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    sigh... ::releases choke hold on Best Buy employee:: I guess that I don't really need the collector's edition; I already have the first Jedi Knight, I don't feel the need to own Dark Forces, and WheeE! lookit that! a Lightsaber Keychain! We're feeling special now... Does that lightsaber key chain...DO THIS? j/k
  2. I still haven't gotten it...for a few stupid reasons. Evidently, my Best Buy feels that it is in the consumer's interest to price the game at $60; and call me cheap, but I think I'll wait a week and see if it goes down. In the meantime, I'm going to try to graduate from Bantha Fodder to Pit Droid!
  3. Eriamjh


    I recently called Best Buy to check whether they had JK2 or not, and I was told that the game costs $60! Is this true for you guys out there? Maybe its just the store... but I do think that $60 is pushing it for a PC game, especially when most debue at $50 and yet others (like Serious Sam: the Second Encounter) cost even less, even when new. ::looks longingly at best buy gift certificate:: I wish there was a Circuit City where I live.
  4. This is where the MOD community comes in. SPORK! did a pretty good job of making a double-bladed lightsaber in JK (or was it MotS? I forget...). What I think would be a cool idea...is to have a double-saber mod, where each character gets to hold 2 lightsabers. I challenge any MOD maker to try this. (I imagine that it would be really hard.)
  5. Arrrrg, not the zone... It used to be a good thing for me, but then I wanted to play JK1 on it a few months back...found out that they'd gotten rid of my name, and made it harder for you to join. I mean, now you have to have TWO accounts to play there! You have to have a zone membership plus that net passport thingy! I tried to get in for about an hour and eventually gave up because it just wouldn't work and why should you have to work that hard to get in in the first place? It ticked me off... I'll probably only be using the dedicated server provided by JK2. I liked the way they did it on Return to Castle Wolfenstein, so if its anything at all like that, I'll probably use it . all these little icons are fun, aren't they?
  6. Yeah, I'm in the same boat as fuel_200 here... I wasn't sure if I'd like it because of the negative things i heard, but I DID love JK and MotS, and I WAS a huge Star Wars fan... I guess this game just looks too good to pass up. Those people at Best Buy better have a copy, or I'm going to strangle the manager!
  7. mmm.....jar jar fragging, sounds good. Someone DOES need to make a Jar-jar skin, and while they're at it, why not a 10-year old Anakin skin, so that we can punish them for their horrible acting in Episode one. Combine this with the multiple decapitation mod that I've seen, and the Jar-jar body parts won't stop flying.
  8. You can tell by my number of posts that I'm a newbie to this board, but I find it necessary to say SOMETHING, being that the Jedi Knight of 1997 was my favorite game of all time. No, I haven't bought the game yet; that's why I'm posting here. So far I've heard that the game is good but not without its faults, and I just want to get the jist of what you guys are saying. Am I right in saying that this is a game worth buying for $50? Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 and Mysteries of the Sith consumed much of my pre-teen life, and I'm just jittery about buying the sequel, mostly because I'm wondering at what I'm expecting. I'm not expecting JK2 to be as groundbreaking as the first; after all, they took out the single player choice of force powers and sides of the force. But I am expecting a worthy successor, and that's what I'm asking you: Is this game a true successor to the first Jedi Knight? I can only hope so
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