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  1. Hi,


    I would like to play KotOR 1 in 640X480 resolution. These are the steps I have executed:


    1. Patched to exe to v1.03 (I have a retail 4 CD version)

    2. Ran Uniws to patch the new exe - selected KotOR (800X600) from the drop menu and set the boxes below to 640, 480 before running the patch

    3. Downloaded KoTOR - 1440X900 override folder created by one of the users of this forum - it has some tga and gui files

    4. Downsized the tga files from 1024X512 to 640X480 res

    5. Scaled all Extent fields in the gui files (used the nwn GFF editor for this) according to the target resolution - for width and left fields used 640/1440 * the value in those files and for height and top fields transformed according to 480/900*existing values


    My problem is that the main menu is not loading-up properly. Once I get into the game the dialogs, UI and maps are not visible. But if I alt-tab and reneter the game the UI and dialogs become visible - the mainmenu still doesn't show buttons though.



    My PC config is:

    Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit SP1

    Core i7 from 2015

    Asus Mobo

    16 GB RAM (Gskill)

    Geforce GTX Titanx (single card config)

    60 GBB SSD (Kingston)

    PS/2 keyboard and mouse

    Viewsonic E771 17 inch CRT monitor

    LG DVD drive


    Request help to resolve the above. TIA


    60GB SSD? What are you doing with that little storage?

  2. Yeah. The location itself was actually pretty good. But after a certain point it was like regional management just didn't care anymore when it came to employees. Shame, too.


    I have my eye on a raspberry pi for the clearance sale. When you can fit the thing inside a dead white "brick" style game boy carcass, complete with emulators, roms, USB for peripherals for wireless internet... and a glowing self-lit screen... why not?


    Wow, that sounds pretty legit! I'm unfortunately not much of a handy guy - I for instance, just barely was able to solder a kill switch into my guitar so I could be like Tom Morello or Buckethead... I'm more on the programming end of things. Haven't really interfaced with hardware a whole lot, although I know it's something I should know how to do. Raspberry Pi, I hear is quite useful, as well as the several Arduino kits that were sold at Radioshack. Almost no one ever touched them, however...


    We also generally had really good deals on USB thumbsticks and SD cards.

  3. Yours isn't the only story like that, actually. The one (sort of) exception was a location in South Lake Tahoe. One of their better performing chains I might add (grossing $2.5M last year)...but what shook me was they had the same guy working there for over 20 years and finally let him go...just simply let him go out of the blue. Maybe he was just moving on, but I question what really went down.


    They fired my boss who had been with the company for 15 years because he was using coupons to drive sales. Arguably, it was not the nicest looking thing on paper, especially for loss-prevention, but this was literally the one thing he had done wrong in 15 years working there.


    I digress... One could appreciate how they were trying to stay in as many categories as possible but they could have had less stores overall and applied the additional resources & funding to better product variety and more frequent improvements to existing products.


    Yes, but I don't think they did any of them properly. They had a nice thing going with phones - the one nice thing about Radioshack is that it's usually cheaper to get phones there than at a carrier store - but of course it wasn't always easy to fix issues in people's accounts. It perpetuated the myth that Radioshack employees don't know what they're doing with activating phones.


    Personally I've never had bad service thankfully, though often I was regarded as someone who was un-helpable because I was 'that guy' whose questions were beyond what employees were trained for.


    Yeah... so pretty much no one in my store often knew how to answer more technical questions - and truth be told, neither did I. I was just good at googling. I also happened to pick up a few tricks for increasing the performance on android phones and that apparently made me an expert somehow.

  4. Radioshack was a nightmare to work for - at least my experience was a nightmare. There's a reason it was on the list of the 10 worst places to work.


    There weren't any outstanding sales goals other than the usual ****ty set (selling useless service plans, upselling, etc). However, selling wireless was one of our main goals and we were expected to always upsell accessories - the problem of course is that Radioshack carries **** for accessories, and we often NEVER had cases for the phones we sold. Uphill battle for sure.


    I was one of the hardest workers that worked at my store and yet I never even got a chance when I made that one fatal mistake that got me fired. Never mind all the people who lazed around all day and FOR SURE never mind the one girl who disappeared for a month with no notice at all, was absolutely lazy and would snipe people's phone sales (we got paid on commission). NOPE, she still has her job. I make one mistake and I'm out.


    It may sound like I'm bitter - I was bitter - but the joke's on them. After a brief stint at Gamestop, I landed a job at Costco and after leaving that place, I now make 3 times the amount I made at Radioshack.


    They have royally f***ed over so many people. They brought this on themselves.

  5. Save the fact that HK Factory is already imho the hardest part of the game because HK-47 is definitely not the best fighter, and the whole first half of it is about deleting your self-preservation programming so that you can fight the other droids. You'd lose continuity points there.


    I figure they might have been generic Sith Battle droids, not HK-50s. Being that the Attack on Telos is a full on invasion, I mean.

  6. I suppose some the links need updating, but really the only way to learn to mod is to look at other people's work.


    In case you haven't noticed, this isn't exactly the most active community. Both games are almost 10 years old, but even at that, usually you post for help, it will come. That said, not all of us have time to hold hands, so why the tutorials are there. I'm sorry you feel this way, but if you'd like to give it another chance, I can help you out. Just PM me and I'll help out.

  7. Can someone make an armor skin for Mandalore with a cape for Kotor 2 please? I want him to look like he does in the comics.


    It could theoretically be done, but one would need a good graphic designer for that cape texture....


    But why would you want a cape for Mandalore the Preserver? I think it's enough to make a mod that uses the mask as his face. Looks good, but storywise, I like to think that the Preserver just locked it away for safe keeping.


    I doubt The Preserver would wear a cape, personally - but that's not to say this mod shouldn't be made. I just don't think anyone would do it.

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