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  1. This weeks Mid-week madness sale for Steam is all 3 seasons of Sam & Max, 66% off for each season. Offer ends this Thursday (26th) at 4pm PST.
  2. Around E3 time, we may find out the 3 companies GOG.com have spoken with. Would love to see if LucasArts are the ones that will release 25 games this summer but its more likely EA that'll do that if not then they could be the other 2 that could release games by the fall.
  3. Keith has given details on when the official announcement will be made; Hey all - We're still quite a ways off, but I'm hoping we can make an official announcement by Comic Con or later this summer! We appreciate your enthusiasm! Keep the dream alive! Smile
  4. Another update from Keith but very great news 'We're currently working on an enhanced re-release of TS1, but we may add some of the TS2 content if we can afford to do it. We'll likely re-build our fanbase, and then move onto TS2 next. More to come!'
  5. from official press release LucasArts and Epic Games, Inc. announce a long-term, studio-wide agreement for LucasArts to develop multiple projects using Epic Games’ award-winning Unreal Engine 3 for the engine’s supported platforms. “Unreal Engine 3 is a forward-looking solution that shortens the path between inspiration and execution on a wide variety of gaming platforms,” said Zak Phelps, director of technology at LucasArts. “We are thrilled to add another exceptional tool to our technology mix.” “LucasArts is now primed to capitalize on Unreal Engine 3’s ability to scale across platforms, from mobile, through PC and console all the way up to the next generation of games,” said Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games. “We can’t wait to see what happens when LucasArts combines their talented workforce and amazing intellectual properties with Unreal Engine 3.” Any bets this will mainly be used for Star Wars titles, wouldn't mind seeing a MI game using this engine, or even an Indiana Jones game.
  6. Same game, only difference is the portraits are back during conversations but this time their lips move, new in built hint system and a "Dropbox" integration allows cloud saving so you can play the same adventure across multiple devices.
  7. GOG always does that with all there titles so would be interesting what content could come with the LA titles, thats if they are one of those 3 publishers they signed. My money is on they've got LA, EA and Square Enix and honestly I could see EA been the one with the 25 games been released in the summer.
  8. YIPEEE!!! It looks like LucasArts could be on GOG either at the start of the summer or in the fall. GOG have managed to acquired licences from 3 publishers but they won't say who, is between either LucasArts, EA, Take2, Microsoft and Square Enix
  9. couple of New clues up; "What game made you afraid of the dark?" Only game I can think of for this is the Alone in the Dark series, they only have The New Nightmare on the site already so maybe its the rest of them. "What game makes you feel like a hero?" Thats nearly every game in existence isn't it haha Some of the speculation and emails that people have recieved have suggested it could be more than one publisher so maybe it could be both EA & LucasArts making their GOG.com debuts
  10. I see a new clue has appeared and have no idea what this relates to; "What game made monsters fear you?"
  11. The conference is tomorrow (14th April) Theres speculation it may even be EA or Origin because Wing Commander and Ultima Underworld have been brought up a few times would be surprised if it were but my gut tells me its sounds more like LucasArts everytime.
  12. A few thought for clue 2 it could be Full Throttle but I really do think it could be Outlaws. Now DOTT is an interesting suggestion for clue 3 as I wouldn't have thought of that myself especially with how the text font looked for that clue as it was in a "Horror/thriller" style type font.
  13. this was on GOGs main page "The big day is approaching and everyone is counting hours, minutes and seconds when the GOG staff members will appear in the spotlight! Believe us, we're all excited about this as well, but first things first. Let us give you some details, so everyone knows who, what, where and when. Who? All of you, our dear users, are invited to watch the live streaming of the CDP Days 2011 Spring Conference. What? The live streaming will include presentations by CD Projekt RED with their awesome game The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, and GOG.com revealing some cool stuff. Both presentations will be in English. Where? You'll be able to watch both presentations on GOG.com. On Thursday we'll put up a news post with a live stream video window embedded in it for your convenience. When? The live streaming of CD Projekt RED presentation will start on Thursday, April 14 at 12:00 p.m. EST (that's 4:00 p.m. GMT). GOG will hit the stage an hour later at 1:00 p.m. EST (5:00 p.m. GMT)." Now for the past few hours there have been some clues relating to what this announcement could be and many on the GOG forums have said that it could be LucasArts related and is hotly been discussed as these are the clues so far; What Game Made you Dream of the Stars? What Game Made You Ride with the Outlaws? What Game Made You Fear Your Past? What Game Made You Go To the Underworld? Now instantly the 2nd clue sticks out as I'm thinking it could be Outlaws from the instant you see that word. The first clue could be related to possibly Star Wars or The Dig. Some think the 3rd could be to do with KOTOR and the 4th, like me and many others think it could be related to Grim Fandango.
