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  1. Yes you see it! We are back! And fully recruiting! We are looking for members who have some skill in leadership who we can promote to a high member. Also new members are welcome too, we would love to help you! We are small for now, but we will build up! Only if YOU join! We get more fun if you help us to grow bigger! We give more promotions, events, etc. Our forum isn't active atm too, but like I said above. We need YOU! At the moment we don't have a real server, but there will be one today probably. Untill then, Demonic is hosting us a home server. Everything can be followed on the forums. You can also make the forum active WITHOUT joining the clan. But it will be much appreciated if you joined! YOU WONT REGRET IT! We have a good hosted site. Which you can see here. All the info is on the main page. So if you interesting, take a look at our site. If you want to contact me, Xfire: jordy777 / msn: talon.senatu@gmail.com Kind regards, Commander Talon Senatu / «GL»Talon.S|Cmdr|
  2. Clan/Team Name: Galactic Legion Structural Leadership: [Committee, Democracy, Just Friends, so on, so on] Founder: Talon Senatu Tag: «GL» Accepting Members: Allways Ladder: N/A Type: Clan Alignment: Military Main Game Type: Lugormod Website: http://www.theglclan.co.nr Recruitment/Personal Forum: http://www.theglclan.co.nr/forum Other Contact Info: Xfire: jordy777 msn: talon.senatu@gmail.com Requirements: Good attitude Brief Background: Just revived from inactivity, we are small at the moment but we are trying to build up!
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