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  1. I was overall impressed what really bugged me is how little damage a character takes,especially against the Jedi Knight :/
  2. Not true. I found DDO combat both difficult to control and extreamly slow and boring. Wow was essentially press certain buttons in the same order over and over again... From what I have always understood the combat of TOR will be choreographed so that lightsabers parry ect; blaster bolts are reflected and basiclly the combat is more realsitic to watch movement wise. Whatever they actually do with the comabt I probably wont like it that much (unless its alot more like Kotor then I think it will be) but thats not what attracts me to the game.
  3. I hated DDO BECAUSE of that. Then again I hated WoW repetitive combat
  4. In an rpg this seems rediculous tbh, even in fprpgs not all of the cotnrol is up to the mouse and the game does a little fudging (IM LOOKINg AT YOU FALLOUT 3) combat prowess would come down to the player skill in fps' not to there build of character.
  5. Bleach, naruto, Death Note, Dragonball Kai, This Beautiful Yet Ugly World
  6. Fixed it. The games isn't a sequel it's standalone. The cinematic trailer is a cinematic trailer and people stupidity is not Biowares fault. On the note of everything being Canon, players seem to be juut part of the army with quests and major events more likely being mentioned instead of specific player characters. And your in no way shape or form the only person alive who absolutely hates the idea behind this game.
  7. I hope we dont get talent trees, I really do. WoW talnt tress just seemd so stupid, id rather soemthing mroe akin to kotor with feats and unique abbilities. Chosen feats allowing you you to specialize ect.
  8. Sounds liek you had a hard time. And yeh there is no shame in taking a few hits, often ill jsut let someone go after they hit me cause it didnt hurt. I'm actually quite well known now for my super pain toelrance (i put my hand in a fire to save my freind mobile that a bully had thrown into bonfire, burn alot of skin off but it didnt really hurt. but there are times when my stupid sense of pride and dumb bravery gets i nthe way, ive been in gang fights hit with metal polls had a chair broken on me been threated with knives. All of these time I probably did the wrong thing, so In a way I geuss I do stand up for people and fight back for a reson. This feeling of pure adrenaline punmping through me is like cocaine to me... my own personal brand of heroine. And a dangerous one. And I geuss Ihave to say, I'm glad there are pople who have experiance what I have and turned out good.
  9. I just started playing Prototype for the PC, its preatty sweet... But still not a game I'd rather paly on a console I don't own ^^
  10. I've had fammily and freinds move up there and then come back to tell me of some not so good experiances they had up there with the locals thats all...
  11. ^ True_Avery, You are very interesting, and I enjoyed reading your post, and I actually understand your points. Especially about "Evil" and Insanity... I really don't know what mroe to say tbh.
  12. Why shouldnt we be allwoed to gain lightsaber training?
  13. Correction here in the Uk we no longer have King's Biting Month, instead its queens mating month... I really do not want to explain that one. To the OP, I live in theu k since birth. But no where near Bradford... in fact Bradford seems like a poor choice for university/taste of uk...
  14. There are lot of cases that I would agree with you, where there are much better non violent aproaches to a situation. However wafter being mugeed sevral times at school, been attacked by over twenty people and some of which where recorded beating I have to say, after reporting this to the police (who shrug there shoulders and say its nothing to do with them), and then the school who punish me for self defence and dont discipline the bullies, bullying is not one of these times that dioplomacy will work. So yeh I fight back, I wouldn't say that lowers em down to there level, its not like im verbally and physically torturing them shut a few punches here and there to get them to back off, and if I see someone else ahving a hard time from bullies I go help them. And yes maybe the [peopel arnt "Evil" but there actions sure are. And school kids act evil alot.
  15. Tempted as I am to comment on the rest fo your post I know I'll jsut start ranting about my own life. But this, I had to comment on. Can I buy you a beer? For the past five years I endured a great deal of bullying, Ive been stuck in gang fights with me being the only target, i've been kicked in, sent to hospital ect. Your reaction, and what my exact reaction now (over these past five years especially in the last I have gained alot of musle and pain resistance) is what i'd like to see more. bravo!
  16. You wanted to suck at shooting and die in one hit? Im gonna be a Jedi, a Sith, a Bounty Hunter, a Smuggler... all of the classes I will be all of them!
