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Status Updates posted by Demongo

  1. Thanks for asking:) As you saw in the update, progress is made, and I will soon be able to put up a short Gameplay video:D

  2. Well, I started learning how to model/skin a few hours ago, so I'm not an expert, and don't know how to do it. Don't feel bad though because you are a great help, and if you can't make a skin for it, someone will, so thank you again:)

  3. Thanks for the VOs,pistols and the skins! Currently you are the half of my credits list:D

  4. Hey I know you're busy at voice acting and doing other stuff but if you can, view this update:)


  5. Me too. Maybe because of the version but WMP can't play them either.

  6. Quote:

    I did get the message but it is the same when I tried to compress it. Audacity thinks that the file contains no sound.

  7. Oh I did get the message but it is the same when I tried to compress it. Audacity thinks that the file contains no sound.

  8. So I should create an UTM for Casus Fett's armor?

  9. Thanks. I know I seem useless now, because I haven't done anything. My areas of modding are scripting,module editing,UTI/UTC/UTW/UTP/UTD editing mostly. I can do some basic reskins. So yeah I'm sorry about it:(

  10. Well if you could convert the files that would be good, but I showed an image of my Audacity. It doesn't really want to accept these compressed files.

  11. Well, since I don't have any task right now, would you mind if I would go and continue to work on my mod?

  12. This is a little...........well watch it yourself

  13. I have JKA and it's not that cool. Anyway I agrre with this:p

  14. I'm not too patient you know:xp:

  15. I would have done

  16. Nice strategy:D

  17. Well you sure kicked ass:D

  18. Yeah I saw your argument but what does it have to do with that video?:p

  19. A Mandalorian Bounty Hunter! Don't forget that:D Anyway I've started reading through 121 posts..........I have to cathc up with the team somehow.

  20. It's reading time then:D I will hopefully catch up with the Team.

  21. Thanks!:D I will have to check the projects currently going on and see how can I help:D

  22. Thanks for the invite:D

  23. Thanks:D As for the metalic tint, it's your decision. Make your voice sound like a Mandalorian and that's all. It's your choice how you make it:D

  24. Hey there I have uploaded my art thread and mod thread so check them out if you have the time:D



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