class, so put for consular, sentinel and guardian "-1" and they won't be able to learn the power, and only The PC will be able to learn the force power once he is one of the prestige classes.
  4. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Mandalore_Alteration;92174 That's just for the mask
  5. Yeah, my year wasn't great too... but well, for me, 2010-2011 it's all the same, there is not much that will change because it's a new year... But well 2010 was really like a bad year, and all the bad things started exactly the 1rst January, so I just hope this One brings me more luck x)
  6. Then there wouldn't be any interesting sense with his name, and Malice... yeah... cool... jaw? cool... malak just have a name without any interest. But I see your point about every sith having some meaningful name. Actually you are wrong, Nihilus come rather from Nihilism, or Nihil. Nihil meaning "nothing" in Latin, so it also make sense. And Nihilism is a philosophic point of view, that the life, the world, is meaningless, that there is not any goal in the life, there is "nothing". So Nihilis is "nothing" or rather I would say he bring "nothing" by destroying every thing that exist. He is like a black hole that eats everything he reaches.
  7. I like the idea, Peragus should really be a scary place, if someone could actually make Peragus scary (it's hard with a rpg to be really scared...) it would be really great.
  8. Yeah I forgot that the models were pmbjS/L/M °°
  9. Because these are masks, the maks and the armor don't work the same way. To your item to recognize your model and texture, it has to be some of the existing armor models, so you have to replace one kind of armor (logically star forge robes). So an other way easier than appearance.2da, is to just rename your unmasked revan models into "pmbj" and for the textures, if i'm not mistaken it use the star forge robes use the revan's textures, so you have to name it the same way, but with a different number that those of the original robes (so 03 or more) like N_DarthRevan03.tga, then to create your item open with kotor tools the revan robe of the star forge, then you change it into your new item, without touching the body variation, and on the "texture variation" put the number of your texture (in this case 03).
  10. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=148638 Here is a tutoriel, it's for TSL, but it's the same for K1 with less content. And to make it simple you have to open appearance2.da Look to the player's appearance rows (P_FEM/MAL_(letter)_LRG/MED/SML_(number)) And in those row you have a column "modelj" in these column you have "pmbj" it's the star forge robes model, you just have to replace it with the unmasked revan's model male or female. (for all the player's appearance, and the party members if you want.
  11. Nope, bad idea, because if you disguise you won't have your head, What you have to do is replace some armor with the model, so for example change de revan's armor from the star forge which have the model pmbj to the model of the cutscene_Revan_(male or female, respectively), it need 2da editing. I don't remember if there is a mod speacially for that, but Bos: sr do it.
  12. Well, than the item script could do a temporarily replacement of one of the party member, having the choice to replace two different members, to not make a party member unavailable at the same time as the custom party member. Since kobayashi replaced a still available party member, it should work in theory.
  13. Well, it's been a long time that I played Bos:sr, but It seems to me that kobayashi stayed on the party even after changing of module. And the script to put him into the party didn't removed anyone. So use an Item to trigger a script like this could help to add new companions, without removing the old ones. And we're talking about extra party members, the characters, not a extra member to the party etc... (I know he also asked for that, but that's not the ask I answered), juste the fact to recruit more people etc... But maybe I remember wrong, if that's the case, sorry °°
  14. Well, there are always some ways to avoid the obstacles. I was thinking, since in Bos: sr, there is the moment when you have kobayashi on you're team, so that means there is a script to add a character to your party. So logically there could be an item like the warper band etc, or something like this used to include a custom character in your team, without having him in the actual party members screen, without replacing anyone. The only thing is that you should choice him to be in your party with a custom item, and not the party member selection screen. And people could mess up their game using it when you "need" some particularly party members, but that would be the responsability of the people using the mod, like the "choke anybody" etc...
  15. Yeah, it should be possible with model merging, even if I have never managed to do it. It could be a nice new armor.
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