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  1. Hi, Im happy to see this, I will try to cooperate and upload some images because the last time I said that I didnt do it. Nice Images:thmbup1:
  2. So when you try to install Windows Vista in the virtual machine you get that error. It's very difficult to know what happend, usually that kind of messages are useless. You can use your Windows Vista disc always and install it again, and again, and again without problems, the activation of the product is another ball game... I think that you could check the disc and see if it's in good conditions, that's the key, If not, look for another one.
  3. What error?. This?: "this application is not designed for this system" what you said in the first post?. Are you using another partition or are you using the Virtual Machine?.
  4. Ah yes, I agree with you, we need to reactivate this. Also we need more ideas.

  5. Bring those TPM pictures. We need to keep TPM forum alive. :)

  6. Well, you only need a virtual machine for emulating Windows XP. The best way is a program called VirtualBox, here you have a link to download it: - http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads Use the first link in that page for computers with x86 architecture and Windows 32 bits/64 bits. (VirtualBox 3.2.6 for Windows hosts x86/amd64). If you dont know how to use it ask in this thread and I will answer you. Also you need a Windows XP CD or Image to install it in the virtual machine.
  7. Oh that is the "commercial district" that I said, I thought that they were rodians, now I realize that they are roonan traders and that place is called CorusMall. After reading your reply I found more info in the Wookieepedia, very interesting. When I say "suburbs" Im refering to the Restricted Area, a lower part of Coruscant. I will post some screenshots, thats a nice idea.
  8. I agree with Alex, this game in Windows Vista works fine so It must work in Windows 7. Anyways you can try to use a "Windows XP emulator" where TMP always works, Im in the know that there are several emulators, you can use a "Win 98 Emulator" too, but emulating XP looks better. If you need a link, reply this post asking.
  9. Well, this is a nice question. I must say that I love Mos Espa mainly because you are free and you can do what you want. Also I like a lot Its environment and mission. You can do multikills... always funny. The same in Most Espa Arena. I like Coruscant too because the suburbs, where there are a lot of poor people asking for food and with sticks waiting for attack you If you dont cooperate, all is old and broken, there are cockroaches in the floors; walls, floors, boxes, etc. are very dirty, I think that the environment is nicely done again. There are like a rodian's commercial district, landing plataforms, offices, a guide tour center and other stuff, a very coruscant environment. My vote goes to Mos Espa. PD: I will play it again.
  10. Well, today is 1st February of 2010, the first thread posted here was in 02-18-2000, long time ago as I can see in the "Main Board". We have spoken about all the aspects of Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace, tricks, troubleshooting and the possibility of making mods for this amazing game (sequels, multiplayer mod, etc). As for now we havent got any kind of modding tools, what can we do to keep this forum 100% alive?. Im sure that we will still speaking about bugs and troubles but what other kind of topic can we have? Sorry for my english mistakes.
  11. Well, I have resolve my problem testing older graphic drivers versions until I found one that worked fine. So install an older version of your graphic controler in order to play.
  12. Im having the same problems, Im trying to know how to repair it. I have installed the game in other computer with the same disc and it worked fine, so I will look for solutions.
  13. Hi, how are things?. Have you got Windows XP SP3?, because I think it is causing problems, the game goes very slow and you cant play or hear anything well.
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