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  1. I have updated my website quite a bit since posting the thread here, go and check it out http://scummtastic.net/ Also check out the missing items list if you have something to offer!
  2. You can get stuck in MI1 if you add the wrong ingredients to the voodoo recipe to the pot in the wrong order. The spell will not work and you have no way to redo it without reloading the game.
  3. Does anyone have any clue about the origin of this kind of MI2 poster: http://www.huuto.net/kohteet/monkey-island-lechucks-revenge-juliste/190163210 The seller only said that he obtained it from some foreign country and the paper is thickier than normal print paper. There is white broders around the poster. Does anyone know where the same image can be found? Same image than on the game box cover, but no system requirements and the LucasArts Lucasfilm games text. Could this be an official poster of some sort? The seller also sold the same kind of poster of MI1 a month ago: http://www.huuto.net/kohteet/185527735 Thanks!
  4. Hi, just wanted to share my new website if someone might be interested. It is dedicated for Lucasfilm / LucasArts adventure games memorabilia and promotional items. Check out my missing items page http://scummtastic.net/
  5. I received it straight from a former LucasArts employee who worked for EFMI
  6. That might be the case, but it is impossible to find any decent info about it. There is only one picture on the Lucasarts museum Dig thread, thats it. I would love to get one complete box!
  7. Yes I know you cant get into the room where Olivia stands, but you can get stuck on it if you try to enter, believe me Yep I have used every guide I found on these forum and the game is 100% playable if you dont count these movement bugs.
  8. Other places I have got stuck concerning movement are for example: Trying to get into the room that Olivia is blockin at Blue oyster. The elevator when going down from High rollers lounge. I have tried the different movement methods, but they dont help. Now I am starting year 3 so there might be new places to get stuck
  9. Thanks for the tips. I did try to use different control methods, but nothing helped. I have got stuck on several other locations too. I managed to get through this by getting the note from Lolas jacket before going to tattooist. When I showed the note to him, Manny automatically went closer to ladder.
  10. Hi, spoilers ahead! I started to play the game yesterday only second time after it was published. I am now in year two at the tattooist. I managed to get the metal id from Naranja but now I just cant get away from the place. Toto is talking on the phone and blocks the outway passage and I have tried everything to get him move. Am I just stupid and have not noticed something important or is there a bug in the game? Thanks!
  11. Sorry, dont have any magazines left.
  12. Received a nice lot of Lucasars promo items today. The lot includes Escape From Monkey Island lunchbox which I have never seen or heard of before, nor can I find any info about it over the internet. I received these items from an ex Lucasarts worker who said the Lunchbox was a limited only item to EFMI art team. Just wanted to share it with you. http://img38.imageshack.us/i/lucasy.jpg/ http://img18.imageshack.us/i/efmilunchbox.jpg/
  13. I guess that some of you have already seen this video, but there is a neat Grim Fandango coffin at Double Fine Studio conference room. It can be seen starting 2:35 http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/26730 Enjoy
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