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  1. I have updated my website quite a bit since posting the thread here, go and check it out http://scummtastic.net/ Also check out the missing items list if you have something to offer!
  2. You can get stuck in MI1 if you add the wrong ingredients to the voodoo recipe to the pot in the wrong order. The spell will not work and you have no way to redo it without reloading the game.
  3. Does anyone have any clue about the origin of this kind of MI2 poster: http://www.huuto.net/kohteet/monkey-island-lechucks-revenge-juliste/190163210 The seller only said that he obtained it from some foreign country and the paper is thickier than normal print paper. There is white broders around the poster. Does anyone know where the same image can be found? Same image than on the game box cover, but no system requirements and the LucasArts Lucasfilm games text. Could this be an official poster of some sort? The seller also sold the same kind of poster of MI1 a mon
  4. Hi, just wanted to share my new website if someone might be interested. It is dedicated for Lucasfilm / LucasArts adventure games memorabilia and promotional items. Check out my missing items page http://scummtastic.net/
  5. Sorry, dont have any magazines left.
  6. I am sorry I dont have a scanner big enough to fit the posters in
  7. I bought them from here some time ago: http://shop.vendio.com/photoworld/category/5074/ The owner of this site used to own a computer shop wayyy back then and he finds some jewels in his stash sometimes. There has been some nice Lucasarts memorablia items. He still has few posters to sell there too, only for 2x higher price than me My posters have never been used either.
  8. Well all the games are original factory sealed. If someone just wants to collect opened boxes, they are much cheaper
  9. Hi, I am selling some Lucasarts items, if someone might be interested. Lucasarts Archives VOL1 IBM PC $120 Lucasarts Archives VOL3 IBM PC $120 LeChuck´s Revenge - Monkey Island 2 3,5" $100 (crushed box) (SOLD) Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis IBM CD $100 (SOLD) Their Finest Hour - Battle of Britain 5,25" $60 Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade 5,25" Envelope $70 Loom Turbo Grafx CD $60 Ballblazer poster $50 Resque on Fractalus poster $50 All the games are factory sealed US-releases Thanks!
  10. Hi,

    I saw an old message from year 2002 about your Full Throttle box which has the Bandana sticker on it. Do you still happen to have it and if you do would be interested in selling it?


    I would appreciate a lot if you contact me:






  11. Hi QueZTone!


    I hope you don´t mind for contacting you about this, but my email is about sealed Lucasarts Adventure Games.


    As I collect sealed IBM PC US release versions I found an old message from you (year 2002) that you atleast then had some sealed games :)

    I was wondering if you still have any left? I would be very very interested of those.

    I would also be very interested of seeing a picture of your collection if you still have one.


    Or if you happen to know someone who has anything that might interest me, all the contact info would be highly welcome :)




    Wishing all the best for you!





  12. Hi Jake!


    I was wondering if you still have those Escape From Monkey Island promo Grog beers?


    I would love to buy one from you!


    Please do infrom me if you still have any, thank you!




  13. Hi!


    I am a collector and collect only sealed Lucasarts adventure games. I would pay you well for both of them.


    My goal is to someday own all of the PC USA releases sealed.


    So, let me know your price for them :)


    Oh, and if you have or know anyone who has more of sealed Lucasarts adventure games or compilations I would be very interested of those :)



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