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  1. Yes, that's an option, if he have it... =/ I think he can keep his savegame, in an other folder and reinstall the game, then he put it back, and the problem may be solve, and if it isn't then start the game again...
  2. The problem beeing during the loading of the new module, the problem will probably remains even with an earlier save game, i still think he should reinstall the game. °°
  3. It's clear to me that he fail, Kreia said he leave to stop the true Siths, and he never come back, so he's probable death, yes. But that was predictable, what could Revan do againstan entire Sith empire, event if he has been the most powerful Sith of his time (i'm not saying it's true, just an hypothesis), a single person can't beat an empire...
  4. Well, in K2 there is not any console, so what i do, is press the "walk" button or other, and then press many times on the button to do the cheat codes (to me its alt+7), and when the walk button stop working, then it means that the console is oppen and i can type the cheat codes ^^
  5. I'm here to solve the mystery!!! After reading it i have go to see it myself, and i first thought "oh it's true!!!" but then i have seen to other character go to him then, i look at my party members coming at me, and i realize that it was the poor quality shadow of the game, that just appears like people ...
  6. have you try to reinstall the game? you put your savegame in some other fold, and unistall the game, then install it again, and put the savegame back the the savegames folder, and try if it's fixed.
  7. But there is still the possibility that Revan havent' fall to the darks side corruption, even with the star forge. Kreia said that Revan NEVER fall, and that he has always been himself, so maybe, if Malak haven't betrayed him, he would been able to make a strong empire and prepare it to foght the true siths. The republic in TSL is crumbling, because of the jedi civil war, and the katarr events, the siths, all of that, and also the incidents caused by malak. So if Revan really never fell into the dark side, Malak really screwed up everything, so when Revan recovers the memories about the true siths, it's too late for his old plans, so he asked canderous, to unite the mandalorians to help against the siths, and carth too, bla bla, to prepare the republic against the true siths. After this he leave to or try to stop himself the true siths, knowing that if he fails his companions would be preparing the republic, or he tries to retard them, to let more time to the republic. That's how i see it ^^
  8. Well, i have never dl uptdates to kotor, i think it was a good choince, so to k1 you should reinstall the game, and let it without the uptdate, and for TSL, do you have any mod?
  9. Have you made any modification with KSE with your savegame? in wich part of the game are you? have you other mods installed? wich ones are present in your savegame? (items, custom map, npc etc)
  10. Well Elias, if you want to reach this part of the game quickly, i recommend you to use the cheat code "turbo" the time lost running all around the galaxy will be shorter x) and you can cheat a little your character to kill your annamys faster, etc after all, you already wanted to cheat your character ^^ You can also skip peragus: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Skip_Peragus;41139
  11. HEllo, i'm looking for the Bodies Stay mod for Kotor, the link in kotorfiles don't work, so can someone welp me?
  12. I passed on the topic, and posted (3 days ago °°)

  13. Ӄhrizby, are you going to add the missing fight animations to dark nihilus or do like for HK-47 and replace all the animations by the wookie animations?
  14. well... that would be Drain life+ Force Drain.. but forst: the normal drain life is multi attack, ans the second one only with one target... i think that would be a better idea, this power, with the first draining as much as a death field, and the second one making a will *test*(? Oo) and or draining something like 10% hp or draining 100% of the hp, and that will obviously be inefficient on the great enemies like sion and kreia, that would be so easy on this way...
  15. Happy Birthday!!! very late... but i never look the others sections that the editing/moding =x so that's not so bad...
  16. Yes theres is a new item! xD he wouldn't replace the gaz mask or anything like that... like Mono said, the .uti is the easier part of a mod, just to change some numbers, the name et it's done... at worst if you have a mod that replaces something and you want it like a entire new item, is not difficult to do.
  17. It's this one, thanks you very much!
  18. well... i had a revan mask but i lost it xD, is not the one called "bioware revan mask" or something like this on kotor files, but an other one i don't remember where i got it but i think that was a part of an other mod. Thanks.
  19. http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/f/f1/Mutatedrancor.jpg Thit is the mutated rancor Darth Payne was talking about The racncors are pretty goods, it would be nice to see that on a big rancor!
  20. Oh... so a force power that use a normal attack animation and do the grenade effect(I havent think about that, thanks ashnan xD but a good one, maybe thermic detonator...)
  21. It is possible to someone to make an attack feat making splash damages? because when you are sourounded by enemys it would be nice to attack them all at same time. If it's possible the effect would be like touching four of five ennemys around you (if that's impossible all the ennemys at your side!), but reduce de damage with this feat. Like if you made a turning attack. (K1)
  22. http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=2671641&postcount=62


    Look, Bryan he put the Baremetal to the head, so it's possible ^^


    And sorry but i think the back pack of the heavy trooper is just horrible xD

  23. I prefer the Solus sword °°, but the sword of aeons is also good ^^
  24. Well it this possible to put the human combat animation to the combat againts beast, i have never played with Malak but I guess there is the same problem than Nihilus, so the missing combat animations are all the non simple and single blade animations, and the simple attack agants other enemies than humanoids, so it is possible to use the existing combat animations to use other weapons? and to attack beast, droids, etc?
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