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  1. Don't take that part of my statement the wrong way, I only meant that I make no presumption on any of your backgrounds or way's of life. It's to easy to read things out of context on the internet.
  2. Gotta back Thunderpeel up here. It's just being inclusive, the fact is those pamphlets are for people of all race. So why should they have all white people on them? And why does having someone of another race = token non-white? Don't know about where you people live but I live in a mixed race community and seeing two white people and a black or Hispanic person, or two non-whites and a white is not a strange thing to see. I don't understand what you have a problem with, and your claim that people would be OK if they were all black is obviously not true because you would be offended. So why exactly are you offended that the pictures MIGHT be trying to be inclusive and accurate to reality and the fact that there is as many non-white people as there are white!? Seems to me the only way you would be happy is if they were all white and had no "token non-white race". Why are you looking at those pictures and thinking "why is there a non-white person there? That must be a token to political correctness?". Seriously ask yourself what mix of race would make you feel it was non racists or not PC? But more to the point WHY THE HELL are we having a race discussion in a Monkey Island thread?!!!
  3. Well I'll be a monkey's uncle. Of course he didn't lol. When I looked at the new sprite I thought that too, probably because the sprite in MI1 looks like he has. And I guess they gave him the skin because his MI1 sprite also looked like he had skin.
  4. It would appear that he does not have one in the SE. Shame, but not a big deal. His sprite looks great IMO (although his arms are a little stubby).
  5. My quick attempt to make him look closer to his in game sprite -
  6. Thanks. Here is a LeChuck in the SE- And the weird iPhone version - Looks like a different face. Different beard shap, different nose, eyes should be mean looking not round holes. Hmmmm.
  7. Well now I see it's officially coming to iPhone I decided to make a better or alternative version for my iPhone wallpaper.
  8. Ah I see this came from LucasArts and they said "For our Monkey fans - an iPhone sized wallpaper. No reason. Wink wink nod nod." So Monkey Island SE is coming to iPhone for sure then. Very nice, another version I'll buy What a weird LeChuck though, doesn't match his in game sprite in the face at all.
  9. 1680x1050 version added, see first post. Also here are two requested (other thread) iPhone versions. This one below is based on someone else's from here. And I'll admit I kinda rushed it and it doesn't look tot great becasue I only had the small resolution version to work with. Head colours don't quite match the BG. Maybe I'll fix later when I have time, but I prefer the above one anyway.
  10. That's cool with the LeCHuck add in, never seen that before. Let me see what I can do
  11. Fantastic! Especially after I fixed the controls by using a 360 controller and Xpadder to map the right stick to the mouse See - http://www.telltalegames.com/forums/showthread.php?p=156089 The first Chapter alone had more funny than Escape! And I already prefer it to Curse! ("I'll sleep when I'm dead! Or later tonight") It was also longer than I expected, the first Episode of Sam and Max was so short that I was worried Tales would be too (although S&M got longer with later episodes). It really felt like a full blown Monkey Island release too, I was worried it would feel like an episodic game, but not in the slightest. Just felt like a real Monkey Island game that I can only play the first Chapter of, for now. Graphics look much better in game than in screen shots too, was very happy with how it looked, although the lip sync could be tighter. Guybrush felt like the same person that was in Monkey 1&2 (a problem I had with Curse was he looked younger than he was in 2). Loved LeChuck's new voice (surprisingly), the HAR HAR HAR kills me! All the voice acting was great. Really enjoyed the puzzles too, maybe a little on the easy side though. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) The only thing that stumped me for a while was the first map puzzle. Didn't realise I had to use the map on the well first. It's such a shame some people are having issue's with the controls because other than that it seems to have been almost universally met with high approval from fans of the series. I'd give this first Chapter an rock solid A. Leaving a little room for further Chapters to exceed this one.
  12. Awesome. Gotta say I CALLED IT! I said it would be $10 and most people said I was wrong.
  13. I had a similar problem in Windows 7. I just went directly to the game installation folder and found the MonkeyIsland101.exe and launched it from there and it worked. Weird! Although it may have been the other things I did first that fixed it - Uninstall the game Install the latest Direct X from here - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=2DA43D38-DB71-4C1B-BC6A-9B6652CD92A3&displaylang=en Reinstall the game UNCHECKING the direct X check and update. Then go directly to C:\Program Files\Telltale Games\Tales of Monkey Island\Launch of the Screaming Narwhal\ and double click MonkeyIsland101.exe That's what worked for me anyway.
  14. I think Elaine is funny. Nothing wrong with her acting to me. Much prefer her to the Escape Elaine. Also I had no problem with the release. It came out the day they promised and was delayed a few hours due to high demand. That's all good in my books! But I understand the frustrations of some. But waiting half a day longer is not a big deal. But since I couldn't play until 9pm anyway and it was up at 7.30pm EST, I had nothing to complain about. I was getting a little worried when I kept checking throughout the day and it still wasn't up, I was just about resigned to waiting another day for it! Fantastic! Love it so much!
  15. WOOT! Almost up, I'll take. Really hope it's out in time for me to play tonight
  16. So, I just got back. Do we know what the problem is yet? Is it a bandwidth issue or some other reason it's not out yet?
  17. Almost everything it's been on, lol. Windows, Linux (PC and PS3), Mac, Xbox, Mobile, PSP, DS, iPhone. I'm sure there are a few more I installed but I don't recall right now. Never installed the Dreamcast version though I was going to, and not worth me installing the Wii version since I already have it on everything else. So a total of 9 that I can remember.
  18. Maybe not, but they never did anything like this before! And they have been showing real love for the classics since he got appointed. This is just another step to reviving these franchises!
  19. Yeah saw it on Mojo. Good to know for sure. Will help fill the wait for part 2 of Tales
  20. It's good to see them caring about the classics again. I like this new president of LA!
  21. Er, great I suppose. I guess this means we can get achievements in the games we have been playing via ScummVM for years. I hope this means more SE's rather than just dumping all the old games to Steam.
  22. Yes, while I would be happy to contribute. It seems pointless to waste time on it when a MI2:SE could be announced in the next 6 months! Let's see how the SE does, if it sells well, we can count on a MI2:SE.
  23. Rhys Darby is AWESOME! Have you seen his stand up!? So funny!
  24. New LeChuck, same Guybrush. Elaine from Curse (better than Elaine from Escape IMO). No confirmation on Stan yet. But one of the devs said and I paraphrase "has there been a Monkey Island without Stan yet?" Which says to me that he's gonna be in there. It wouldn't be right if he wasn't.
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