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Status Updates posted by BryanWee20

  1. hey dude are the rifle models still up for grabs? :)

    I'm gonna have more free time since things in camp are settling down.

    btw check out my Ion Rifles

  2. yo nervod how's it been

    long time since I've been active.. how's your modding lately?

  3. yeah they're done but I haven't finished the flight suit yet.. been kinda busy with other projects... my friends wanna make they're own FPS/MMO.

  4. yo dude been in camp the past month.. I can work on them, have a base model with me that might just work for the marines.. umm btw what's ODST?

  5. yeah i know i asked marius abt it and its due to server side issues

  6. once I'm done with the k2 version.. i'm gonna do the k1 version.

  7. dude the file is up.. plus i added in new material.. that has been released yet at kotorfiles. Hope you like 'em :)



    look for the download link at the bottom of the page

  8. dude you could just go to my site.. i'll put the files up until you've confirmed with me your done downloading.. then i'll take it back off kay ;)

    Just give me a couple of minutes and go to http://www.mandalorianhunters.weebly.com

    look under weapons :)

  9. no prob.. have both games :)

  10. dude... is the mod for K1 or K2?

  11. btw dude could you just give your comments and ideas of what you wanna see in a mod, my mod to be exact :)


  12. hello vodiika

    I think you must'a joined in when i was busy modding for Fallout 3..

    So i wasn't exactly arnd much... Ulmont, mird'ika,Jacen and the rest know me pretty well.

  13. yo dude.. just got a pm from nick

    you need a hand in anything?

  14. yo vod'ika mind givin your comments on the models I've come up with?


    Click here

  15. hey nervod!!

    How's it been? Just read that the mod is close to completion.

    Hope you guys will remember to mention me in the credits :)

    Btw could you post your comments on the new models I just made for my mod? It's here

  16. I would suggest you ask ulmont...

    I didn't really pay attention during my classes :p

  17. uh..i suppose you want add separate meshes into one of the ingame models?

  18. Sorry dude.. I lost everything on my laptop after transferring to my new desktop.

    Was already done with the cosmetic changes to the model.. all that was left was the texture editing.

  19. just basic stuff like spawning hostile NPCs.. setting up trigger points within the game..action/convo based alignment modifiers, that sort of stuff..

  20. currently looking for decent scripters

  21. thks nervod.. will do if anything comes to mind :)

  22. yeah.. been busy modding for FO3

    btw you any good at scripting?

  23. Thanks nervod.. btw are you still with me on this mod?

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