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  1. Some at BBC has made a boo boo lol http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/dw/theadventuregames/download/cityofthedaleks Its not suppose to be available till Saturday but its up on the site for download. Folks from the US won't be able to download it till July.
  2. from Kotaku Gary Coleman, best known for his role as Arnold in the 1970s-80s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, died today of injuries he suffered in a fall at his Utah home. Coleman, who also appeared in 2003's Postal 2, was 42. TMZ reported Coleman's death just past 12:30 p.m. U.S. Mountain time. He had been in a Provo, Utah hospital since Wednesday, admitted in critical condition with unspecified injuries. TMZ reported Coleman died of a brain hemorrhage associated with falling and hitting his head. Coleman shot to stardom on Diff'rent Strokes as a 4-foot-8 adult acting in a child's role, popularizing it with his outsize personality and many catch phrases. He found success after the show much more difficult to sustain. Coleman later accepted many roles, promotional appearances and cameos that traded on the ironic appeal of both the show and his character, Arnold Jackson, as well as the failings of the series' three principal child stars. In addition to his Postal 2 cameo and promotional work, Coleman was also the voice of Kenny Falmouth in The Curse of Monkey Island. Bit of Kenny Falmouth talk from 0:31 on this vid, RIP Gary (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  3. Have you watched the youtube video with the CC on? read the transcribes its brilliant how it picks certain words up and replaces them with totally different words.
  4. Just found this on Youtube, anyone from the UK and Europe will remember GamesMaster very well, short, sweet and straight to the point. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  5. Just found this on Kotaku an interview with Craig Derrick http://kotaku.com/5549234/monkey-island-remakes-could-mean-more-adventure-from-lucasarts?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+kotaku%2Ffull+%28Kotaku%29 Could the success of the Monkey Island Special Editions herald LucasArts' return to straight adventure games? I spoke to Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge project lead Craig Derrick about the new remake and the possibilities it raises. It's a time of resurgence for Guybrush Threepwood and the cast of the Monkey Island series. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition was released last July for Xbox Live Arcade, PC, and iPhone. Telltale Games added a new chapter to the saga with the episodic release of Tales of Monkey Island. Now LucasArts is gearing up for the summer release of Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge. Like the first SE release, it takes the original game and gives it a current-generation makeover, with updated graphics, new voice work (mostly from the original cast), a hint system, an art gallery, and a reworked musical score. It's a larger, more complex game than the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, but lessons learned and tools developed while creating the first game helped speed the process along. "I believe that leveraging all of the skills, technology and tools developed for the first SE was the ONLY way we could have evenly possibly created a Special Edition as complex and large as Monkey Island 2 while adding NEW features in the same time it took us to create the first game," said Derrick, further explaining that much of the development was handed over to LucasArts' Singapore team this time around. "The distributed nature of the teams between San Francisco and Singapore introduced some new challenges, but since some of the first Special Edition was created there they understood what to do and I've very proud of the amazing job they've accomplished." It was this distributed development system that paved the way for the inclusion of a Special Edition commentary, recorded for the game at the 2010 Game Developers Conference by original creators Dave Grossman, Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer. I asked Derrick to detail how this entertaining new feature would work. "The commentary is an optional feature that works very similar to those found on film DVD's. After turning the option on from within the bonus features menu the player will be given a choice to listen to select scene commentary while playing through the game," he explained. The player will be prompted via on-screen cue when there is commentary available. Pressing the button causes the game audio to lower, the screen to go letterbox, and silhouettes of Grossman, Gilbert, and Schafer to pop up on the screen to deliver their comments, Mystery Science Theater 3000 style. "On most occasions the commentary appears as you enter one scene or another, but it will also appear after a particular moment has occurred providing further commentary or anecdotes about the scene. It's fantastic and I fully expect to see this feature to continue to be in more and more games." That feature alone should be more than enough to get fans lining up for the game when it hits the iPhone, Mac, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 this summer. What, no iPad? Did I waste $500 on this silly thing? "Yes. Yes, you did," quipped Derrick. "I'm kidding! I have one too and I like it. It does seem to be missing something, though. Not sure what. Maybe I'll go think about that and let you know if I come up with something." Teasing iPad comments aside, could the strong fan reaction to these remakes indicate a more adventure-oriented direction for LucasArts? "We've always been in the action AND adventure game," Derrick responded. "It just seems that we've been emphasizing one over the other lately. The Special Editions and Tales of Monkey Island have been a way to measure the audience's reaction to us doing more straight adventure games and to see how the audience reacts to Monkey Island so many years after the first and last game in the series. It's been pretty successful so far." But don't expect a new pure, point-and click adventure title from the company any time soon. "But if we were to truly get back into the "adventure" business then I would say we need to take some of what we've learned from the "action" side of the business a little bit, look at today's audience sensibilities and reinvent the genre just as we did with Maniac Mansion 23 years ago."
