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  1. I'm still working on a MI2 SE screen that will blow you away Completely using the original art but using an Uber-tech method to make it 3D and high detail... The following is no excuse for the lazy work, just some hard number crunching: 3 artists paid for 9 months work ~ 40.000 $ x 3 = 120.000 Dollar 20.000 games รข 10 $ sold on XBOX live = 200.000 $ - Micro$oft (probably a share for each download) - LucasArts management, art director, coffee machine etc... That means that you really have to choose wisely. Putting 6-8 artists on the job might've been too costly. Any updated figures available of how many units they shipped?
  2. Well I imagine him being 19 in MI, then 21-23 in MI2, then maybe 25 in MI3
  3. Having the SE voices play during the classic mode of the SE will just be a matter of time and dedication. it will get done. Having the SE voices as a seperate voice pack for SCUMMVM compatible versions might be a little more work. Talented SCUMM modders would have to look at the DOTT, FOA talkie versions and build something like that.
  4. well all the rooms have to have some sort of .XML descriptor somewhere. I don't know oldschool SCUMM at all. Maybe you could explain how the new SE works? So when I enter "room10", does it search for a similarly named "room10" in the SE artwork?
  5. LOL! So what do you say? With some extensive work we already got our framework for a MI2: Special Edition? Interesting to see that you get the same Guybrush with spyglass at the beginning cut off. Sometimes he appears, sometimes not. Might have to do with CPU 100% utilisation as he only appears when my Quadcore is quite busy rendering in the background.
  6. I'm gonna try out something fancy. It's gonna take a while, but might be worth a shot. Alright. Maybe 50% done. looks good. I'll have something tomorrow...in 3D
  7. cool! Now the sign post needs just a little depth of field blurring, parallax scrolling and maybe swaying in the wind. The ship could be rocking up and down gently too. I still find that Guybrush sprite a little young looking though. Maybe LucasArts should make 3 seperate sprites to please us anal fanboys.
  8. I still think that part of the criticism towards the SE comes from "raped my childhood" syndrome. Unfortunately, the Lucasians have plenty of experience in that field You have to admit that the style of the first Monkey Island is less defined than 2 and 3. Now what should they have done? The exaggerated proportions of some of the backgrounds (as pointed out above) already generate clipping problems when using the original game code. Drawing less exaggerated would've created an even bigger rift between 1 and the other 2,3,4. And tweaking or changing the game code would've opened a whole other can of worms and reason for fan out cry. I wholeheartily agree that some of the background art is sloppy. But the overall style fits nicely I think. I wouldn't have wanted a less or more cartoonified version and that means they pretty much hit their target. In this day and age, when probably 95% of all the people working at LucasArts are no skilled 2D animators anymore, I think the endresult is completely acceptable. It could've been far, far worse. btw that picture above: Might NOT be the artists' fault. The visible banding lines might be DXT texture artifacts. Those new textures are way above the 256 of the original but still only 65000 colors. Try doing a nice and smooth gradient with that and then come back
  9. The UI seems designed in some sort of .XML format. It should be possible for someone a little experienced to alter it. Remember OBLIVION? ****ty consolized UI made tons better by mods due to the fact that it was based on pretty straight forward .XML descriptions.
  10. Take "Vampire: Bloodlines" for example. There were some dedicated fans that fixed everything with that game: From game design problems, gfx glitches, bugs, inbalances, to graphic enhancments, you name it - everything. The unofficial patches for that game are worlds better than the official game or it's patches. It took months and years for that. Monkey fans get a brand new version of their beloved game where - let's be real here: At least 80% of the stuff is near perfect. We are now 2 days after launch, the tools to redo EVERYTHING in the game are maybe 2 weeks away. Redoing textures, art and sprites can be done already. Fixing sliding or redoing scripting /the UI is possible too, it just takes some time to decode the .XML stuff. Modding MI:SE will be way easier than for any 3d game. The workload can even be split apart neatly due to the separated nature of the background art. So don't be bitter. Embrace the Monkey! And if you are serious about hating some of the sloppy parts - you can change it. YOU can change the world. DO IT I know what you are thinking: "We shouldn't have to do that!" You are right. In a perfect world, we would've gotten a perfect MONKEY ISLAND:SE. But you know what? We don't live in a perfect world. In a perfect world we shouldn't have to remind our politicians not do do corruption, prevent corporations from running amok with their monopoly status, stop nuclear weapons from spreading or prevent environmental pollution. But we have to do it. Cause it's our world and we are the ones most dedicated about it. And now everbody sing with me in honor of the king of pop: They don't care about us! let's heal the world!
