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  1. How has it been going my soul stealing friend cause I know someone whos soul you could take. :D

  2. Demongo: "Being inside your own mind takes skill"


    ^^Lol! But trying to get out takes even greater skill.


    What have you been up to lately? Still working on animation?

  3. ^^ Being inside your own mind takes skill
  4. ^^ Where did i see that face before........
  5. ^^ When are you gonna make a blue button?
  6. ^^ I know a good place where you could hide
  7. What picture is that in your avatar?

  8. oh you mean my pants. wait what?! I didn't say anything! hahaha xD jk jk! :p

  9. Oh don't worry Chun li will always be there in your.......mind....heart or wherever you decide to keep her:p

  10. ^^ What in God's name is a Pandaemonium?
  11. I miss the hot avvy! :( lol

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