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  1. Except that the Mandalorian have a strange and HUGE "sense of Honor", so if there is something they care about is loyalty, if the clan Ordo by "Mandalore The Preserver" learn them some degree of loyalty towards the republic, they wouldn't betray it. So it does ignore a little bit the fact that Canderous was uniting the mandalorian clans, to help the republic.
  2. Well, in the last war, the Sith would have been a greater opponent, stronger that the Republic, so... and The clan Ordo was small, but as Canderous is called "Mandalore the Preserver" then the future mandalorians, come from the Ordo's clan, and if Canderous was preparing them to help the republic against the Siths, it makes no sense, that they help the Siths.
  3. Well, an other think that seems to ignore TSL, are the Mandalorians. In TSL Mandalore supposedly unite the Mandalorians, under Revan's orders, to help the republic against the Siths, and in Tor, the mandalorians are united with the Siths, I know 300 years have passed, but well, The Ordo's clan, who help against Nihilus etc, etc, would have keep some idéologies of Mandalore, and would have become allies of the Siths just like this.
  4. Maybe for the consulars, but when it come to the jedi knights, it's just a reskin of the jedi generals in the clone wars... And also, in TSL, the jedi master robes, etc had a different model, and looked different that the robes in the movies. And that for me is a big problem, because in TOR, there are not only the jedi, the republic troopers, just look as a new clone variant (it could have perfectly fit into battlefront 2), the sith troopers, they look as a mix of the clone troopers, and Darth Vader. The Bounty Hunters with the Helmet, looks as a merge of a movie style mandalorian, with the kotor War droids. etc etc...
  5. The mandalore's model is only on k2, so to have it in K1 you should porte it to K1, and it's illegal, so nobody will do it, so no, it's not possible. Someone could try to make a similar helmet, and reskin an armor, but it woulnd't really look the same.
  6. I'm not sure about the two weapon fighting, since HK-47 can have the two weapons fighting feat, and dueling, and he CAN'T have a melee weapon (unless you use the HK melee mod), also he don't have the melee weapon proficiency feats, etc, so if he the have two weapon fighting feat, that means the feat works with melee weapons, if it wasn't HK wouldn't have it.
  7. I Guess by "I don't think He approves of genocide, raping women, stealing land, and slavery; because that is what America was formed from." He don't talk about the independence day, but how America was really formed, because we can say it, even if it only became America after the independence, it begin to be formed before. And it was formed killing the native Americans, stealing their lands, bringing African slaves, etc... @WCH: For me it would rather be Thanks giving, because come on: If now in thanksgiving that's what is celebrated, after the genocide of the native Americans, it seems a little inappropriate.
  8. I agree too =) Well, not totally, i'm just not agree with the bear of weapons, but whatever and some times this freedom gets a little unfair (like the medical insurances), but that's the present, so it doesn't matter while talking about the Independence Day. And well, at the same time I guess all the independence days are fight for one's rights and freedoms, whatever what happens after it, the independence will always be in my mind a fight for justice.
  9. No, I looked at it again, and he stop it before the line, but, well the goal was SURE, even if it didn't get in, it should have ben validated, it's really not fair for the Ghana to loose now.
  10. Wow... Gyhana really deserved to win this match... the goal was going in, and then a hand from Suares... I'm really disappointed because Ghana was doing well, and they give all what they could in the last action, and when finally they were going to score, the hand, even if it has a penalty after, the goal was initially going inside. It's really a dirty move, i should be a rule that says that a goal stopped by the hand of a player get automatically valid...
  11. Well I have tried once, but the part of the shoulders to the next seems to be specially done for the helmet because without the helmets it really looks odd and ugly °°'
  12. Is that the UN resolution you are talking about? However, according to a comprehensive U.S. government report, no complete, fully functional weapons of mass destruction have been found since the invasion.[51] There are accounts of Polish troops obtaining antiquated warheads, dating from the 1980s, two of which contained trace amounts of the nerve gas cyclosarin, but U.S. military tests found that the rounds were so deteriorated that they would "have limited to no impact if used by insurgents against coalition forces." Iraq was also home to 1.8 tons of low-enriched uranium, miscellaneous other nuclear materials, and chemical weapons paraphernalia; the nuclear material was under the supervision of the IAEA until the beginning of the war. They have completely stopped to comply With UN resolutions... To that we can add that it's not the UN who send troops to Irak:* in English= So even if they wasn't developing nuclear weapons, that was to the UN to act, not to the US. And even if it wasn't only the US it was mainly the US who start it. So maybe it would be better if the US stop acting by their selves all over the world, just because THEY think they have to "brought peace, freedom, justice, and security (to their (not) new empire)" to the world. So even if I don't doubt the medias have disfigured this incident, it doesn't change the fact that maybe there shouldn't have been an US invasion at the beginning, only over suspicions.
