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  1. Hmm, I've seen a lot of good arguments and statements around here... Let me give you my view on this topic. I think, that Kreia's "Killing of the Force" was just another pretext to get revange on those who betrayed and wounded her. As she stated to the Exile on Malachor "From the moment you awoke I had used you..." moment, she said that she used the Exile to reveal those who wounded her, so they could be killed by the Republic. Basically, this means she wished to undo the evil she created, with the Sith Triumvirate. As was also stated, Kreia orchestrated the entire journey of the Exile, simply to let the Sith Triumvirate collapse on itself. The problem however, was that she needed someone more powerful than the others, and that is where the "wound in the Force" steps in. Kreia knows that the Exile is similair to Nihilus. Nihilus threatens to destroy the entire galaxy, so Kreia needs someone as strong as him, to defeat him. That would be the Exile, since often the Exile has been compared to Nihilus. Also, for the death of Sion, Kreia needed someone who could easily erode someone's will, and influance their actions. Sion could only die, if he allowed death to come to him. Since he was very stubborn and did not wish to die, Kreia needed the Exile, the one who formed bonds with others so easily, to erode his will and wish to stay alive. So, why would Kreia want to undo something that she created? Perhaps guilt, or the need to set things right before her death? Often one can see, that when someone has done something or created something, and at first one is very happy and enthusiastic about it, but later he or she realizes it isn't that fantastic at all, and wishes to get rid of it. Since the Triumvirate was something big, almost impossible to get rid off, Kreia needed to pull all different kind of factors into her plan... The Republic, the Jedi etc. Kreia however, didn't create the Sith Triumvirate. It has been there, already since Revan arose to power. One could say, that he was the actual father of the Sith Triumvirate. Unfortunately, the Sith that came after Revan, did not understand what Revan's Sith Triumvirate meant, whereas Kreia did. Both Revan and Kreia knew, that the Republic was a factor that could not be removed, or else the entire system in the galaxy would fall apart, and chaos would dominate everywhere. That is also, I presume, why Revan never really waged war against the Republic, but the Jedi. But returning to the Triumvirate, so with Revan being the actual "father" of it, Kreia might have felt responisble for it's creation, since she was the one to train Revan, and perhaps (unwillignly) planted the idea of such an organisation in his head. Revan did not inted to kill the Jedi however, yet simply convert them to his cause... Mark my choice of words: his cause... not the cause of the Dark Side. Revan never intended for the Dark Side to dominate the galaxy. He only sought to protect and arm the galaxy, against the threat that lurked in the Unknown Regions: The Sith Emperor and his Sith Empire, the true Sith Empire. The Sith after Revan, completely changed the Triumvirate's ideals. Fueled by their hate towards the Jedi, they started exterminating them, whereas Revan never intended such a thing to happen. Kreia, was one of those Sith who got corrupted by their hate and sough to kill the Jedi as well. Still, at the moment of her being exiled, for the second time, she realized again what Revan's true intention was, and got ashamed of what she proceeded after him. It would seem to me then, that Kreia simply wished to undo the evil she had created, for it would make the Republic (and therefore also the galaxy) fall. There is one thing I wish to point out as well, about the Exile's bond. So, we all know that their bond is lethal. Kreia's hand got cut off, Exile felt it as well. Kreia stabs herself (In the restored content mod) with a lightsaber, Exile falls on the ground because she felt it as well. Okay, so it would have been more than logical, that the Exile would have died on Malachor V, after she said "Rest now, Kreia... Your time in this place is over...". Still, what if Kreia managed to seperate the bond between them, with her fall to the Dark Side? Notice how her outside feelings towards the Exile change, after she revealed her true identity as Darth Traya. Traya seeks to kill the Exile, whereas Kreia protected her from the Jedi Masters. Notice my choice of words again... Traya sought to kill the Exile, not Kreia. To me it would seem, that Kreia and Traya, are again both the same and also two different characters. What if Kreia killed herself (methaporically) when she "betrayed" the Exile after the meeting with the Jedi Masters? It would mean that Kreia already had died, and therefore, the bond died along with her. Traya was completely another person, and therefore there was no bond between the Exile and Traya, only a bond between Kreia and the Exile. This is at least my perspective. Sometimes I do wonder why people hate Kreia/Traya so much. I must admit that I learned a lot from her (things that can be used in the REAL WORLD). I always loved her character, and that diabolical but also loving part of her. She hated everyone around her, except for the Exile, who she loved and praised. Curious, is it not?
  2. Hiya! Recently I found on youtube this vid: I really lolled! This song is now one of my favorites XD Still, it made me think... did Kreia have special feelings for the Exile? Like a mother for a daughter, or maybe a lover to a lover? What are your toughts on it?
  3. Hi there, I wanted to inform you the fourth chapter of "The Shadow Empire" has been released :D

  4. The third chapter has been released :)

  5. Probably today or tomorrow. I didn't have much time lately.

  6. when are you going to release the third chapter for the shadow empire fic.

  7. I read, very nice.

  8. The first chapter has been placed, you may read it if you want :)

  9. I am looking forward to it. :)

  10. Thanks :)

    I hope you have also read the prologue of "The Shadow Empire". Today I'll post the first chapter.

  11. Nice fan fic. :thumsup:

  12. Hi everyone, I have a problem with playing Kotor II. I recently installed on my laptop Windows 7, but now I cannot play Kotor II. It is not the compatibility, because I had fixed that. But when I start up the game, all goes well. I can start a new game or saved one, but as soon as I start to play, the game crashes and makes a trrrrr noise. I cannot do anything with the computer except turn it off with the turn off button. Can someone help me with this?
  13. Kreia is the Ilum planet mod and the "Past of Kreia" dead?

  14. Hi there, I was looking for a Darth vader armor for Star Wars Knights of the old Republic II. So does anyone have or know a mod that would give me this? Oh, and does anyone also have a Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine robe or something like that? Thanks already!
  15. I have an issue, when exactly will everything happen. Like when will the Silvas sith tomb event start? I can't find the tomb, and when will happen the Arc Soldiers thing? And what about the liberation of Dantooine? And must I kill the Jedi Council to be able to proceed? And why will I only have once the time to talk with Zaen about his past?

    Any help?

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