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  1. No more testing for this mod, worked great and I'm trying to get some new features like a new name instead of remote, and a new look. All the kudos are for Coolyboy77 of the filefront forums. Feel free to download this file and contact him if you want to include this mod into any of your projects. Thanks to all again.
  2. Congratulations! I finally get one modder to do it. Check this forum post to find the link for the download. I'm gonna test it on the weekend. I'll let you know the outcome of the testing. You will need to start a new game after installing the files into your override folder. Coolyboy77 made it for me. Thanks! http://forums.filefront.com/sw-kotor2-modding-editing/398617-change-bao-durs-remote-into-t3m3-like-droid.html Direct link to the download below. http://forums.filefront.com/attachments/sw-kotor2-modding-editing/70853d1241721841-change-bao-durs-remote-into-t3m3-like-droid-remote-mod.rar
  3. Thanks Grygas for the quick response. I'm not sure about what do you mean with the appearance, but if you mean the way the droid looks like, it will be great if it looks different to T3M3 the main character astro droid. Maybe one of the other astro droids that appear in game like the yellow one or the orange and red could be nice, it's up to you. Thanks again.
  4. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL It would be great to get a new skin interior for the ebony hawk. Maybe a more finished look. Like the Republic ship without so many wires and pipes at sight. Improved lighting. And more confortable. More clean surfaces for the walls. Not so machine head looking or old. Like a passenger class and not a smugler. More luxury. Would work great if we use blue lights and white and amber color for the interior. Thanks a lot.
  5. MOD FOR KOTOR 2 TSL Turn Bao Dur Remote into a T3M4 droid. Then using other mods like the one that turns the remote into a workbench and using KSE savegame editor to put the droid class and other things tuned up! You have your fully funtional spare droid. If it can't be done with the Bao Dur remote maybe can be done overwriting another NPC or REMOTE in game. I would like it just like the broken one that appears at the beginning of the game with T3M3. Orange/red colored I think it was. Thanks a lot. Having two droids would be great for me.
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