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  1. use this tool - Grim Fandango Launcher to play the game off the hard drive without CDs.
  2. i'm glad that you are able to run the game but i have to agree with MeddlingMonk on the shadow thingy. given the age of the game, graphics-wise not much improvement can be expected. just the enjoy the great story and game-play. who knows lucas arts might make a re-imagined version as they did with 'the secret of monkey island' recently.
  3. i had the same problem with my Geforce 8600GT and i wrote a fix for the problem. it's on this thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=197200. you can try if you want to.
  4. this is mainly for computers with nVidia 8xxx cards drivers where the anti-aliasing is broken and no fix is available from nVidia yet. it flips the 'hardware acceleration' to 'off' outside the game so that you can play the game in software mode without any graphics corruption. you can also check out the thread i mentioned in the source. the thread has some screenshots to show how the graphics looked on my PC, before and after using this fix.
  5. hi there, i was having graphics problem on WinXP SP3 with nVidia 8600GT. after some googling, i came across these tips here and here about disabling hardware acceleration. since they work quite well, i've wrote a small program (GrimDDFix) to do the DirectDraw toggling for me. i post this program here in case someone like me has a need for it. happy gaming... • Source: http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/index.php?topic=17831.new#new
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