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  1. Oh don't worry Chun li will always be there in your.......mind....heart or wherever you decide to keep her:p

  2. Unfortunately for you it's gonna stay like this for a while:p

    And if you have any complains make sure to direct them at GTA:SWcity

  3. Mainly because it was REALLY short and i don't like the clone story. It was also pretty laggy at times but that was because of my laptop.

  4. I did play TFU2 on the PC(huge disappointment BTW) but there were no problems for me. But even if your mouse doesn't wanna show up you should be able to use the arrow keys...........or better yet an xbox360 controller if you have one:p

  5. i AM doing more art all the time just not posting them on LF. Check my Da page if you're interested:)


  6. You should listen to her theme it's SICK

  7. Blame GTA for this:D

    And yes i'm an evil psycho chick:p

  8. Swearing in Kotor? Dude have you played Mass Effect?:p

    Anyway you can edit them out from the text but not the voice.

  9. Here let me destroy all hopes for you. 99.9 % that you will not find anybody who can do such a thing, but if you happen to find one, he won't have time for it:p

    I'm just saying

  10. Unless you're an expert in modelling and animating no since that was only in a cinematic

  11. Right back at you:)

  12. Well good for you:p

    I was stuck at 950 for about 6 months:D

  13. You can't use FOC mods for EAW. there are some i think that are good for both but those are really small twists.

  14. Haven't modded anything in a while but i remember how to do it why:raise:

  15. Well do it if you want it:D

  16. Haven't drawn much lately but you can always check my DA page if you're interested:)

  17. LOL everyone wants to know more about my avatar:D

    I wonder why.....:dev9:

    She's Chun-li from the Street Fighter series:D

  18. Yup that's the best pic i found of Chun-li:D

  19. No why do you ask?

  20. I could give it a shot:)

  21. Technically that would be off-topic because Kotor is not a cartoon but i always wanted to draw Nihilus cartoon style:D

  22. Sorry to hear that:(

    I can't think of anything else but the overheat thing. Maybe the game was too much and your PC couldn't handle it.

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