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  1. Suggestion: How about someone make a mod that turns T3 into an HK tech/assassin droid. Possibly using HK-47's skin (or a repaint) and giving some extra feats to make him tougher. I'd do it myself, but I am currently working on an NPC changes mod for K2
  2. I would just use cheat codes to boost my ability's. Nothing major, just a few extra strength and dexterity points.
  3. Gamorrean's by far! Reasons: Incredibly Stupid! Large and pig-like! Too violent! Really Ugly! Always thugs and criminals!
  4. Target. It can be found at most Target locations included in the Best of PC program. EDIT: It can also be found at many used game stores. @darthxarga: Sometimes they will say used, but will still arive in the original cellophane wrapper... so who knows? Just check out the reviews that were given for the person you are buying from and choose the best candidate.
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