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  1. Lol, yeah, too busy to finish mine (still at work at 7pm) but here is my early work in progress (as posted in the other thread). Only about 20 mins on this. I think my beard and face is better, but my coat needs some work.
  2. I like the posture of the SE sprite, but I changed my versions posture to more resemble the original MI2 posture. As in he's stood straighter. irishmile: Will do, as soon as I have time.
  3. Damn you, been too swamped at work to finish mine first! I'll try and finish mine later in the week when I have some time. EDIT: Here is my super early version, had only spent 20 mins on it so far. My coat is very early and the hair needed some more detail. But since it may be days until I can finish it, here it is. Also my coat was going to be longer than yours.
  4. My pleasure buddy. Although you may have to give me a few days. Swamped at work
  5. I would gladly pay again for a boxed version, as long as it doesn't use that horrible version of Guybrush for the cover!
  6. Much better, as beautiful as Curse is, I still dislike Guybrush in that game. I just find it hard to see him as the same guy that was in the first 2 games. Love the voice work though. I'm working on my LeChuck's Revenge Special Edition Guybrush sprite Looking great but I'm really too busy at work to finish him right now
  7. This is all unnecessary speculation IMO. Chances are that a MI2:SE will get made, so no need for us all to embark on the massive task of a fan made version. Also most fan made projects of this kind are never completed.
  8. I would bet that it comes to the PS3 eventually. I expect Telltale to bring some love to Sony's platform soon too. I'll probably buy it for PC too. Especially if they did a boxed version. That would be hot.
  9. I'd gladly help on MI2:SE too, but ONLY if they say they will not make one. And that will ONLY happen if both Tales and SE don't do very well. If either is a hit, then I would bet cold hard cash that MI2:SE is a cert. I'm working on a mock up of what Guybrush would look like in MI2:SE
  10. I hear you on that, and I agree more so in 2. But with so many references to how dorky h looks in one, the SE sprite really seems to fit to me.
  11. Well that could be funny. But technology has come a long way since the old robo calls, they can do it pretty seamlessly now, especially ina song format where it is always sang the same way for each section.
  12. This is great, but isn't he a little too cool? Guybrush is supposed to be a dork. That's why I love the SE version of him.
  13. More evidence that we all need to buy more than one copy! From talesofmi.net :- Greg Howson, of The Guardian’s Games blog, recently got the chance to sit down with Craig Derrick, SMI:SE producer, and ask him some questions. That has resulted in this interview. Asked if LeChuck’s Revenge may get a special edition, Craig answers: So you know what to do, buy the game! And that should be made a bit easier soon, since Craig Derrick reveals that LucasArts ‘may have another platform announcement to make very, very soon’. Could this be… Monkey Island on iPhone? We’ll see. Meanwhile, read the interview. * That's us Link to interview
  14. No way, I will be shocked if it's $20. Although now I think about it, $15 is more likely that 10. Take a look at this list of game prices for an idea - http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/showthread.php?t=21978 800 = $10 1200 = $15 1600 = $20 Sensible World of Soccer was $10, Worms was $5, S Street Fighter II HD (received a comparable upgrade) was $15. Even Portal was only $15. So I would be shocked if they tried to charge $20 for it. I'd still happily pay it though, but I'd buy less gift copies.
  15. Don't you dare say anything like that ever again!!
  16. 1. I' sure a creative solution could overcome this. Like when they have a computer phone say a long number, for instance he only needs to record "seven thousand", once for all the seven thousands and then he records "nine hundred" once and that can be used with all the 6,5,4,3,2 an 1 thousands for instance. Not as many lines need to be recorded as you think. 2. Who Dominic? Your damn right he'd do them all, he's such a hard core Monkey Island fan, he was considering doing full voice overs for the FAN remake of Monkey 1!
  17. With a mind to helping MI2:SE get made, I know I will probably buy at least three copies and gift 2 to friends that never played but probably wouldn't but it themselves. Since it will probably be $10 and I'd happily pay $20 an another $30 for MI2:SE. I'll buy a multiple happily.
  18. Yeah crazy, I read that too and was like, "Wow, even I don't want to see anymore until I can play it now!" Who was that for? Anyone who hasn't played is spoiling and those of us that have played through a bunch of times really don't need to see anymore. 1UP are listing the release date at the 15th of July now. A week after the first Tales. Little later than I expected (expected this week), but soon enough I guess. Especially with Tales so soon now. Guess they want to ride off the likely good press for Tales, which will no doubt get more press than the SE.
  19. Strange how so many dislike the sprite. I really really love it! As I have said elsewhere, my second favourite Guybrush look by far! For me 1. MI2:LR - Bearded Guybrush with cool coat (The jokes about his lame beard!). 2. MI:SE - Such a lovable dork! (Which supports the dialogue more than the original sprite). 3. Tales of MI - Looks like MI2 Guybrush all grown up (Unlike the Curse GB, that still doesn't feel like GB to me). 4. Original Secret of MI - Original Guybrush (How I first knew him). 5..... Bog drop off and then, Curse of MI - (Love Domics voice, but still not keen on the look, just does not look they the same Guybrush from MI2). 6. Escape - He has his coat at least. I just hate the idiotic Bill & Ted poster version.
  20. Personally I don't think Thunderpeel attacks anyone, and we have disagreed on some things. I think it's just an issue with message boards not capturing the tone of a post so a negative attitude can be incorrectly inferred. Probably the root of 99% of flame wars. lol. I also agree, love the huge moon
  21. Yeah this is true, but I think most of us here are so well versed in Monkey Island minutia that this wont effect us. Plus anyone worried about spoiling can wait until after they finish it to come back to this thread. Then it will be like a DVD extra
  22. LOL, maybe. But in a comparison study nit picking at differences is inevitable. Although I have to say nit pick I might, but overall all my posts have been of a positive opinion towards the Special Edition.
  23. Yeah I was working with that image a little while ago for the Guybrush walk above. Seems that the mapped floor is too high on the whole background and a huge stroke of unfortunate luck exposes that for the worse by the lowest section of the bridge being the part where Elaine stands! Or more accurately, when they redrew the bridge with the awesome warping, they accidentally allowed it to go lower than the original bridge, DOH! Easily fixed by moving the background a little higher. Wonder if it will be fixed in time for release? Hope so.
  24. Well it's a little long and complex, but essentially when I over over to the I could not bring all my belongings. So a lot was left in my old house with the intention of getting it later, my mother and sister were the ones that went through all that stuff and despite my express instruction to get all my stuff and keep it safe, a lot of things like that were lost. Lost all sorts of cools stuff, Gamegear, Amiga 500 framed artwork of mine. Really sucks, makes me pretty sad.... thanks for bringing it up
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