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  1. Darn... Kinda saw that coming. :xp:

  2. So, would you be so nice as to let me know how close you guys are on finishing this secret mod of yours? Just a rough estimate. Like, should I get my hopes up for something before christmas?

  3. Eh, quick question: Are you still working on your WIP, Disappearence on Yavin?

    If so, anything you need help with?

  4. Hey there Quanon. Regarding your thread (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=206721) and the models you have available, the "Crazy Night" Max files, what do they need to work in-game?

  5. Hey harIII,would allow me to make the shadow guard and zorin more powerful? As they all died leaving the player alone to die too, in my 1st playthrough.


    PS: Is it just me or is the whole module lagging??? Could just be my pc...

  6. Hey, can you update the dropbox list.txt file ? Thnx.

  7. Hey man, thnx for doin' it so soon ! Nominated !

  8. I adoreeee Pizza Hut... So damn good pizzas. Specially like the... something like cheesy bites:p. Anyway, waiting for the material...

  9. Like I said, you should make a tut explaining how to make a very simple skin for an armour/robe/revan's robes/etc (gimp is preferred as it is free for the modding community) and how to put it in game. Quite simple, yet very helpfull. You do so, and I'll definately nominate you for the helpful badge.

  10. Hey man ! How's the project coming ?

  11. Yeah. Something simple yet valuable, something that would take you only small time and effort. Like an armoured republic uniform like the ones you're making, or whatever you find could be usefull...

  12. Hey Dak, seeing as you're an amazing skinner, I was wondering whether you could write a tutorial in Holowan Labs, based on skinning. I would really appreciate it...

  13. Ok. Thanx for letting me know.

  14. Man, I really need you to send me the latest game material if I am to work on SOTE. Like I said, dropbox won't work for me for an unknown reason. Thnx.

  15. Hey there! Welcome to the forums.


    First off, I'd like to congratulate you on your talent for this :http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs506.ash1/29906_431711361969_510781969_6146272_4399386_n.jpg

    And, by the way, you mentioned in the Revenge of Revan thread, that your modding team is preparing a modification for Medieval 2. Since I'm a huge fan of the LotR books and films, and this mod is about it, can you please explain to me what this mod will do ?


    Thank you in advance,


    ~Nick Vader

  16. hey harIII. Can you PM me a list of the things-to-do for me ? So I can be certain, and so that once I finish them all I can report back for you to give me another task. I already know one : populate phoenix modules.


    PS: Remember my last message ? Do you have a download link for the latest game material, because there's something wrong with dropbox. Thanx, Nick.

  17. Hey. I wanted to update my latest game material folder, but it seems i cant download it from dropbox. can you upload it somewhere so i can download ? thanks.


    Also, i forgot to say,

    I'm interested in doing some clone trooper lines. I think my voice matches quite well. So send me some lines and I'll just give you some recordings.

  18. But, you'll have to give me some info on what models I should use for them.

  19. Sorry buddy. Don't know 'bout the scripts for either pazaak or swoop racing. Ask at holowan if you want to.

  20. I dunno. But, if he had the time, it would be great. I think Trex was thinking of releasing a TJM 2.0, so he could ask him to participate...

  21. thanks for answering. Wow! Who knew? So, a well-thought username you got there...

  22. that's right. I agree with WCH.

  23. I love your website, man...

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