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  1. That might explain the route of my troubles then! I figured since I wasn't trying to edit the dialogue, only the pathways/its affects (m'thinks, anyway) that the GFFeditor would do the trick. I'm sure it also mentioned in one of the readme's that they format of their edits was listed as pathways the GFFeditor would follow. Ah well, my bad! Thank you all for the feedback & suggestions! I'll try the editor, see if I have more success with that. About the gender swapping. If set to both, wouldn't both the Handmaiden + Disciple join? Would this cause problems? I'd considered the idea previously, but figured I'd get annoyed with being called 'he', and it'd somewhat dismantle the immersion.
  2. Is it possible to make Handmaiden Robes - by which I mean her basic clothes look (not the Mother's robes) - wearable by the (female) PC; or simply make the PC's standard clothes look like the Handmaiden's? Or any other version of modding/editting that would achieve the same effect. Personally I think the darkside version of the clothing would work better, but either would be good. If someone tells me how, I can attempt to do this myself. Or if someone else wishes to make it, I'll appreciate it either way! If it is even possible that is... Cheers! Edit: Just to be clear, this is for KotOR II, forgot to add that to the title.
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I rarely post here, and whilst attempting to follow Forum etiquette there is a chance I've gone wrong somewhere. A quick look for previous posts on the subject failled; and I couldn't find a search function. I prefer the Handmaiden to the Disciple. However it has come to my attention the Handmaiden mod in question is listed (here) as not compatable with The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod (v 1.7). I've not played through the restored content before, thus am looking forward to it. But, stubborn as I am, I'm trying to have my cake and eat it - instead of playing as a male for the play through, or using the Disciple. The compatability list states that this is due to the editting of many files by both mods, however when I tried installing the former over the latter; only two files needed 'replacing'. I noted these down, and they were both dialog files - one for Kreia, one for Handmaiden. I looked at the changes listed in the handmaiden's file's readme for the Kreia file. It seemed a small change, so I figured I'd try it myself. Several downloaded programs, several tutorials read, and a few hours later, I've failed to get anywhere. I can't seem to get the GFF programs to even work properly (user error, I'm certain). The RCMs Kreia.dlg file won't open with the Bioware GFFEditor (which seems the most user friendly), the K-GFFEditor won't seem to work at all, and the KotorTools GFF Editor seems unhelpful in its normal use, and utterly confusing in the text variant. I did manage to edit a single line with the text version, however I can no longer open the file after doing so. Is there any help to be had, anywhere? Has someone already made the mods compatable, and is willing to send me their version of it, or tell me how? Is it completely impossible (or very very difficult, thus no one has) to get it to work? Have I wasted a portion of my life, never to gotten back, in a futile attempt of idiocy (which I don't mind, its all about the experience, right..)? Any other advice? Is it worth contacting the mod's developers directly? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Other than some that have already been mentioned, I'd like to throw one into the ball game. Final Fantasy 7. (Obviously spoilers follow.) The death of Aeris at the hands of Sephiroth. For most, this is due to the fact she is the 'romance' element in the game, (although I always personally preferred Tifa, in the respect that I choose all dialog options linking the two, however the game still chooses Aeris), but also the fact that other than the main character, she is probably the strongest person on your team.
  5. Although I know of no such mod, I know of a few that could help solve your issues. http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=170111 - The Super Skip Taris Mod would allow you to skip the Endar Spire and Taris, allowing you to become a Jedi from level 2 onwards, to level 20. (19 levels out of 20). http://www.starwarsknights.com/mod_oct2004.php - The Role-play Padawan Mod. This mod makes you a Jedi at the start (unfortunately still with 1 level of your first class), as soon as you talk with Trask. It also has changed the dialogues to make this change fit in better with the storyline. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/KOTOR_and_KOTOR2_savegame_editor_English_Language_only%3B42499 - The SaveGame Editor, would allow you to (after saving) edit your class to Jedi, meaning you could effectively level up as if you had started your first level as a Jedi. Hope these help. Another option, is simply to play as normal, without leveling up until you become a Jedi. Through this option you could become a level2 non-force user / level 18 Jedi. As long as you have a heavy hitter in your group, Taris should still be reasonably easy even at level 2.
  6. Basically, it gets annoying having to spend 3 'turns' setting up your 'defensive' powers at the start of combat, and I know some may argue this is for balance.. it just generally irritates me. Would it be possible to make to make the Force Power 'Force Enlightenment' for Kotor I? That alone would be awesome. But even better would be implementing it into the storyline in a believable, flawless manor. However, I don't ask for the world, merely having it would be really good. I'd also prefer it if someone could please tell me how to make it, as opposed to having making it for me. Any help would be appreciated, thank-you.
  7. I myself have just made this mod, and it should be noted it is the first mod I have ever made. Follow the steps outlined by Mono_Giganto, however on the last step, name the file "g_a_mstrrobe07". I have tested using the cheat code to give me the item, and it works. I don't know how it will work with the starforge terminal, as I haven't got a save file anywhere near that location.
  8. Mhmm, thats a very nice mod. o.O A massive improvement on those horrible robes. Thanks for the link. I am still interesting in having the 'Darth' Revan's Robes useable for lightside characters, but thats purely because I like the colour black. Again, thankyou, you may have just saved me from falling to the Darkside (again)!! : )
  9. [sPOILLERS] Right, I know there are many Darth Revan's Robes Mod's out there, that give you Revan's Robes with the Cape and Mask, however: I've played my Darkside Character, and gotten bored. So I intend to make a Lightside Character, however, the Starforge robes look horrible. So... my request: Could somebody make a Mod of Darth Revan's Robes, that contains both the Cape and the Mask, and is wearable by Lightside Characters? [END SPOILLERS] P.s I thourght it best to put the Spoiller Warnings in, don't want to get told off with my first post on the forums. Any help would by much appreciated.
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