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  1. Well, with holographic pole dancers, you can ensure nobody will violate the 'No Touching' rule.
  2. ^Wait, the jackass party stopped ruling the country?
  3. ^Changes avatars much less frequently than I do. Also yes, I am free of the wish to reach 1,000 posts now.
  4. ^Just five more posts before he hit's the 2000..
  5. ^Does not look at all like a baby. Well maybe a very ugly one...
  6. ^Better keep your computer far away from the paintball shots. Also, is it really that simple? Seems like it'd be a little bit advanced. Also also, the video was a song I found and thought was cool, it's pretty much left over from my last avatar thing.
  7. ^Actually it doesn't surprise me you didn't get it, hell, I doubt anyone on this forum will. Tobias Reiper is the fake name Agent 47 uses in the first hitman game when he's trying to sneak in the hotel, to kill that one chinese guy whose name I can't remember and rescue the CIA agent, which is also why when I first got here I used hitman avatars, before moving on to different ones. Oh yeah, and you only hear it if you talk to said Bartender twice. I know, it's the most obscure reference evar, but it's not like I can change it now, what with everyone that's seen me around knowing me as it. Besides, I like the abbreviation people usually call me by, TR.
  8. ^His avatar is ani'latoon, and I wish he'd make a tutorial on how he did that. Most of you probably don't understand what I just said, but I know he does.
  9. ^In secrecy, yet has no reason to be in it. Also I think I've traded up people saying something about Lemons to fat bastard every time they comment on my avatar.
  10. I been here for a while now, so I might as well just put this here. I came here looking to see progress threads for mods, or to get mods, mainly for KotOR. Eventually I saw a thread in the Cantina while I was scrolling down the list of forums in the KotOR section and decided to check it out. I've been here ever since.
  11. ^I may forget faces, but there is no way I'll ever forget a chin like that.
  12. By the way, I meant it when I said that was the best Mando Avatar I'd ever seen in the Avatar/Signature above you thread.

  13. Mr.Was, a book I cannot describe yet highly recommend.
  14. ^I hope I'm not the only one who thinks it would be awesome if Darth Vader hijacked Airspeeders, GTA style.
  15. *Stares at clock* It's interesting but I don't think I'd go out to buy o-Yes master. I exist to do whatever you command, master.
  16. ^(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  17. ^How about instead of minding MY business I mind YOURS?
  18. ^Isn't leaving Kashyyyk. Ever. Also, http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Clone_Trooper.
  19. ^Last time I checked, stabbing people in the chest from behind with a Machete is rather rude.
  20. I musk ask:Is this thing actually sold in DVD form? I'm not saying it's bad, but I just can't imagine it selling as a DVD without getting sued by George.
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