  13. Well, someone has done a iron man armor with the helmet and all the stuff, but he never release the mod, at least i didn't see the mod released °°' http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=197592&highlight=marvel&page=9 Here, i would like to have the armor! xD
  14. Well, "mistake" or not, it would just be better if the US army had never go to Irak... but too late.
  15. Yes, within the country, but WHY (the hell!!!!) should the American president be able to shut down Internet all over the world?
  16. That's why i say, there would be less risks by helping him, because knowing he would be exile if he ever told them the truth, the only one he has to talk about it was palpatine, and that was really bad... but if instead he could have counted on the jedi order to help him it might have changed.
  17. Since, you seems to like naruto, lets take naruto as an example. Imagine Hollywood decides to make a "Naruto; The movie" and then they take a bunch of white people, eating ramens, saying "Rasengan!" with an american accent, with ninja clothes, Japanese clothes, living in a Japanese village, respecting the Japanese culture. Would you like that the movie was made that way? with white people playing Japanese people, instead of Japanese people, playing Japanese people!?
  18. As long as it is an ingame item that you edited, without changing the file name, the resref, or the tag etc, you will find it at the same place where it normally is.
  19. Well, for the moments the hude ref mistakes we have are: -Brazil goal using two time the arms. -Kaka got a red card, because an other player bump in him, and made as if kaka has hitted him. -A Chilean player got a second yellow card, so a re"d card, because a spanish player jump into the ground and blames him. (almost the ame thing as kaka, unless that this time it was in the game's action) -England got a good goal refused. -Argentina got a goal validated, when it wasn't valid. Have I forgotten anything? So the video replays should for sure be allowed, how can it be allowed such big mistakes in a world cup, when we have all the means to fix it?
  20. 1. yes, but after it he can leave peacefully, the Czerka is faar worst than kreia when it come to the wookies, or other non human species, really FAAR worst, and they aren't even siths, the mandalorian too, are worst, like hunting wookies in the shadowlands for pleasure, Kreia have used him, but well, he already wanted to kill mira, so Kreia just keep him on live against his will but, what she ask him to do, isnt really a big problem to Hanrrar, and after killing mira he can do what he want, no more life debt, or he loose once again, and she have just forced him to live a couple days-weeks more, is that that bad as to call her malevolent? 2. Yes she love to manipulate, but well, Atton eventually fall in love with the exile, so I don't think Atton would really regret to have stayed in the crew, so in that the only bad thing is the way she have done it, but the action itself, isn't really comparable to what many other siths have ever done. 3. Well would you consider someone evil because he sent Stalin, Pinochet, Franco, a SS officer, or any other guy like this, to a certain death, or to cannibals, or whatever? Tobin, is the one that tried to kill the ebon hawk crew because he was ally with the Siths, we tried under vaklu orders to take control of Onderon, making a civil war, i'm not specially a partisan of the death penalty because the risk of killing innocents, but when the crime is clear, and really serious, I don't think bit is inhuman to do so, maybe kreia's reasons weren't noble, but once again the action itself isn't that bad. And yes she put Telos in danger, but i think letting Nihilus live would cause more deaths in the long term. 4. For me it is more a depressive act, that an evil act, she don't do it to kill anyone, that's not her purpose, her purpose is to be free of the force, so it's more a crazy plan that an evil plan, it would be evil if she intended to do it to kill any one in the galaxy, so for me she's not evil, maybe she have harsh and cruel methods, she's old, crazy and depressed, but surely not malevolent. And you didn't answer about visas On their own purpose maybe not, but they *were* trying to harm someone, all the game, make us think about how cruel it is to cut someone from the force, that it's as cutting him from his 5 senses, when the exile talk about it she say things as "such a cruel thing", so I think the exile would prefer to loose her eyes than the force, but the jedi master on their own beliefs decided that she must be cutted from the force, without trying to understand her, without looking if there were any other way. You can say there is not physical harm, but is like a rape, there isn't really physical harm, but it can destroy someone's life, and we know how the exile has just being hanging around the galaxy without purpose, or anything. There more, if you listen for all what Kreia say after killing them, you can understand her action, and i'm not sure if she would kill them if they haven't try to cut the exile's bond with the force. And well she didn't try to negotiate, but them neither, they just took their lightsabers, when she appears, i don't think they would mind of killing her. Yes I do, but have you forgotten what you said before? What about their tendencies to kill