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  1. Hi there, I wanted to inform you the fourth chapter of "The Shadow Empire" has been released :D

  2. The third chapter has been released :)

  3. Probably today or tomorrow. I didn't have much time lately.

  4. when are you going to release the third chapter for the shadow empire fic.

  5. I read, very nice.

  6. The first chapter has been placed, you may read it if you want :)

  7. I am looking forward to it. :)

  8. Thanks :)

    I hope you have also read the prologue of "The Shadow Empire". Today I'll post the first chapter.

  9. Nice fan fic. :thumsup:

  10. Kreia is the Ilum planet mod and the "Past of Kreia" dead?

  11. I have an issue, when exactly will everything happen. Like when will the Silvas sith tomb event start? I can't find the tomb, and when will happen the Arc Soldiers thing? And what about the liberation of Dantooine? And must I kill the Jedi Council to be able to proceed? And why will I only have once the time to talk with Zaen about his past?

    Any help?

  12. No, I already have found the mod. Still thanks for your attention.

  13. Can you send me the VO's for my mod?

  14. there is an update. video update added today

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