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  1. You're welcome ^^ I had the same problem with the banthas, so I knew the bug ^^
  2. There shouldn't be any problem with that, and your idea is a good one, if you have some help from other moders, I would probably download it (even if I have already unique models for every weapon in game, but some extra weapons, isn't bad x))
  3. well, often, the new weapon models, don't replace the old ones, it just change ONE weapon(ex: mandalorian blaster rifle), so there shouldn't be any problem with the other weapons.
  4. Well at the beginning the Germany, was superior, then England score the two goals (with one refused) and star being superior to the germans, but the second half they were forced to score, so their defense was weaker, and they took the counter attacks, and then all their hopes just leave. But if the goal has been validate, they could have end 2-2 at the 90 min, 1-2 and 2-2 is not the same.
  5. Well, it's like in Taris, when you kill Selven, you don't get DS points for killing her, for the price.... so why should it be different in the Genoharadan quests, it have alway bothered me to gain DS points when I want to be a good boy x)
  6. Look at your appearance.2da (the one in your override), then look at the Zaalbar's row, at the column "envmap" and make sure it's "Defautl" and not "CM_baremetal", or something else, if it don't work just put "****" at the envmap
  7. °°' Of course... of course...
  8. Well, if the republic still is a problem for the Siths, after 300 years of planning and preparation(The battle of alderaan was 28 years before the attack on Coruscant, so 28 years of War without winning...), I'm wondering what would happen if revan haven't been betrayed by Malak, he would have a HUGE armada, with the Star Forge, and the Siths would be 300 years unprepared, i can't figure at which point they were at that moment, if they have a hard time after the 300 years... So, maybe without Malak, Revan could have kick the emperor's ass before he prepare all his Sith Armada.
  9. Hello, I'm looking for the oldflash's Sith Vibrosword, the link from Kotor files don't work, so if someone have it could he send it to me please?
  10. Yes, here, we can't see the front thing, and the side ones, because i hide them to be able to correctly turn the model. But let's say all of this come from this robe: http://www.gwiezdne-wojny.pl/grafika/enc/bastila_leviathan.jpg
  11. This is the Bastilla's clothing model, a little edited to don't have that flat breast ^^
  12. power up crystal, like kaiburr, opila, and all the stuff ^^ For the blaster rifle i don't know, I would say two handed, since the bastler rifle i s a two handed weapon.
  13. The immunity is : if you have 30% immunity, and someone shoot you with exactly 10 of damage, with 30% immunity, you will only get 7 (10 -30%) of damage. The resistance is: if you have 5/- resistance, and someone shoot you with exactly 10 of damage, with 5/- resistance, you will only get 5 (10 -5) of damage.
  14. Too bad... I liked the TSL story, even if it wasn't the clearer story, and that TSL is half completed, but the story was original, I liked Kreia, and the fact of question the jedi's wisdom, I always think that the jedi philosophy has a lot of wrong points, so the Kreias philosophy of exploring both ways, etc, and how she kill them, and what she say then, I have always liked kreia, even if she's so annoying every time with her "no! don't do that!", "why have you done that", but as long as she don't start questionning my actions I like her x)
  15. Well, the red lightsabers, can be used by any one there is not any kind of force restriction. After this, The mandalorians were worst butchers than Revan, and for example the orst thing Revan seems to have done, is Telos, and It's Malak who ordered the attack, you can easily see, that Revan wasn't as evil as Malak. He was at the head of a massive armada to conquer the republic, without destroying military infrastructures, without big slaughters like the mandalorians and Malak, and then he can enforce the republic to prepare them against the real Sith Empire (Haven't you ever hear what canderous said in K1, and haven't you ever talked with kreia or goto?).
  16. Yes but there has already been a problem with Domenech, and the only reason he stayed is because the PLAYERS support him, and refuse him to leave,, so it's to late to say "oh no we were wrong", when you make a choice you have to assume it, now they act on a really childish way, and they just let down all their fans, all the France, the people who pay to see them play, and they can't even do an effort, they played terribly, they refused to train. There was some who go cry at domenech's room the night before the match saying they were sorry, that they wasn't agree, but couldn't say no to the others players. So if they wanted to make their revolution they could have: 1) Be agree 2)Waited until the end of the wold cup, avoiding this humiliation. 3)Act like man's to solve it, not like spoiled teen agers.
  17. Here from France, I think the players does have a part of responsibility, how can you arrive two days before a match and say "Oh, we're not training until you make Anelka come back", I think in almost every team, the player would be expelled from the tournament, or at least, that's not abnormal, and then they act totally like spoiled brats, refusing to train because their friend got spelled, that's a behavior worth of teenagers, come on...
  18. Then something really goes rong =x But i don't think your game itself bug, because the TSL patcher interacts only with the overrides 2da files... Well I can't help you in that case =x
  19. Well, i suppose the ultimate robe pack is installed with the tsl patcher, the problem is that when you install it, it look for the appearance.2da on your override to modify it, adding rows, etc... avoiding any incompatibility issues... But in this case the TSL patcher isn't configured to add a appearance.2da if it wasn't on the override, so just put an appearance.2da on your override, and try to install it again
  20. Well, any bug caused by a mod, can be solve deleting everything you have added, so if after deleting ANY file of your override it still don't work, then it's your game that have a problem, and not the mods. (it's true as long as your savegame is before entering the module with the files.)
  21. Yes i love it too xD But well, when Uruguay won 3-0 against South Africa the vuvuzelas wasn't really a problem xD thats a great weapon against vuvuzelas
  22. Yes I know he can, but he shouldn't.. and I know a tackle isn't a good way to take revenge, but they are too brainless to play instead of kicking and hitting everything around them... For the hands in the second goal, well, with or without it Brazil have won, and he deserve it.
  23. Yes, a ref can't just give a card without any one seeing anything, just on one player's word... and yes the ivory coast has been violent all the match, they have also get Blumer out of the match, with a fault, and the ref haven't do anything about it... it's like if they wanted revenge from the last goal...
  24. Well the TXI files are the "extra texture file" let's say that there is your item, you can see first the texture, but if you erase it, it will let you see the "extra texture", so for the swords for example it will be like shiny metal, without any TXI, there is nothing under the texture, so if you erase a little the texture, it will be transparent, and not shiny. So it's just like if all your TXI were missing..? so reinstall the game seems a good solution to me
  25. hmmm, well the skin with revan just don't seems me right, the real revan never show ever a little hair, but there are still two armors to do , i could do the tulak hord armor, more sexy, because it don't go well with revan in my opinion ^^
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