large numbers of other good guys and/or innocents? Besides, your statement about how good they'd be without those two traits is irrelevant, because at no point in the Sith Order's seven thousand year-history of existence and reformation did it ever not have those traits. Well what I say proofs that kreia don't have the random cruelty, she never do anything cruel without purpose, when so do something cruel is really because she had to. Radical organization or not, they were jedi masters, forming part of the jedi order, and as far as we know they are jedi, not siths. Well, Speak for you, Atris wanted even to kill her, and she really blames the exile for have gone to the mandalorian wars, and Vrook too, they blame the exile for have joined the mandalorian wars, maybe not all the masters, but some of them does blame her for that, and think she fall into the dark side but act for her beliefs and try to save innocents, what the council refuse to do As Carth I think, have said, if it was under the council oders, that the jedi have joined the mandalorian wars, maybe there wouldn't have been any jedi civil war. And still, they kip blaming the jedi who go fight in the mandalorian wars, blaming them for all the sith problems it were after it, but if revan has been a general, and the jedi council the commanders, don't you think it would be the better solution? instead of it, they just stayed in their chairs, watch, then blame. Well if for you retaining for fall in love with padme, is "control" his emotions, and not "suppress" them.. then let's say "control", and of course not being allowed to love, is not asking you to supress your emotions, just control them Tell me how do you control the fact of falling in love (other way than supress your feelings, because if you control the felling of love that you have, then it means you're in love ^^) Well, if he wouldn't have his marriage secret, we could have talk of it with obi wan, or yoda, and they could have helped him, instead of it, the only one with whom he could talk about it, was palpatine, and we all know how bad it was. If the jedi have give him support, with his relation, and helped him, to stay in the way, he wouldn't have cut windu's hand, because he "needs" (or at least he thinks so) palpatine, but would it be the same, if the jedi have offered their' support? And Bastilla return into the light side, because she's in love with revan, so the "unnecessarily attachment" as you say save her from the dark side. You should speak more with jolee, i think like him that the jedi shouldn't learn to suppress their emotions, to don't love, to don't get angry, etc, because these are thing that can't always be avoided, but the jedi should learn to deal ith the emotions, how to love without letting the love made you crazy like anakin, because there will always be jedi with such feelings, so it would be better to teach them how to live with their emotions, instead of ignoring them. To give an example other that the pedophile priest that you just ignored, are you an anti sex catholic partisan? do you think that for avoiding unwanted pregnancy, or virus you should forbid people to having sex for other reasons than the reproduction? knowing that the young would often just not listen at their parents and now we see young of 11 years not virgin, girl who just hook with all their friends to pass the time etc.(that's the way the jedi deal with the emotions) Or would you instead try to speak with them, prevent them for the risk, invent the condoms, and give the people the tool to avoid the risk without forbid them to have sex. For example the parents, instead of forbid the children for having sex, talk with them about it, the risk, giving the girl more confidence to be able to say no, when they don't want to, and not let them learn about it in po** movies, having sex hide from their parents, etc... What do you think would be the best solution?
  21. Well without the luck as you say, at the end of the game it would be 1-1, since the first goal wasn't valid, and the second one is most a biiiiiig mistake from the mexican, so there is only the Tevez goal that was truly goal obtained by Argentina by their quality game, also they were after the second goal (we can also think that knowing the first goal wasn't valid, the mexicans were angry, and loose their concentration), almost all in defense, so to score a goal for the mexicans was really harder, since Argentina just have to make counter attacks, and score again, so for only a technical point of view, Mexico *could* win, in what you say you're only thinking about the fact that Argentina has most prestige, but well Messi is the best player in the word for example, but in the match he haven't done a lot, so I truly wonder what would happen without the invalid first goal. That's the same as England, the two last german goals were counter attacks, they have their defense forming a bunker, they weren't forced to score more, so it become harder to score to the englands, but 2-2 they would be forced to look for the goals, and the englands wouln't have need so much to attack with all their players, so maybe the winners wouldn't have change, but maybe they would, or maybe it would finish england 2 germany 3, or something like this and not, 1-4, so whatever happens, the first goal, or the goal leading to a tie, are very very important goals, in a match.
