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Status Updates posted by Demongo

  1. Canderis is on Holiday.:D(Florida)

  2. I'm working hard on my mod(here) and writing a Visitor message for you:D

  3. Well I think I should do that too anyway:D

  4. Hey CQ! I haven't talked to you a while:D So what's up?:D

  5. Why not? We could make a good team indeed:D

  6. :o Very nice sig! It is 5 times better than my original! Grats!:thmbup1:
  7. I don't mind you can try to do that:D 30,000 credits. Allright I'll stop:D Good luck with it.

  8. Thanks! Just tell me if you want to change it or else:D

  9. So are you satisfied with it?:D

  10. Oh and by the way do you want any text in it?

  11. Maybe I can make it in 10 minutes, after all it's not that hard(for me):D

  12. Oh I get it:D Okay, i will try to make and post it in the sig pic/avatar request thread:)

  13. Oh wait what? I can try to do it as soon as I understand it:D So..........you want a sig of Mandalore or Mandalores with my bg?

  14. Thanks!:D You can come for a very high fee of course. Just kidding:D Glad if I can help:)

  15. Hey what do you think of my new sig? I made it myself:D

  16. Oooooh can't wait to read it:D

  17. Thanks for the post in my art-thread:) Will you continue your fanfic sometimes?

  18. Hey glovemaster, do you know the script what I'm looking for?


  19. Okay thanks anyway:)

  20. I placed that line to K1's onspawn script but KTool didn't want to compile it

  21. I think your script is for K2 because I couldn't compile it

  22. I will test it. Thanks.

  23. I have a problem iwth it:(

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