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  1. Awesome! Have to look into that, especially the comic version. :D

  2. Dude!! Love your avi's! Especially your latest one. She looks like she might be mixed American Indian. Although, I'm thinking mostly Cherokee. Anyway, who is she and were did you get it?

  3. Interesting. Gives a whole new meaning to the word "headlight".


    Indeed, I also see the near resemblence. Great pic, 90 SK. Thanks for posting the link to the pic. I like it!

  4. *picks up rock and throws at you like a skanky dog*

    GETONOUTAHERE YOu dagnam VARMIT! :fist:*mumble, mumble*...beats all I ever seen...*mumble*

    *spits to side and and cradles pappy's shotgun in a rocking chair*

  5. Well I'm not really a member of BioWare Social Network, if that's what your talking about, LDR. So no, I didn't hear about that. But regardless, it sucks when that happens...especially when a thread gets heated; kills all the fun. :D

  6. A couple of robot jokes for ya. ;)




    Why was R2-D2 angry?

    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
    Because someone kept pushing his buttons!



    What is a robot’s favorite type of music?

    Show spoiler
    (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
    Heavy metal!



    Not really all that funny, but still, make you crack a smile. :D

  7. Lol. Good one! Especially the button.


    Yeah was thinking about changing it again, but I think I'll leave it as is for now.

  8. What'ya implying Astor...that I'm a ritzy kinda guy. :D





    P.S. Congrats on the promotion.

  9. Appreciate you bringing that to my attention Ulmont, it's my new avi now. Thank you.

  10. Awesome Ulmont...were did you get that and can I use it, if somebody else on LF is not using it?

  11. Yeah that is pretty cool poster, thanks Hockey. As far as the avi is concerned though I'm not really a Trump fan (well I'm not a fan of Obama either), yet the only reason I made my avi was to kinda make fun of Trump, to tell you the truth. Also was thinking about changing my avi to something else pretty soon.


    But I sincerely appreciate the poster and the suggestion Hockey, even though I want be using it as a avatar. And I don't care what anybody says about you, including me :ninja2:(lol, I kid), your a helpful kind of guy. :thmbup1:

  12. "Perhaps you missed this: This thread isn't supposed to be about anything other than your views of your own country w/o knocking others to make your point. thanks."



    Lol. Never fails does it? It's like being at 6 year old's birthday party and watching kids argue over who's the best.


    Great idea for a thread btw. :thmbup1:

  13. Oh I see. Well I guess my Timothy Geithner joke was a little out of place then. Anyway I instantly thought of Timothy Geithner when you mention Tax Masters in that thread. Because I think there was a joke going around at one time about Timothy Geithner needing Tax Masters when he got caught not paying his taxes.


    And I didn't know Tax Masters got shut down temporary because of scamming

    people out of their money. Now that's news to me.


    But you know just once, out of the many times that I've seen that joker on TV, I would have of loved to heard him say: "Are you being audited? If so, then your screwed!"

  14. Really? Damn Tot, you don't know what you missed out on with SW Rebellion. Hell, as matter fact, Strategy Plus Magazine gave it 4 out of five stars back then and IMHO it was worth the buy when I got it at Best Buy. Played that sucker for freak'in forever, still do every once in a while. I think it's addictive for the most part, at least for me anyway.


    But sorry to hear you got steered wrong by another opinion, because I think you would have really liked it. Couldn't say for sure now though.

  15. Demongo: "Being inside your own mind takes skill"


    ^^Lol! But trying to get out takes even greater skill.


    What have you been up to lately? Still working on animation?

  16. Sure thing. But I'm hoping one of my local video stores has it though. If not, I may have to find it online.

  17. Thank you for the suggestion Sith Holocron, the movie sounds interesting. I'll look and see if any of my local video stores have it.

  18. What's up G? Thought I'd drop-in and say hello.

  19. Just got through checking the new website out. I just gotta say WOW! Yep, you guys have certainly grown alright. You've come along way my young friend and in such a short time, I might add. ;)


    Yeah it's been awhile since we last spoken MTS, I miss talking with you too. I seem to get real busy all the time and have very little time for anything I use to do, even for Lucas Forums these days.



    @Scav....I haven't spoken to him for awhile, poor guy probably thinks I've disowned him or something. It's just that I've been so busy lately with real life, but I'm gonna give him a hello to see what hell he's been up to, regardless.




    And MTS..here's wishing you the best on your new website, may it grow even more and get a ungodly amount of fame. :thmbup1:

  20. Time Bandits...And the Avi is David Warner acting as the Ultimate Evil One in the movie.


    I first seen that movie when I was a young teen years ago. I always loved watching it, still do.

  21. Yo holmes, I keep getting this when I try to send you something through the P.M.


    (quote) error occured - GTA:SWcity has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space. (end quote)


    Had a question I wanted to ask ya by P.M. But it keeps saying this above. :(

  22. *Throws the "Flame of Purification" at Akaan's buttocks* :devburn:




    Meh....you might want to put that out.

  23. Certainly! But never been on iTunes though, but I'll still review you on the LAG RADIO website.

  24. :) Figured you'd like that, who doesn't love Gary Coleman anyway. I always loved that quote that he would say on different strokes. :( Too bad he passed away though, I guess we all got to go sometime.
  25. Lol! Well first thing is, is don't spam to much. The moderators will delete posts that are off-topic pertaining to the thread, they are usually hardcore on that, but will tolerate it under certain rare circumstances.


    Second, don't give out your E-Mail address in any post you make, they'll automatically delete that once they see it. Claims it something to do with spambots, not really sure why else.


    That's all I can remember on the mods. I'll PM you on the rest ASAP. :thmbup1:

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