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  1. It's surely nonsense, but it just occurred to me: what if LeChuck IS Guybrush... from the future?
  2. ...and in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis also.
  3. Almost 13 years ago: https://www.doublefine.com/news/winners-write-the-history-books-germans-make-the-posters And now -oh, the hypocrisy-, they're using two of his restaurations (without asking) in their own "history" book...
  4. Hello everybody, I have a question to all forum members living across Europe: of those who have already received the anthology, how many days did it take to reach your home after receiving the email from DHL with the tracking numer? I live in Barcelona, I've received the email a week ago and still don't know anything about the package, should I start worrying or what...? (pandemics problems aside, the DHL website still says the estimated time of delivery is 6 business days).
  5. Absolutely fantastic Jan, and no less than 14 years since the first restauration! (I think)
  6. It seems like I clicked on everything on that very page that day
  7. I can confirm the TOMI big pins set was sold by the Telltale Store, I bought two from them for Christmas 2009.
  8. WhipWarrior, it seems this is the only item missing in your awesome FoA collection: http://www.mayapixelskaya.com/ShopGallery.aspx?s=Nur-Ab-Sal%27s-Necklace (it's made by the same talented girl who paint LucasArts-related ties and Converse)
  9. Thank you very much Sinus, these tracks bring back so many memories! Btw, there is something wrong at the last seconds of the "LeChucks Fortress" track?
  10. Where exactly do you see it that price? Locally at the store? Because I've just checked the site and it charges 20 pounds for the book.
  11. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ONAIT285
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