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Status Updates posted by Demongo

  1. Thanks and be sure to check for updates:D

  2. Pretty good actually

  3. Well thanks! One word........ means terrible:D

  4. I reduced the file size, check it now.

  5. Well it can be because my drawing is HUGE. But really.

  6. Uh oh. That's bad. I'll check it.

  7. Hey if you have the time, check out this thread:


  8. Just to let you know, I will start my own art-thread soon:D I have already some nice pics(in my opinion). So stay tuned:D

  9. Maybe you read what I sent to you or just a simple greeting?:D

  10. I will write things like Player(1) and Player(2) that means the player can choose from those answers in-game

  11. There will be characters like Kelborn and Bralor who say something but you only have to voice Mandalore.

  12. Allright I'll write this in Notepad for you, and since there will be more Mandalore lines you can learn how to edit dialog files:)

  13. So it means I can send you the dlg file?

  14. It's really no big deal you don't even have to edit anything but if you like I will write it in notepad for you:)

  15. Oh and an important thing: You have dlg editor right?

  16. Hey I will send some of your Mand'alor lines in a minute, I just want to make sure there's no error in them:p

  17. Sure I'll upload it in a second

  18. The script I gave you was wrong. Try this:


  19. It's for K1 and I wanted to make it as a new appearence but if you would do it for me I would appreciate it:)

  20. Contgrat you're a Junior Member:D Good luck with the Venom mod! Unfortunately I don't know how can your problem be fixed:(

  21. If you have the time, please check out this little update with the music:)

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