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  1. I presume most of the mod files loaded... it was very different from the original droid planet... I even went to the trouble of repacking the .mod files into the rims/erfs themselves but it didn't solve the issue... didn't seem to hurt it either.

  2. Yeah, I actually fixed all of that. Sound needs to be wma, mono 48 kbps, and I downsized the loadscreens to 512x512 and all the modules loaded. But my issue still remains with the restarting issues. Could it be scripts that the xbox can't resolve?

  3. That's great! I am really excited because this one is actually compatible with the xbox! Er, well, at least the models load, which is the big issue..


    but for some reason whenever I attempt to initiate convo with the "droid kaah" and m4-78 himself, the game resets. Do you know what this issue could be, or should I be asking for help in other places?

  4. Hey DStoney, I just downloaded your m4-78 mod, and I've got to say for the most part I am impressed. However, there are a few things that could use some improvement. Aside from a few grammar and diction issues, I found the vo's for m4-78 and Es-05 to be rather hard to understand without subtitles.

  5. Of course, that was the reason I made it.

    Don't forget to credit me.


    and f you need more skins in the future, look me up first, aight?

  6. Hey, R2-X2, I finished the Black Iridorian Armor. It took a bit longer than I thought, as the shine on it was too overbearing and it was quite hard to get it to go past "dark gray" and into the black zone.


    Black as Hell Iridorian Armor


    I am releasing this in the emporium as well.

  7. Hey, no problem.

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