  14. Bit of info from Keith on Facebook Hey all - Just to add to Drew's post...We are not affiliated with PetitionSpot and are not asking or collecting any money from fans. Please keep up your support for Toonstruck, and thanks for your patience and keeping it alive. More news to come! ... Keith
  15. Whats wrong with Roberta Williams? tbh I can't see her coming out of retirement for this but I bet shes happy someone like TellTale will do good use with the licence
  16. Hector Badge of Carnage is awesome, got it on iPhone last year, it has lots of British humour and references so it may not sit well with some US owners but hopefully episodes 2 & 3 will finally see the day cause of this.
  17. from game informer Telltale has certainly had its hands full lately, working on projects like Back to the Future and Jurassic Park as well as the recently announced adaptations of the comics Fables and the Walking Dead. The company just announced something that may be nearer and dearer to old school adventure-game fans, though. Telltale has acquired the rights to King’s Quest, letting the developer create the first official King’s Quest game in decades. Telltale isn't saying much about the game, aside from the fact that it's forged a deal that allows for multiple games over several years. I asked Telltale co-founder Dan Connors whether the series' writer and designer Roberta Williams would be involved in the game's production or in a consulting role, and Connors replied, "We really haven’t started looking outside of Telltale yet." And while the game was announced as being a reboot, Connors says that they'll be looking at the project the same way they did with another high-profile game. "I would say our approach is going to be similar to Tales of Monkey Island. Let’s look at the whole thing, let’s figure out where they left the story, let’s find the most interesting places to go to and embellish upon, and let’s go there. With Tales, it was a wonderful thing to pick up Elaine and Guybrush’s relationship and LeChuck. I think we’ll do the same thing [with King's Quest] and see where all the players fit in and find a time and a place for them to do something new." The King’s Quest series was one of the earliest graphic adventures on PCs, debuting in 1984. The last official release, King’s Quest: Mask of Eternity was released in 1998. Since then, several fan projects and remakes have kept the series alive, though on an unofficial capacity. The series’ fate has been uncertain since Vivendi Games, Sierra Entertainment’s parent company, was acquired by Activision in 2007. The last known attempt at a new King’s Quest game was scrapped in 2002. King’s Quest 2 was the first PC game I ever bought, and I couldn’t be happier that new releases are in the works. There’s a reason why people still care about the series, and new players will have a chance to become acquainted with the world of King’s Quest soon.
  18. Keith Arem just posted this over on the official Toonstruck 2 facebook page; Hey All - Thanks for your support and dedication. We sincerely appreciate your devotion to our project, and we hope to do you proud. It may be some time before you start to hear official announcements, but we are hoping your support helps raise awareness and confidence for an updated re-release of Toonstruck. As you are... aware, much of the game was never released due to time and budget constraints. We are evaluating the cost and time to incorporate these assets into the initial re-release. In the coming months, I will do my best to get you behind the scenes peeks into the development process. Thanks again for your continued support, and I hope to provide you with more news soon. Best Regards - Keith Arem PCB Productions
  19. Just revealed by LucasArts on Facebook that a Guybrush skin will be unlockable in the upcoming Force Unleashed sequel and its legit.
  20. Just read this on official facebook page iPhone gamers, an update is rolling out now for Monkey Island 2 SE that includes some bug fixes and improvements, and finally, RETINA DISPLAY support for iPhone 4! Get your Monkey on, high-res style! Same updates that were added to the Steam version from reading the info.
  21. Also for PS3 owners, to celebrate Talk like a Pirate Day, Both Monkey island SE are on offer (Offer prices available until the 22nd of September) The Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition (was £7.99/EUR9.99 now £3.99/EUR4.99) Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Lechuck’s Revenge (was £7.99/EUR9.99 now £3.99/EUR4.99) Monkey Island Special Edition Bundle (The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2) (Introductory Offer for one week only £6.29/EUR7.99)
  22. All this week all LucasArts titles will be on sale between 12th and 19th September on Steam, currently the first daily offer is The Force Unleashed which is 75% off and you can get The Star Wars collection which is 50% off.
  23. Trailer for Thongs of Virtue http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-debut-deathspank-thongs/703926
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