  17. Well of course I know there nto evil, but I keep having freak nightmares of finding ym girl freind covered in them unable to screams as their stinging her all voer in her mouth crawling udner eye lids *shudders*. So for now there evil, until I can shake these freaky dreams. Of the two of us my girlfreind si mroe effected in the day, she gets a bit freaked by any form of buzzing flying thing especially when its been sunny past couple days here. Me its at ngiht in my own head my new found fear of wasps come out. In the end it really sucked the fun out of what was going to be an awesome day doing a charity walk eating ice cream. But i never wanna hear her scream that loud again, could curdle blood i swear!
  18. Probably are embarassed to know him. His anti-game preaching has caused me countless problems with my parents... I really do hope they taking him down... all the way.
  19. Sunday me and my girl freind where attacked by an entire enst of wasps, receiving a number of stigns allover our bodies. This is mainly a warnign to any who live near woods ect, with the coming summers watch where you tread while you walk or you to will end up in the emergency room watching scars and other parts of your body turn an unatural blotchy color with swelling...
  20. He threatend our community I think he should be jailed. But in all honesty, I thought he had given up...
  21. Name: Jay-Nin Sinto Species: Kiffar Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual. Homeworld: Kiffex Affiliation: The Republic Title: Jedi Knight, Exile Weapon: Yellow Lightsaber DOB: 90 ABY Description: At first glance, many would believe Jay-Nin to be one of human descent, his features like all of his race human in nature, with only difference being the tatoos that cover their faces. A further insepction however would reveal Jay-Nin is infact a Kiffar, what is left of his fammilies tatoo visible amongst the myriad of scars that cover his once handsome face. Roughly 5’7” in height the young Kiffar is strognly built from years of training to keep his body in tip top shape, his skin is tanned olive, hair shoudler length and eyes green like emerald stones, all of which is loosley wrapped in a set of plain gray robes with a two lightsabers at his belt. Fall to the Darkside Born 90 ABY, Jay-Nin was born to the Sinto fammily, adopted the tatoos of his mother as custom. At a young age Jay-Nin was one of many young hopefuls snapped up by the Jedi Order to be trained in the ways of the Jedi said to have storng conenction to the force. As a young padwan the Kiffar was very interested in the ancient hsitory of both the Jedi and Sith Order and studied day and night the tales of Jedi Master and Sith Lords. Though many warned him that his curiosity could be his dfown fall Jay-Nin never listened forhis hunger for knowledge and eventually power deafended him to the advice of his masters. Rising to the rank of Jedi Knight at an early age Hay-Nin soon became known for his encyclopedic knowledge of the force traditions of the galaxy, with his main focus being the Jedi and Sith order. Then it happened during 107 ABY Jay-Nin discovered a ritual in ancient texture fo unknown origins that would essentially turn the user into a living vessel of the force, such a person would go beyond their physical being and be able to manipualte the force through all things even another person body. Not knowign the path he was walkiing on Jay-Nin stopped at ntohing to get the things he needed to complete the ritaul requiring twenty one individuals including himself to perform the incantations, Jay-Nin threated and manipulated those who he had grown up with while keeping his knowledge and preparation far from the eyes of Jedi Masters, he chose those of his freind who he knew where loyal to him and would seek himout for help in there training. Finanly the rituals was cast, and Jay-Nin’s nature was revealed, his freidn turned against him at the ritauls end realsiing that their conenction to the force had been diminished so that Jay-Nin could better control the force, though the ritual had not be wholey succesful, a fight broke out in which Jay-Nin slaughtered his realising only as they lay dead by his hand that he had fallen so far. Recent History Three years ago, Jay-Nin would have dressed in the robes of a Jedi Knight, but after his fall to the dark side and not long after redemption it was still decreed he was to danegrous to remain a Jedi Knight and so was cast from the order. In the past three years Jay-Nin has traveled the galaxy, staying out of current events and instead following his own path, he has taken on many aliases, only in the last year of his travels he took on the alias of “The Teacher” and settled down in a small nameless system in the outer rim. This system was known for its storms and the hard work required to live on it’s surface. Taking up residence in one of the planets only settlement “The Teacher” as Jay-Nin was now called took on many children who where force sensitive training them to control their abbilties and teaching them about the force. At the end of a year of teaching these children hwoever eh left behind all that the Jedi had tought him in a series of datapads knowing that the children knew enough to teach themselves, in such a small group of twenty, Jay-Nin knew that where the Jedi had missed this system, the good of the Jedi would now be there.
  22. Yeh, I watched the presentation awhile ago. It looks excellent, I also signed up to beta test when it becomes avalauible to small amount of people. My hope is ti will allow me to increase my productivity.
  23. Maybe they just haven't mentioned parts of the TSL plot because it isn't all that necessary. I do recall someone saying that all the Exile had done would be forgotten.
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