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  1. Well, always nice to see new modders. I hope you succeed in your endeavors. Good luck and all that jazz. ~KG~
  2. Hehe ok, just wondering about your nichts zu danken at Ulmont's page :D

  3. Not fluently. I only know a few words. Really just danke, ja, and nein. No, not fluently at all.

  4. Did I ever actually do that? I can't remember...

  5. Hey! When was the last time you were on here? I check this site every day out of sheer habit. And post occasionally. Been doing more of that lately... *clears throat* Anyway, HI! :waive1:





    :sign2:~KG~ :devsmoke:


    ((^I'm trying out a new signature, you like? :p))

  6. I concur. I am enjoying this debate very much. Carry on. Love(HAHA-no...), ~KG~
  7. Hmm... You did make a hood mod for TSL, so I figured that is was you who had started to make one for the original KotOR. Never finished, mind you. But someone was, at any rate. I just...can't...remember... *pouts* Love(HAHA-no...), ~KG~
  8. You're welcome. Love(HAHA-no...), ~KG~ PS, "thanks you?" Really? Get rid of that "s" and then we'll talk.
  9. The main problem with elongating the robe-tail...thingies, is that it lack the proper animation(or any animation, really) of a proper flowing robe. I do recall, however, someone working on a hood mod for the original KotOR. I remember testing it and finding the hood model was at least triple the size of the head and pretty much floating around it. I do not recall who was making it though... I think it may have been Canderis. At any rate, what you are looking for would require going through both models(male/female) and both elongating the "tails" and animating them, which is a long and, so I'm told, a rather difficult procedure. Unless, of course, you'd rather have a couple of stiff boards sticking out behind your shebs. It may not be what you wanted to hear, but that ain't my problem. Love(HAHA-no...), ~KG~
  10. This mod makes Naga Sadow a playable head in TSL. That's the only one that adds the actual sith species to either game that I know of.
  11. I said it would "likely not work." Meaning that there was a chance of it working. I read the review and even quoted the relevant piece. Perhaps I did not word my statement correctly, I had assumed that I had been clear. Perhaps not.
  12. As you can see, the mod Lord Dagron posted is, in fact, for TSL, and as such will likely not work in the original KotOR. EDIT: I should also point out that the Sith soldiers use separate types of blaster rifles throughout game play. For example, the Sith Sniper Rifle that you can buy at the Equipment Emporium on Taris is not actually used by many of the Sith on Taris. Those Sith carry a Blaster Carbine. Some Sith soldiers will carry a light repeater rifle. And, of course, the Heavy Troopers will lug around a big heavy repeater rifle. So to replace all the Sith rifles you would first need a working model and uti file, then you would need to go into all of the sith soldier utc files and replace their weapons inventory slot. There might be another way, but I don't have a clue what that might be.
  13. I should. I'll check. EDIT: When I vent the toxin, the game crashed as soon as the cutscene finished. Tried again and got the same result. Oh, woe is me.
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