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  1. ^Unlike me, knows how to get website links to say certain things, instead of just 'Notalwaysright.com' A Commando is a type of Clone Trooper.
  2. ^Confused about the difference between a Clone Trooper and a Bounty Hunter.
  3. TBH, I'm pretty sure if they did a TV show, it'd be almost just like Clone Wars, and the rest just seem like bad ideas, or at least, all of them except the game one. So I say game.
  4. ^30GB Star Wars Viking DC Comics Listener. How awesome would that be?
  5. ^That has to be The. Best. Mando. Avatar. I've ever seen.
  6. Happy Birthday, man. What did ya get today?
  7. I don't really care whether or not Pr0n is bad or violent games are bad for kids, because they (the kids) obviously don't, and it's futile to try and stop 'em. Most kids these days delve into sex anyway, so I don't think watching it really matters at that point, and if a kid's mom won't let him play an M rated game, chances are his friend already has it and they view it anyway.
  8. ^"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to rap song, rap song lead to kids acting like idiots."
  9. ^Why is Darth Bane looking at the side of my computer screen with an angry face?
  10. Not terrifying. At least I get to go out just how I want to: By punching the person who said that in the face as hard as I can and then doing a dance while singing a song from some punk irish band. The entire cast of lucascast - including me, dammit - singing your most hated song for the next episode over and over. And when you try to exit out of the window it won't close. Or pause. And your computer button won't work either.
  11. Neutral idea. Building a device that when used will wipe out all JRPG's in the world. You'd probably end up singing 'Alkonium' the entire damn song.
  12. I've been thinking, and what is it that made them wait for another few hundred years until they went to the galaxy? Did Revan kick so much sith boot-ay before he went out that they had to rebuild it?
  13. Good Idea: The ensuing lulz will be worth losing a friend. Going on a 30 day mcdonald's only eating binge Super Size Me Documentary style.
  14. But he asked me to, in a polite manner! Tell me a story.
  15. ^Bane dis-approves of that side of the web page.
  16. Granted, but now a part of your back that you can't reach starts to itch. I wish TOR was coming out tomorrow.
  17. ^Let me get this straight:You read comic books, but listen to rap. You love Star Wars, but you are a football fan. What are you? Are you the most gangsta and jock-like nerd on the planet?
  18. Because they're immature. Also, in response to your post: Actually, I'm not an eminem fanboy, actually, I don't really like rap. At all. Urluckyday does though. Anyway: Why are you here on Lucasforums?
  19. ^Ah, that signature. It led me to a website containing stories that have given me lulz, sadness, happiness, and a quite large desire to be witness to these events.
  20. Good idea so long as those three R's aren't Rap, Rape, and Rank. Sleeping in the Taun Taun for the night with Luke to keep from dying of cold.
  21. ^He may think the whole time traveling thing is cool, but Dr Dolittle can talk to animals! Top that!
  22. So is almost every other game. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  23. Granted, but then you did it. I wish I could color my user title like they apparently did in the old days of lucasforums. I want my dark green
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