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  1. Hey, Purifier, remember when I said a while ago I could start a blog about my thoughts on Philosophy?

    Well, you've motivated me to go ahead and do it, and I've started it up.

    The first is a bit short, but I think I will go into greater detail later on about it.

  2. It's a 300 reference, because you reached 300 posts.

  3. THIS




  4. By the way, I meant it when I said that was the best Mando Avatar I'd ever seen in the Avatar/Signature above you thread.

  5. Thought I would have felt the same?

    Why so?

    I am however curious as to what it's saying.

    I mean, there's no way you can read lips from an anime like that, so I'm left just guessing at what she is looking at, why she looks annoyed in the last bit, and why she's presumably naked.

  6. Calling yourself the 'forum mum' in your custom title.

  7. Somehow Mamma leXX doesn't sound as catchy as Mamma Jae does.

  8. I'm gonna have to refuse your offer. While I enjoy helping people, there's no way I can draw.

  9. What a wonderfully kidfriendly avatar.

    Oh wait a minute...

  10. Excuse me, but did you refer to lynk former as 'the idiot who changed it's name'?

    Not a good idea to call a Mod an idiot.

  11. To tell the truth, I don't know. I was just messin' around with my settings and I saw the option to set it.

    Why'd you think my title was 'Wait a minute, I can change this?'?

    I think it might be because I'm helping with Lucascast, but nobody told me anything about it, so I dunno.

    Also, since you worded it the way you did, I KISSED THE ASS OF SPARTA!

  12. The Beanfather is a man of respect, but he is also a man that does NOT ask for his breakfast machine twice.

  13. Ok, what's your skype name, I've got it ready now.

  14. Yep, the very coolest one of them all (Aran Ryan), mostly because he's insane and delivers the funniest facial expressions in a game I've ever seen, followed up by Disco Kid and Glass Joe.

  15. Looks like you mades dem satan numbers right dur.

  16. Find Yodobama crazy, you do?

  17. Oh Jae, you never fail to amuse me when you close down a stupid thread with some witty message.

  18. Re: leaked info on ToR


    Dude, I don't think I can forgive you for that.

    You should feel bad for that.

  19. Your liking of Dr. Pepper has earned respect points from me.o_Q

  20. I love you too, you chakaar.

    Nah I'm just kidding.

  21. You know you love it.

  22. Yeeeeessss....

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