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  1. i am not playing at the moment:mad:, when i join a guild i will go to their server i will pay 3,000 for recruiting me:)
  2. ok sure but do you want to give the droid to me? Details: In game name: Rexo logitech status: not playing (until further notice) what i will pay: 5,000 or more Server: Shadowfire or the server my seller is Please I need a astromech droid
  3. have u tried calling your landspeeder or speeder
  4. anybody sell astromec droids i will accept R2 R3 R4 R7 but i really need a R2 unit
  5. i am insterested my in game name is rexo iforq i want to meet at lok i have heeps of credits deal
  6. welcome i am holding a bounty hunter council and mabey this council members can be on sw TOR this is my website http://www.rexo-i.webs.com sith lords welcome to negoigite ok any ideas for a banner?
  7. hi you might know me a bounty hunter with pistols not working i need a good recruirtment thats good with my rifle and pistol tell me a recruirtment that is good for this see ya
  8. i am instrested here is my email bumblebee.26@hotmail.com
  9. The ship race event details right here Server:Starsider day:all September of 09 Ships allowed:all ships are allowed Champ racer:i will decide which will be champ Rules 1 u cannot open fire at the racers. 2 do not bump on to ships or you will be disquilafied 3 thats all the rules post to enter this event
  10. Did you know I HAD TO GO ALL OVER THE FOURM finnaly this is hopefully the right one.hey I had an Idea what about codenames like in delta squad fixer schorch and that.is that ok Idea
  11. I just cant say it loud......AWSOME LINKcool cool cool cool where do I sign up for this on your site
  12. I've seen one of or....should i say heaps of them!!!!there like a womp rat if anyones heard of them there on endor or dantooine
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