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  1. As Gim would say:

    "I hate you Billy"

  2. Maybe but one day it will be mine ragdollstiches.gif?2

  3. Don't play with me childpisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  4. No little child I have thousands of soulsdemongoplz.jpg?1

  5. Allright I'm outpisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  6. demongodarlings.gif?5

    I didn't make it frame by frame btw:xp:

  7. Here's anotherandreac.gif

  8. Don' play with me childpisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  9. Too late! DarthDac is no more!!!demongoplz.jpg?1

  10. It's your choice but I still don't like itpisseddemongoplz.jpg?1

  11. shockeddemongoplz.jpg?1Why can't you understand???
  12. No I have enslaved DarthDac's essence AND profile. And I'm gonna enslave yours too MWAHAAAHAHAHAAHA

  13. O_O Your original avvy was way better O_O

  14. Not now maybe tomrrow but after you I'm going for Chuck Norris' essence MWAHAHAAHA!!!!!!

  15. All you have to know about him is this:

    He's a soul collector demon and he will collect yours too:xp:

  16. No way little child. I'm gonna enslave your essence and then take over Lucasforums!:D

  17. No! I enslaved DarthDac's essence AND profile:D:lol:

  18. Too late I have already changed it:D So? Is it worse or better?

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