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  1. Hehe ok, just wondering about your nichts zu danken at Ulmont's page :D

  2. Not fluently. I only know a few words. Really just danke, ja, and nein. No, not fluently at all.

  3. Did I ever actually do that? I can't remember...

  4. Hey! When was the last time you were on here? I check this site every day out of sheer habit. And post occasionally. Been doing more of that lately... *clears throat* Anyway, HI! :waive1:





    :sign2:~KG~ :devsmoke:


    ((^I'm trying out a new signature, you like? :p))

  5. Nichts zu danken.

  6. Happy b-day! 18th according to your profile. As I am Dark Side: May you have many cookies!!!


    @Below: Really? I don't recall such a thing... Bah, if you remember a LordDeathRay, Ulmont, that would be him.

  7. :rofl:







  8. Hey, LDR, what was your thought process when choosing the name LordDeathRay? Did you just feel like being the Lord of all Death Rays? 'Cause I've always thought of you as some kind of dark manta ray for some strange reason. *sigh* Oh, what horrors that spawn from my subconscious! *shudders*

  9. That was good turkey. :p

  10. Happy Turkey Day!

  11. Hi! Thanks for working out my "uncooperative" file. I can open .7z files just fine, but I can't DL the file. :) Can you maybe send me another link or something? Thanks

  12. That doesn't exist if you manage to keep the Sith uniforms on Taris (or in any other Sith uniform mod), so no.

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