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  1. Well, there are more uptdates, but i'm not going to post them at two place all the time, so now, for see the rest it's here: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204275 The update is the light side revan version ^^
  2. The Gray you mean, and i have though about it but, just now i don't have the time to make three different skins for black, Asian, and Caucasian, so maybe later ^^ And the arms, not a so good idea, because it have the clothes form, not a normal arm form...
  3. Well, the belt accesorys of revan are on the revan's model, and i'm not sure i could add it, maybe if someone good at merging would like to help me it would be possible ^^, and i'll see where could i show more skin And like I said i'm going to use it in my mod (here:http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=204275), so i will do more robes, as many as the male robes, as this the male or female characters will be happy! xD And hmmm for showing the skin, the only problem is that i'm a lazy boy, and I should do an Asian version, a black version, and a Caucasian version to match the heads T_T so maybe i could do it later, as a "XXX_sexy_add mod" xD (XXX= the name that will have my mod, i still have to choose) and here is a new version, and a proof that the mask is a little big for females: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) ps: I did it with Gimp ^^
  4. I think, they think, that the jedi with a double lightsaber in the begining, is Revan, but he's not. °°Just a random jedi, fighting an other random jedi during the jedi civil war.
  5. Well it's possible to use the hood mod, i don't really like to have a frozen hood, so i don't know ^^', but the mask is surely possible ^^ the only problem is that the mask looks a little big in women... >.<
  6. Well, Domenech don't even have words after the defeat, even for the players he just said "i don't know what to say" so yes, he's not a very good coach xD But alse the players, they just can't work together, the French team is like a patch work of players, more than a team, so that's not only the coach fault either. (Whatever, I just wanted France to loose (for someone living in Paris it could seem strange xD), and that being against Mexico is event Better *_*, And I also win a Bet )
  7. Well I had some time and I liked the idea, so i give it a try sooner as expected, and there is the preliminary result ! ^^ Tell me what you think, and if there are thing that you would like to change Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I liked the idea, and it solves the problem of mèy WIP (the female version of the robes) so, It will probably be a part of my mod, but as you are the one who requested you could have it sooner that the others x) Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) There is an ingame first try ^^
  8. I Will try something after I finish some work, and my exams ^^
  9. It's a possible point of view, but i guess I will have better uses of my age xD as Telling my mother "chut!!! i'm18 now!" xD even if I use it already 8D
  10. http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2730843&postcount=117
  11. Hello! It's time to introduce myself x) Name: DXXXXX DXXXXXXXX Age: 18 in... let's say.. 41 days ^^ Country: Well, I'm mexican, half french, born in mexico, and now I live in Paris °° (texas! xD no, no just joking °°) Favorite games: Well obviously the Kotor series... and some other games, but it doesn't matters I'm of course studying... in fact tomorrow start a hell week of exams every day =( Hobbies: drawing, modding, playing, eating(!!!!), sleeping (even if the modding have take some time over my sleep lately xD), and.. LFuming.. what else? In music, I like... let's make a list: Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, The beatles, The Doors, The White Stripes, The Libertines, Joy Division, The Strookes, The Do, The Moldy Peaches, The Clash, Marilyn Manson, Cat Stevens, Iggy Pop, and some other stuff 8D Nice to be with all of you!
  12. Here, but as I said, it's only the player's shadow
  13. Whatever happens I keep the Kreia's version, the new one is a ***** >.< And I think, you people are mistaken, there sin't the revan's face anywhere..
  14. I believe that it says: "But no one knew how fall Revan had already fallen" as it was leaving the Mandalorian Wars. That, to me, hints at the fact that what we already know from Kreia & the Kotor comic is true: Revan found Malachor V and its Trayus Academy before the end of the war and him meeting with the Sith Emperor sealed the deal. Well it says "the fall of Revan and Malak to the dark side was complete", so they're saying Revan have completely fall into the dark side, and kriea say he never fall, and that he sacrifice himself, for the galaxy safety. And it's not because of bad revan or good revan, that i don't like it, for example, I love Darth Bane, or the ancient Siths, but Revan was just something more... Like Kreia said, his actions has always been his own, not influenced by the dark side, and here, they tell us he have completely fall into the dark side... Ans i don't see the Revan's face any where...
  15. Well the problem with the armors, is that the clone armors are based on the mandalorian armors, the Mandalorian Shock Trooper armor, that was invented thousands years after, so these armors that look just so much as the clone trooper's armors, are clearly based on an armor model created thousands years later, so based on mandalorian armors... And also, the bounty hunters: And then.... the bounty Hunters, have like the republic forced invented an armor creater thousands years later... Seriously, if they wanted too much to just trace all the existing stuff of star wars, on all the eras, they should have made a game AFTER the prequels... like this there would be no problem by taking the triangle ships, the LAAT/i, the clone's armors, the mandalorian supercommando armor, the emperial uniforms, the ship looking almost as a TIE fighter while it's far, and probably more...
  16. Well a blaster is not exactly as destructive as a lightsaber... you can't melt a steel door, with a blaster pistol, and with a light saber you surely can.
  17. Well it say Revan have completely fall into the dark side, and has gone to the republic to conquer it for his masters, but in the way he change his mind and decide to conquer the republic for himself, it don't say at all that Revan has plans to protect the republic before his redemption, so the "Revan was preparing the republic from an ever greater evil", and the "are you sure revan ever fall into the dark side?", and the stuff that revan has sacrificed himself by becoming the sith lord just to protect the republic. So, in what they say now, he's just a sith wannabe, that wanted to keep the republic strong to protect his own sith empire...
