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  1. maybe try that compatibility mode (right-click -> properties -> ...)
  2. At last! Thanks a lot! I've read into the first chapter and I'm now planning to order me a printed copy from bod.de (they offer stitched-binding for hardcover books), but the bitmaps in the pdf are very low-res. Is it possible to increase the resolution?
  3. you got a point there ... but whipwarrior, why not make an non-public, elitist printed edition?
  4. sure, one week more or less won't kill us ... any plans on publishing it on some self-publishing/printing service?
  5. The wait is over? Yay!!!! Oh, I guess, we'll have to wait a week.
  6. crude mix-up of variations of the Monkey Island™ Theme featuring MT-32, PC speaker and Amiga versions ...
  7. this is a great soundtrack album. congrats!
  8. sinus


    Great. Now I have to see it.
  9. it's not that you just made a playlist, you re-uploaded a new video file.
  10. Although I'm not that fond of this game, I "made" this little 13-minutes EP of CD quality music without sound effects. More info and download after clicking the image.
  11. well you have to buy the european dvd to get it (i did). It's a shame you cannot buy it on its own ...
  12. Well if that's true ... HAVE to check that out. Thanks for the Info.
  13. No, not exactly... The PC speaker music version had some faults which required some editing. ("Guybrush & Elaine" still is not quite right). LeChuck's Theme would be repeated endlessly as long as those "Meanwhile..." sequences would run ... I could have done a fade-out like I did with some other tracks. But at the beginning of part 3 (delivery of the crate with Guybrush in it) the music ends like you hear it in the final version. I decided to go for that instead of offering two versions. And of course you can hear the theme at the end of the End Titles with a fade-out ...
  14. see here for a new, better font: http://ptless.org/sfomi.html
  15. The cover art for my “Monkey Island 2 EP” made it necessary to turn the character sets of the first two Monkey Island games into usable fonts. There was an attempt by someone else years ago but that font sadly even missed some standard latin characters. So now there finally is a complete, correct and usable set of the Monkey Island dialogue font. The result can be downloaded from my site ...
  16. Following last year's release of “The Secret of Monkey Island - monophony EP” there were some people wishing for a PC speaker music album to its sequel, “LeChuck's Revenge”. Now, after some months of promising I'm finally able to say: Yup, it's there! Click the image to learn more and download. Those unwilling or unable to use the BitTorrent system, may download it directly from my server after requesting a link. Have “fun”!
  17. Tomáš Dvořák ~ Machinarium (expansion set) With the approval of the composer I present you an expansion set for the Machinarium soundtrack. Visit my website for more information ...
  18. Here's a little custom cover for the Special Edition Collection soundtracks ... By clicking the image you'll get a version with higher resolution (~ 220 dpi).
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