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  1. Well, JuniorModder is the name I know you by, but of course you have a real name. It's refreshing to be able to put a voice to JuniorModder is all :)

  2. I listened to your modcast... it's weird but refreshing to hear a voice with the name... er kind of.

  3. Done. Keep the ideas coming LOH. TSLFFM2 depends on your high standards.

  4. That's fine LOH. I expect it from you. :p Someone's gotta screen my ideas though cuz God knows they are not all good.

  5. Tell them they can.

  6. Uh.. it is compatible with other force mods...

  7. I've been good. I'm waiting for my mod to pop up on Kfiles as we speak lol. Patience is a virtue... :p

  8. Hey Marius. It's been awhile. How's Kotorfiles?

  9. Thanks Logan! It's technically a Team Hssiss mod now, but I'll take all the credit I can get ;)


    As for my next project, I'm working on a Trayus Academy mod which is to be compatible with TSLRCM. After that though, I've got a hundred ideas... I guess it's just a matter of what I feel like doing next.

  10. hey dude, you up for a little Kotor II beta testing? I should have some force powers up and ready in a few days :p

  11. Hey dude, come over to the Team Hssiss chatbox and converse!



  12. Searched around and haven't found any answers.. I guess I'll have to check in the readme... hopefully it'll have answers, even though it didn't help me any other times....


    Oh well, enough of me whining already! Would you like to test some force powers once I've finished fixing some bugs in them?

  13. Naw, I think I have it covered.. the scripts anyways.. I posted on LF asking for help with the GFF files.. and then it occurred to me I should've probably looked into it a bit more before just asking... you know how people are with n00b questions....-_-;

  14. Hi Shem, just wanted to say that you're one of my mod heroes! er.. well kind of..


    I mean, don't get me wrong, your mods are great, but really your name is the first I associated with Kotor modding back 2 years ago when I started! It's just stuck ;)

  15. Hey stoffe, I've been working on force powers (for a long time) and I was wondering if..


    1. I could (somehow) implement my force powers into your improved ai mod.. or at least make some compatibility patch.. eventually anyways. It looks like alot of work o_0


    2. If it's alright if I borrow/modify some bits of code from some of your scripts. I'm still learning to script, and I've learned (and am still learning) quite a bit from your mods

  16. Speaking of modding, I hit another brick wall :xp: I can't set up the TSLPatcher to modify gff files correctly! Argh! That and my force power scripts have somehow gotten messed up while I let them sit around and collect dust.. SHOOT!

  17. Yep. more modding... but it's easier to do when you're not coughing all the time XD

  18. I am surrounded by Influenza A victims.. and I myself might have pneumonia. It's pretty sucky...


    Especially since I'm trying to get my license and a job.. now it's just more sitting around.. until i get better.... sigh..

  19. PMs cleared. Message away Xemgoa

  20. Hey logan. Just wanted to say hi, and that I'm not done with my break yet, but when I am I'll check up on the visual effects dealie, as well as follow through on a bunch of the other stuff I said I would.

  21. kk, no rush. I'm not in much of a rush myself to get anything done either so... heh

  22. I think it's that one.. all the files for a cutscene were there (I haven't actually played it, heh). With all due respect, I'd prefer to make my own scripts from scratch.

  23. Just wanted to say that I've been studying your floating saber mod. Very nice! It has helped me learn some important things about scripting :)

  24. LOL and good job with the quote in the 80's picture

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