  22. Well, we have" for example mira, in K2 she's a bounty hunter, and does it make her someone bad? We also have Jango Fett, who bis the bad guy in the movies, because he's an opponent of the jedis, but he's not so bad. There is also Canderous, who is'nt really someone good, but we can see that he just have the mandalorian crazy concept of lifre, he don't kill people to kill people, but to "fight", so I don't see why killing, some guys who ae threats to the republic would be so wrong, (I know they aren't but revan don't know it when he kill them).
  23. Yeah there are already a LOT of models x) for example all of those you posted a pic
  24. I know i'm late but whatever. Well I don't think kreia could really be rated as malevolent, she nis a weir old women, who love to manipulate the others, but she never do anything *really* bad, she killed the three jedi masters? come on, they where arbitrarily trying to cut the exile connection to the force, without asking her opinion, and we know well how cruel it is, after knowing what it was for her the first time, so i think the jedi master were worst than kreia for killing them. She maintained Hanraar alive? well maybe the reasons were not so good, but that's not an atrocity, the wookie is crazy, and she don't force him to be the exile slave, he just help him, and do two, or three thing to kreia, but for the rest he have some freedom. And, also, kreia never support the dark side exile when he does the random cruel action, like killing anyone without any reason. And she IS a Sith, and don't respect the sith code, as probably Revan, Then there is Visas, who also IS a Sith, and she might be a little disturbed, she's not really that bad, the poor girl, she have just seen all her planet being "killed" in front of her eyes, i guess we can understand that she get a little darky. Not really, but for some people, the U.S aren't really good, starting a war on Afghanistan, because they don't tell where is a terrorist, of course ALL the country is responsible, and by the way, Osama is still free, so they made the war for what? for anything. Then Irak, atomic bomb? lol, there wasn't any, just the petrol Then we have the medical assurances that just want to get all the money they can, often acting on a little "malevolant" way, So, if you want to compare the jedi to the U.S, I think that then the jedi must really be a bunch of corrupt guys . (I'm talking about the government, not the American people, and also talking about the jedi order, not the padawans, and all the jedi etc...) For bad jedis we have worst that anything kreia or visas, could do, or many other siths: The jedi masters killed all of their students because of a vision? where is the redemption? the "love"? Also the jedi master who exiled the "exile" just because she fight for her beliefs, trying to protect the republic, while the council refused to act. Without the fact that Revan became a dark lord, what revan, the exile, and the other jedis, have done, was the right choice, and they save the galaxy, and the jedis who stayed in a safe place, just have judged them. Then you also have the conversation between yoda, mace windu, and obi wan, about the jedi order becoming arrogant, so are the guarantors of peace supposed to be selfish, over confident, and arrogant? So no, the jedi order is not all white. Also cutting the children, for their families, because it can lead to the dark side? why don't they teach them to control their feeling instead of refusing them, Anakin wouldn't have fail if he could have trusted on the order to help him, without having to hide his relation with padme. Jhonatan told the greatest power is "love", well the jedi aren't allowed to love. It's like the religions, at the beginning there are thing created for something good, but it start to become wrong with time, like for the Muslim who can't eat pig, well that was for health reasons, now "allah" will punish them for eating it. The catholic priest can't love like the jedi, and can't get married, and then we are surprised to see pedophile priests. The Christians aren't supposed to live in the luxury, well take a look at the Vatican. I'm not saying the religions are bad, but what people do with it is often bad, and then it become corrupted, or have a bad interpretation, (commit suicide by crashing a plain on two towers, will lead you to the paradise), and in my opinion the jedi order is just like a religion, not bad in the depths but, in the reality it just don't go as well as it should.
  25. You're welcome ^^ I had the same problem with the banthas, so I knew the bug ^^
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