  11. Well they don't have to. It's not like the game is broken or anything. (and there are fans out there that do even that - fix broken games with their own patches) If the Monkey Island fans really are so anal and angered by some of the sloppyness in the backgrounds, they have all the means to fix or alter them. I think that's fair.
  12. There is a tweaks.txt file inside monkey1.pak with several parameters which seem to guide the sliding of Guybrush. Dunno how to tweak it though.
  13. Say AYE one more goddamn time you dairyfarmer. I dare you, I double dare you.
  14. I wouldn't mind a version with the original artwork in real 640x480 or higher res, speech in MI:SE quality and music played on real instruments. It would be neat if they would just try to "uprez" the existing art and style. MI had lots of sparse and empty backgrounds open to interpretation, but MI2's style is already fully developed. No need to reinvent the wheel.
  15. I just love it. Does it have some warts and all? Yes. But it's completely moddable and with time and care, those fans complaining about some of the old pixels shining through or some closeups not being up to snuff can create their own version. It has superb speech and music, nice ambience sounds, high-res gfx, neat little fx and is a perfect basis for some ultimate clean, bugfree fan-edition sometime in the future.
  16. Nice! Now press F10 and show us the 1080p version you joker.
  17. The XBox version doesn't have the ability to tweak dialogue speed??! That proves it: Xbox users all read at the same speed. Probably slow... :-P
  18. hmm, he is partially right, but he sure is in total rant mode there. The main problem is the balancing act between building on top of the old game code with its limited framerate and predefined room dimensions and the ridiculously high resolution the new game is presented in. Reduce them down to 1024x or CMI resolution (640x480) and you won't notice any bugs (except the lame fonts on some of the backgrounds). Is there any other adventure game out there, where you can play in native 1920x1080p resolution and the backgrounds are available at that exact resolution?
  19. The ugliest forest bugs might come from the artists being "too loose" with their new stuff and then the guy who had to cut the art up into the different background slices noticed that some stuff wasn't going to line up. Maybe the artists couldn't be bothered anymore and then some ugly cutting and pasting happened. Still: The artists themselves seem to have left the original base layer on when exporting some of the backgrounds. A simple "stylize" filter in photoshop would've worked wonders...hmm who knows?
  20. So the work to "decode" the content into a real .XML that's readable by e.g. Dreamweaver is not the problem? The problem is to get the edited .XML back into the format used inside the .pak? hmm...
  21. Regarding the Nvidia Photoshop DDS plugin: Alpha works fine. you need to save as DXT5 with interpolated alpha (or whatever the fancy alpha variant is called) also you need to generate an alpha channel, but for experienced Photoshop users this is easily done.
  22. Giant Monkey Head Island Edition: Every character's head is twice the size (like the canibals) Also I'd love to have a version with an .xml file substituting the Guybrush sprite with a monkey. I want to play as a monkey!
  23. well, you just have to put the files into the appropriate subdirectory and the game uses them instead of the ones inside the giant monkey1.pak. So e.g. to make your own title gfx: ..\art\rooms\images\10_logo\objects_a1.dxt there might be the possibility to change something inside the code so that the game would search for e.g. "monkey_mod.pak" but this method is less invasive as it doesn't alter any code whatsoever.
  24. there is also a nice (somewhat older) DDS plugin by Nvidia for Photoshop. Works nicely. Just save the images as DXT5 dds and then use the converter from DDS->DXT
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