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    GAMING! haha mostly the kotor games but also fable and assasin's creed. not a total loser tho, also love guitar and reading literature and going to the theatre
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    Assistant Drama Teacher
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  1. read it and weep - i have http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/KOTOR_3
  2. kinda like a Pub Footy team match. except totally different. All against All, who'd come out on top? Team 1:Traya,Sion,Nihilus Team 2:Dark Side Exile,Darth Revan,Malak Team 3:Palpatine,Vader,Dooku Team 4:Bane,Maul,The Sith Captain from the old republic trailer (dont know his name, sorry) Team 5:Naga Sadow,Ludo Kressh,Marka Ragnos
  3. i know, i know, the Death Star can blow up planets, but the Star forge has forcey stuff. The Star Forge controlled by Malak, vs Death Star Mk 1 controlled by Vader? (Malak would probably be overcome by the Forge's power, unlike Revan, who only used it to his limits. Whereas Vader woould be more objective, but he wouldnt have the Infinite Fleet)
  4. here's a thought - what if they joined forces? obviously thats impossible, but between them, with the trayus core and the death star?
  5. oringinally i thought kreia, but im now thinking Palpatine, he totally kicks ass
  6. its an interesting one. i think Revan would come out on top, simply ncause he has the best dress sense, and thats a BIG plus ah c'mon, theyre basically the same, just that drain is like a peanut, Force vampirism is like a peanut factory
  7. the whole bacta tank - hospital thingy sounds good - what if there were medical ships from each side, in orbit above every planet in the game, picking people up? and every time you die, you wake up on one of these ships, and then have to explain to them what happened, and then ( for medical reasons or whatever) have to be held there for a bunch of hours/minuites?
  8. HOLD THE PHONE! when did revan try to kill the exile? or am i being dumb? man, its really sad that they both failed to top the true Sith. at least weve got a bad ass mmo now, but still. i am in mourning
  9. all great ideas and good points, but would we be able to make those movie cutscene thingys? y'know, like the ebon hawk fly-by in kotor one? Music would be from the other two games, but there'd need to be a decent script writer, no rubbishy cliches, not after the genius of the script in the Sith Lords. Same goes for voice actors. are there, like, official scrpitors for gaming storylines?
  10. the efforts clearly there - but is it neccessary? is the story any good? what do we think?
  11. vrook, he kicks ass. grumpy bastard though, prefer kavar or zhar
  12. im with scales,you jsut cant compare. tbh, t3 is just a reinvention of r2 for the kotor era, which is fine, but kinda means you cant distinguish. id say r2 if forced ( no pun intended) cause he was first
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