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  1. Actually... Dak gave me the go-ahead to release the IG-88 by itself. I'll have permission restrictions though. But I give you the go-ahead. I'll email the files to you. But don't give out any files, Okay?

  2. Galaar? I need to verify something with LDR...

  3. I could help with your saber mod. I'll do the models and texturing. As soon as I figure out how to successfully pivot the sabers... >_>


    I will do the TSL patcher if you need me to. :)

  4. 0.o


    Funny... Belligerent is the word my mother uses to describe me sometimes... :p


    Now then... >_>


    Hasta la BYE-BYE!!!

  5. Okay. I've never made a new color crystal... So I don't know what to do.

  6. Is it a color crystal? Or an upgrade crystal?

  7. Oh... I believe sabercrystals require baseitem.2da editing... I thought you were making a sword.

  8. You typed g_w_banehrt in the box beside Template ResRef and in the box beside Tag before you saved it, right? And... You tried to make it a saber crystal, or am I not understanding...?

  9. Uh... If you put the extra feats in the properties, then in-game they'll be there without you putting them on the description. :)

  10. Instead of "w_melee_05" go down to "g_w_vbroshort01"... Sorry about that.

  11. Ah aha. I can help with that. Simply go into your KotOR Tool, then open the tab of whichever game this sword will be in, then open the tab "BIF"s, open the tab "Templates.bif", open the tab "Blueprint, Item", scroll down until you find "w_melee_05", double-click it, in the type-box beside "Template ResRef" type something like "w_mystrblade_01", type the same thing in the type-box directly under that, then click the tab "Properties" at the top, double-click on the star by the white boxes, and put your properties in, such as attack bonus or damage bonus, or something like that... Once you've added your properties, click on the tab "Description" at the top, Type in "Mysterious Blade" under "Name". Then type in your description under "Identified Description". Then save as "w_mystrblade_01.uti" be sure to type uti after the file name!


    EDIT: KotOR 1??? Oh... Instead of "w_melee_05" go down to "g_w_vbroshort01"... Sorry about that.

  12. Can you tell me what exactly you're trying to do? And what you've done so far?

  13. Have you seen this tutorial?

  14. Welcome to Lucas Forums, and to the modding scene. If you have questions, feel free to ask. :)

  15. Want to continue the conversation on Galaar?

  16. 0.o


    Is there a way to put an ascii.mdl into an .mdl and .mdx with mdlops?

  17. Uhh... Mask and hood can go, as well.

  18. 'Ello. Are you a professional dancer Super Model ice skater hockey player drug dealer It's late, I'm confused, good night...

  19. gesundheit... lolz

  20. Did you get my PM?

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