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  1. You're crying here since LA 'unleashed' the first game. Get a life Zak
  2. what makes it lightside ending if Juno betrays him?
  3. probably the Dark Apprantice will release him (Boba Fett wouldn't risk his life for Vader, and never engage into battle against Starkiller)
  4. If Vader would have cloned Juno, than the clones should had kill them instead training droids to prove they are ready to serve
  5. i hope, he'll travel to Mortis, and recover the "planet". after that, he take the place of the Father http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mortis
  6. more possible, that Starkiller resurrected Juno
  7. do you remember the early updates on the game's page? one of the clones had visions about Starkiller's present. maybe some other had or shared visions with him(i didn't read the book)and it might refer that Starkiller is the original one
  8. he reminds me the Grinch:) but, he's in the game and probably appear in the next dlc. so, our green little friend will die:D
  9. you can find some Dagobah files. moreover, someone was able to hack the game and made a playable Yoda skin:D check the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FbCdea7nEpU
  10. there will be 1 more dlc: Dagobah. and maybe an another level, if they want to release the USE again
  11. probably not. but i'm sure they will release an another 'ultimate sith edition' later
  12. he's falling, but probably used the force to control his falling. btw, every jedi could fly if they would use telekinesis on themselfs
  13. maybe it showed the vision what he fear the most
  14. the same actress. she looks the same(for me), maybe a bit older. and she doesn't looks like a nazi officer anymore:D
  15. i don't think they care about that we like the stace or not
  16. that style was quiet cool in the first game, and it looks good. but it looks a bit weird with 2 sabers...
  17. it would be cool, if she die, and Galen resurrect her
  18. 1138 was Starkiller's code while he was on the board of the Empirical(after Vader impaled and throw to the void of space)
  19. check the website. it seems Galen and 1157 is the same person
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