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  1. What's the issue with Steam? It's a small and unobtrusive, I have it installed and have never downloaded a game from it yet
  2. Yes the pixels showing are very strange, but when playing on a HDTV an sitting on the couch they are not noticeable. Can't believe they didn't either remove that layer or as least use a good brush filter on them to hide the pixels. However the pixels don't bother me much at al. Maybe if I was playing on my PC they would, but I have to stand up and walk closer to the TV to see them. What bothers me some is the sloppy work on SOME of the backgrounds. Most of the backgrounds look great, but here and there you can see some ugly mistakes. Like the rope in the shop that disappears over the door. Or the top of the mountain behind Meat Hooks house (which is cut off). Most of the sloppy work is in the forest, lot's of bad cut and pasting. Like bad overlaps that don't line up, which can be seen in the image yu posted too. Thing is, most of this could be fixed with very little effort. Not sure how easy it would be for them to release a patch to fix the released versions. On Monday I think I'll start a thread of all the mistakes that need to be fixed. That might help get them to fix them, I mean they are still working on porting it to more platforms, least they can do is fix it before it hits the iPhone PS3 or Wii!
  3. Well at least we can fix some of the sloppiness. After it was pointed out to me, that rope in the shop (that disappears when the door is open) drives me mad! Although for the most part the errors in the background art are really rare, and not too noticeable.
  4. Great, now how do we distribute the modded versions? Without infringing on copyright issue's? Can we just create patches? Or patch packs that need to be used on our own versions?
  5. Very interesting, makes sense though since the audio cues are from the text. The pauses never bothered me but I'll test this. Any chance this causes lines to be said over each other? Like when the Troll says "none shall pass" over himself when you talk to him? Also on the pixels showing under the backgrounds. I have not seen any of that on the 360 version! Now maybe I'm sat far enough away from my screen so I don't notice it, or maybe they exported the images correctly for the Xbox (which admittedly seems unlikely). I'll check tonight.
  6. I'd love it. But the wife is not going to approve of $100 on a statue! lol I got the shirt though
  7. Especially as it seems it's going to be easy for us to hack and create our own perfect version
  8. Look like we are in for some interesting patches Although I wouldn't want to change Guybrush myself. Love him. Cool to fix the Scumm Bar sign (smiley face) and the crappy text on Stan's sign though.
  9. I'm going to paraphrase your points for cleanliness and clarity, then post my opinions of your opinions OK some of these maybe because I'm playing on XBox rather than PC, but for the sake of shared opinion, here is how I feel about your thoughts 1. Your too picky, it looks awesome. 2. Only experienced this a few times not a big deal at all. 3. Only past the three trials so far, but I have not found this to be true at all. 4. Wow, I really disagree with you on most of these points. Love all the voice work! 5. WHAT?! The music is fantastic. 6. Can't speak to PC, but it's great on 360. 7. Again no issue on 360. 8. Could not disagree more. And I know that this is something several of you feel but I have to say I am head over heels for the new Guybrush sprite. Love him, love him love! He is so much more interesting and lovable (lovable dork that is) to me than his Curse or Escape counterparts. He is in fact my favourite thing about the SE And remember this is from the person that hated the cover version of Guybrush so much I created a whole series of wallpapers and posters with a different head. I'm just sorry you are finding so much to spoil your enjoyment of this fantastic release. For me the ONLY issue I have is some of the characters arms look a little stubby and it annoys me a little every now and then. Other than that I am ecstatic about the Special Edition. I love swapping back and forth to compare, I love all the new atmospheric audio, really adds to the feeling of depth to the world. I think the voice acting actually makes several parts funnier than when read. Roll on Monkey Island 2: SE
  10. Very strange, wonder what would cause that. I mean the save file must be tiny (same as in Scumm I would imagine) so even if my 120GB HD is fragmented it shouldn't effect it. But I moved my save to the internal MU and that fixed the issue completely for me.
  11. Don't think so, saw someone else complain on Gfaqs, I might see how it is from my memory card though. Can't defrag 360 HD anyway
  12. Having a strange issue with the XBLA version. It auto saves at intervals, which would be fine but the game freezes while it does it! So you could be mid-conversation with someone and it will freeze to save the game. Which would also not be so bad but it takes like 15 seconds! Spoils gags! Horrible bug if you ask me! Only bad thing I found so far but really annoying, I wish I could turn auto-saves off!!!
  13. Still playing it now, only got home from work 2 hours ago. LOVE IT, think they did a stellar job. I could nit pick a few TINY things on a few sprites but overall I am extremelly happy. Especially the outstanding voice and sound/music work. All the backgrounds look gorgeous to me and despite a few very minor anatomical issue's I love the look of all the characters. Very happy chappy here
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