  18. Well... They're killing star wars!!!! They seem to have a greater technology that there is in the prequels, event greater that in episode III (the last moovie, so it's seems more advanced)... And come on, the guy took a rocket right on his face and he survives... then a grenade... still alive, and after this, we have a force "KAME KAME HA!"... and a jedi stoping a light saber with bare hands... and clone troopers... And in the first trailer the sith ship looks as the Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (LAAT/i) in the clone wars... couldn't they keep the "OLD republic" idea... because it seems more to me "The New Republic"... in Kotor there was the feeling that it was older, the vibro swords, the different ships, the basic droids, and all that stuff, but here, it just don't fit in the era...
  19. Well... first.. I DON'T LIKE their Revan design xD And i prefer the Kreia's version of the story... it seems that now they change what they have introduced before just to the benefit of their new game. But i thinks it would be far a more original story, the Jedi that embraced the dark side for a good cause, who become the dark lord of the siths, to have the strength to protect the republic, instead of the classic "oh i'm a fallen jedi, I will conquer the galaxy on my master's will... oh noh! I'M DA LORD!!! the galaxy will be MINE!! mouhahahha" it's just too classic, all the siths lords are the same: I betray my master, I try to kill the jedi and conquer the galaxy, and my apprentice kill me, try to kill the jedi and conquer the galaxy, and his apprentice kill him, try to kill the jedi and conquer the galaxy, and his apprentice kill him and..... i think you've got my point xD And revan was in my opinion on the the few sith lords that were different, he was original... dude à guy who become the great bigg boss of the bad asses, just to save the galaxy was a premiere, and they blown away that version introduced in TSL to make him a sith lord wannabe... and redeemed over all...
  20. Yeah xD And after this a mandalorian commander... i think it could be nice to made it a neo crusader armor.I have already remplaced almost each weapon model "i left the simple weapons model, as "vibro blade" "vibrosword" but i replaced bacca sword, sith tremor sword, echani foil, and all that stuff x) the original kotor weapons are really pitiful xD So now it's time to made my armor's improvement x)
  21. yeah, it looks awful xD i should change it into a mando armor, like in the comics x) And, if you find an unique placeable, there wouldn't be any problem, like the death jedi in the endar spir, on taris, or the outcasted bodies in the sewers, the sith tombs, nemo in the ruins on dantooine, the death jedi on manaan in the underwater station, wookies bodies or on some characters, like sheruk, brejik, the boos of the vulkar's base, calo nord, davik, darth bandon, you have a lot of choices, of unique placeables x)
  22. It's possible, but you should extract all the modules files, edit the map to add the container, compile it again, and put it in the modules folder, but that's not really convenient, I think you can also do it by scripting, but the scripts aren't really a part of my modding knowledge. But don't worry about breaking the game, everything you can do, can be fixed by removing the files you edited, you just have to always keep two savegames, one of your current game, and the other one of the last module you were before the one where you are in your current game, like this if you found a bug since you are playing, and you're blocked, you can fix it, and load te previous save game, and when you will enter to the module bugging again, it will be reload, so the files you fixed will be reloaded too, and the module will work fine. Just one last thing, if you made a new item, put the same file name as the resref (example: katana.uti; resref: katana), i you don't your savegame could be ruined.
  23. Well, go the the RIMs, then you have all the modules of the game, so chose the module where you want to add the items, (go to tools>Options> then check "show module Descriptions" and "show module locations" tu see in the Rims the name of the modules). Then expand the module you want (there are two times each module, one is the module.rim, and the other the module_s.rim, this last is the one you must expand), then you have different options: -Blueprint, Character: here you have all the characters of the module, you can also put your mod items in a character, you can made them wield the item or just drop it. (to do that open their "inventory". Blueprint, Doors: if you don't make new modules, or big modules changes, there is not any use of knowing about it. Blueprint, Item: here you have the unique items in the module, for example: you will not have de g_w_blstrfl01.uti, that you found every where, but you will have for example the "sith_passcard" you only found in that specific module, etc etc, so when you don't find a item in the BIFs, lokk for it here. Blueprint, Placeables: that's the one you're interesed in, the placeables, are the triggers, the containers, the death corpses, the swoops, cages, etc here an there. So to add an item to a container, you have to look for one in this list, but you have to be sure that this file is unique, for example you can have two, or three modules that use different "footloker001.utp" but your override won't recognize of wich module is the one you have modified, so it will change ALL the "footloker001.utp" in the game, so you must look at the unique placeable, for example: In the tar_m08aa_s.rim, the Davik's Estate, in taris, you have the footloker001.utp, and you must not touch it if you don't want to loos the contain of other footlokers through the game, and found your custom item everywhere, but you have also a "tar08_strongbox0.utp" the fact that there is the "tar08" means it is on "tar_m08" so, you can be sure it is an unique placeable, then you can open it an edit his inventory, to do it, you have to add a new item, from the list you have at your left, then in the column "ResRef", you delete the one of the item you put and you put the one of the item you want (the resref is in the uti files, of your custom items, and is the reference that you have to tip in the cheat codes), the name of the old item will remain, but you just click on "ok" and open it again, normally there will be only the resref, and nothing in the "name column", when it's done, you can save you placeable, and put it in your override, and go looking for it in the game ^^. (if you edit a placeable on a module where you have already been in your savegame, it won't work, so you have or edit a placeable of a module you have never visit, or star a new game, ou an earlier savegame, to add it in a module you have already been in your savegame)
  24. I posted something that might help you in an other thread so : If you need more help tell my what you don't understand exactly ^^
  25. Yes, that's an option, if he have it... =/ I think he can keep his savegame, in an other folder and reinstall the game, then he put it back, and the problem may be solve, and if it isn't then start the game again...
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