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  1. Go for it, 90SK

  2. school's been insane, ill fix up what i have done, and ill ship them over to you before i go do more things tomorrow afternoon, i have a test in the AM and then ill be free for a couple hours, ill put together UVs and textures for whatever models i havent done that for yet, i dont have much more than what i had shown

  3. Hey VP, all of your mods that were uploaded to imagehost disappeared when imagehost died. Do you still have any of them? If so, could you reupload them?

  4. Hey, that hilt trig made for that team hssiss mod, the double bladed one I had requested permission from him to include, are you guys going to still include that--or if you'd like me to convert it I will--

  5. Gotta install it again. Be on in a few.

  6. I'm on. If you don't already have me, my SN is the same as LF

  7. Hmmm. Skype then?

  8. My tablet doesn't like xat

  9. Yo would you mind hoppin on skype real quick?

  10. Sounds good, man

  11. I'll be able to mod by this weekend.

  12. Ah, many thanks.

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