  6. The past couple of midweek sales I've seen lasted for 24 hours and then returned back to their normal prices, maybe they've changed it now to allow people to get them more conveniently so they're not in rush to get online to purchase them.
  7. Same here, I already own the original CDs to these games (well not Loom as thats on my hard drive) and anyway to get another pack released and to show to LucasArts that money can be made from these games and not just Star Wars games is good enough for me to buy them again.
  8. The LucasArts adventure pack is the mid-week madness offer on Steam its 50% off its original price just for the next 24 hours. So while you wait till MI 2 SE is released play classic titles Fate of Atlantis, Last Crusade, Loom and The Dig even if you don't (or do) have these games already.
  9. http://www.xbox360achievements.org/game/monkey-island-2-le-chucks-revenge/achievements/ Looks like you can see what logos represent each achievement now, this is a good sign its not far off from release as usually when this site gets achievements they seem to have an idea on when the game will be released from various sources.
  10. I finished The Whispered World recently, it was not bad I liked it and I didn't mind Sadwicks voice since thats most of the controversy around the game. The ending was a little surprising and a couple of puzzles didn't have any logic behind them but overall its a decent title.
  11. Just a reminder that the first Monkey Island SE is this weeks Xbox Live Deal of the Week, selling for 400 Microsoft Points. Also 50% off on LeChucks Hat and the cotton swab for Avatar props.
  12. http://www.examiner.com/x-31345-Video-Game-Examiner~y2010m5d15-Star-Wars-Battlefront-3-rumored-E3-appearance--GameSpy-lobbies-spotted hmmm hope this is true!!!
  13. #24 LeChuck Wouldn't believe it but hes one place above Darth Vader
  14. Can't wait to hear this one as well with voices.
  15. Found a good Q&A with Craig Derrick; http://shfts.com/?p=2959 It looks like Neil Ross is confirmed as the voice of Wally once again.
  16. Hello There, Welcome to my profile check it out and don't forget to check out thedailygamepad.com where I write blogs on everything video games

  17. I hope they get someone like him again and not Jim Ward otherwise will be waiting another decade for more MI or other Adventure titles. Already since hes left, the most comments I've seen again and again on various sites has been, "Now do Battlefront 3", Wheres Battlefront 3", "Make Battlefront 3" etc... I liked the Battlefront series but its looking highly unlikely they will do another as they seem to only want to release that now on handhelds and not consoles or PC.
  18. Some good Denny Delk sound samples here he does have a good range for voices. You may recognize a certain voice and laugh in a couple of these; Announcer Sample http://www.ddelk.com/ddelks.mp3 Promo Sample http://www.ddelk.com/ddelkp.mp3 Character Sample http://www.ddelk.com/ddelkc.mp3 Narrative Sample http://www.ddelk.com/ddelkn.mp3 Industrial Sample http://www.ddelk.com/ddelki.mp3
  19. Maybe something to keep an eye on it looks like MI SE will be XBox Deal of the Week on May 17th, I could see this as a possible lead up to the release announcement.
  20. IGN.com have just started posting the first part to a list of the top 100 villians in video games and and already a well known face from LA adventure games appears in the list which can be viewed here: http://uk.ign.com/videogame-villains/ 96# Adrian Ripburger (Full Throttle) Feel free to update this if more villians from LA adventures or from other point n' click titles also appear in the list.
  21. Well it is late here in the UK I couldn't remember every little thing right if i'm tired but did my best.
  22. Notes from the podcast (some info may have been mentioned before); - Derrick discusses creator commentary and how he got all 3 together in the same room. - They recorded the commentary 2 days after the announcement from GDC over 2 hours worth of recording. - Commentary will not be on every screen, specific scenes were chosen and recorded over. - If commentary is active a button option will appear in that scene and will bring up the silhouette image. - Tim Schafer reveals in commentary that the scene in Full Throttle when Ben grabbed the bartender by the nose is a reference to when Largo grabs the bartender in the bloody lip. - People asked for so many different combination's for the first SE, voices in classic mode, voices in classic mode but no narrator, they finally went ahead with just not offering voices in classic mode at all but this time voices will be in classic mode for MI 2. - You can select either point n' click or direct control for the control scheme - With 360 controller, Instead of the trigger button to bring up the verbal interface like before you now hover over the object(s) with right analog stick and then press the RB button and it shows you what verbal actions you can or can not do with that particular item. - Derrick discusses how he got into the business, grew up playing LA games and when he first joined LucasArts he originally was going to try and release MI on the iPod Nano years ago but was denied. - Earl Boen's dialog for MI 2 was suggested to be recorded at the same time he recorded dialog for the first Special Edition last year. (Dominic Armato assumed that was the case, thus he mentioned it back when he was interviewed on the podcast (though off the record). LucasArts considered it, but they didn't do it.) - Derrick would really like to see Maniac Mansion and DOTT get the Special Edition treatment the most but hopes to look at the other titles as well. - No iPad version in development at the moment but there maybe a couple of surprises in the future for that product.
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