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  1. Just realised that this week on Wednesday, January 19th 2022, itll be 20 years since we lost Roy Conrad who we all know for providing the voice of Ben in Full Throttle. Cant believe its been that long ago, what a great talent and just gave the perfect voice for Ben, may he rest in peace


    Also not only was he in Full Throttle but other LucasArts work, he played the role of Captain Merrick in Rebel Assault 2 and voiced in X-Wing vs Tie Fighter. Plus he was cast in 1 Sierra game as he appeared in the 1st mission of Police Quest: SWAT

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  2. Im not sure if this is been mentioned before, i was browsing Unseen64 website and noticed an article about a cancelled Indiana Jones game, i thought at first it was the ps3/360 version of Staff of Kings but apparently its not.


    It looks like The Collective, who developed Emperors Tomb, were developing another game based mainly on the original trilogy and was scheduled to release in 2005 on PS2 and Xbox


    Theres a proof of concept trailer too;




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  3. http://agoynamedjew.blogspot.co.uk/


    Anson Jew, who worked for LucasArts for many years as an artist throughout the 90's has just uploaded a new lost footage tape which contains some familiar or unseen animation reel footage from Herc's Adventures, Full Throttle, Ghoul Patrol, Loom and both Brian Moriarity and Noah Falsteins versions of The Dig.


    He upload one on his YouTube page 5 years ago with some different animation footage as well.

  4. 2 new vids have appeared on YouTube today, one showing a preview of Full Throttle with a different user interface, footage from was from the UK show GamesMaster.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


    The 2nd vid, and probably the most unique find, is a preview of Sam & Max Hit the Road, and for the first time, "actual" moving footage of Brian Moriartys version of The Dig. Footage is from the UK show Bad Influence.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)

  5. from IGN


    LucasArts has just announced that President Paul Meegan has decided to step down from his position at the company. Mich Chau, President and Chief Operating Officer for Lucasfilm had the following to say:


    Paul has been a valuable member of the Lucasfilm leadership team and we wish him the best in his future endeavors. We remain committed to our current projects and will be re-evaluating LucasArts’ leadership needs to ensure that we make the right decisions to keep the studio focused.


    Meegan led the studio through the announcement of Star Wars: 1313. No word on who his successor will be was given at this time, though LucasArts wanted to reiterate that development on all projects will continue.

  6. from GOG


    We have launched a new developer today--Telltale Games, the finest purveyor of episodic adventure games--and we’re starting off with three fantastic adventures:


    Sam & Max Save the World for $11.99

    Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space for $11.99

    Tales of Monkey Island for $13.99


    All three games are on a huge "Welcome to GOG" sale for Telltale, and will be 60% off until 3 July.


    Only a matter of time before LucasArts arrives on GOG (I hope!!!)

  7. "We're excited to share one of the projects LucasArts has been hard at work developing".


    Good, it seems it was developed in-house. :) I hate seeing LucasArts reduced to a mere licensor and/or publisher of Lucasfilm properties.


    They didn't mention their 30th anniversary though, which was a bit odd. Hopefully they'll do something at E3. I still remember seeing their 20th anniversary celebration at E3. It was my first and only E3, and that was the biggest memory I took from it, seeing the LucasArts 20th anniversary video playing on the multi-screen setup at the lobby. :)


    Does LucasArts also realise its the 25th anniversary of the SCUMM engine this year?

  8. from egmnow.com


    E3 is a great time for surprises, and wouldn’t it be great if LucasArts finally revealed Battlefront 3? Now I’m not saying they will, but when you get an invitation to come see an “unannounced game in development,” you can’t help but be optimistic. So, being the curious lad that I am, asked whether or not this unannounced title would have lightsabers in it. The answer wasn’t confirmed, but it wasn’t denied either. There has been numerous posts about Battlefront 3 being in the works, then being canceled, so anything is possible.


    LucasArts did confirm they were using the Unreal 3 engine for a couple of games; an aerial combat game being one of them. Maybe an X Wing vs Tie Fighter title is in the works? What do you guys think? How about a new Jedi Knight game?

  9. Any news?


    It's still alive, getting there but slowly. They are still sorting some legal issues but looks like they will be sorted soon and its looking more like they want to repackage the 1st game and start some sort of Kickstarter account.

  10. I've been reading on The Toonstruck two petition page on facebook it sounds like that Toonstruck will be getting the Kickstarter treatment very soon as the original team want to get the remastered edition with all the cut content that was originally split for the sequel released and hopefully go into production on Toonstruck 2 if its successful.

  11. http://www.adventuregamers.com/article/id,1401


    The whole list is on this link but here is where some LucasArts titles are at in the list;


    92. The Dig

    72. Maniac Mansion

    61. Loom

    45. Curse of Monkey Island

    38. Full Throttle

    28. Sam & Max Hit The Road

    14. The Secret of Monkey Island

    11. Indiana Jones & The Fate of Atlantis

    8. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

    6. Day Of The Tentacle


    The Number 1 game is a LA title, but I'll leave that for you all to have a look at, good choice to take the top spot.

  12. It works with all versions. You only have to install it in the main directory and it should work perfectly.


    I can only get it to work with my Steam copy, I have noticed there appear to be more folders for that version than there are for the DVD version, I may try and transfer those folders from Steam to the one I installed on my hard drive and see if the patch will work then.


    EDIT: Yup, that did the trick, for some reason the Art folder doesn't appear in the DVD version directory but does for the Steam version I've played it and love it, great work alebrush :)

  13. Just remembered this but I have Kinectimals on Xbox 360 and throughout the game it had some amazing music cues and I thought it sounded familiar and wouldn't you know it did, the music was composed by Peter McConnell. Just found this vid of the games credits and immediatley hearing it, it has a very Monkey Island vibe to it.


    (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


    Also additional music was done by TellTales Jared Emerson-Johnson.


    I hope someday Peter teams up with Michael Land again on a MI title.

  14. Wow nice screens!. Can you please tell us if the special features are worth the buying?


    I've only found the soundtracks and the concept art. Theres plenty of concept art on there especially for the canned film some I've seen before but others I think are new, not sure on that. Soundtracks can be found on the launcher has all the tracks for both games but I've noticed on the MI:SE soundtrack there appears to be a bonus track, I've not heard it before.


    I don't know where this full video commentary session is that was mentioned in the product details from Play.com, its not even mentioned on the back of the case.

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