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  1. well the same thing was in the FOA credits and he never returned...at least not in pure adventure form.
  2. 1680x1050p: http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/9169/snap1njq.jpg http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/3092/snap4d.jpg
  3. character art original MI2 Guybrush sprite animation sheet
  4. more high-res background art/screengrab mockups SCUMM Bar in 3D (Source Engine): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v334/olofmoleman/HL2%20mods/pvk_scummbar0004.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v334/olofmoleman/HL2%20mods/pvk_scummbar0005.jpg
  5. The Semi-Official Thread for MONKEY ISLAND 2: LECHUCK'S REVENGE - *Special Edition* This thread is a collection of high-res concept art, character sprites and screenshot mockups for a potential MI2 *Special Edition*. high-res background & concept art Photo of Wally's House in Rogue Leaders Book
  6. Ok guys, I think we should put the thread to sleep and maybe start a new one with all the HD materials /concept art of MI2 that is available. Maybe include some of the fine character sketches and HD mockups. If LEC makes a MI2:SE it would be nice to have all this stuff as a reference in one place...you know...sorted.
  7. I want Michael Bay involved in writing capacity to spicen up the jokes. Two words: Ball jokes! I want a hacker to crack the source code so that there are only FHM chicks and bikini models walking around the islands in Uber-HDR stereoscopic 4D-smellovision. I want total BS mythology spewed out in several 30min lasting exposition monologues. I want random shots of every military fighter ever built instead of the normal chapter screens. I want the spitting contest to be changed to a Bay-splosions-measure-your-dick-athon. I want a Giant Monkey Robot battling a Giant LeChuck-o-Bot...oh wai... Oh and I second this notion: I WANT ELAINE NAKED! LucasArts DO - IT - NOW!
  8. I want parallax scrolling backgrounds, in 1080p, with 32-bit color. I want smoke, light fx, animated oceans and translucent Largo-spit. I want updated orchestral iMuse, 48khz sound quality. I want Jo-Jo the monkey, fully rotoscoped with a performance by Jacko's old chimp and his piano playing feet to be Mozart's superimposed, digitally reimagined hands. I want 48 frames per second ultra-fluid character sprite animations with full lip-synching, ragdoll physics and procedurally blended strafing and walk cycles. And I want it NOW. Do it LucasArts. DO - IT.
  9. I wouldn't mind a Last Crusade version with the Indy4 sprite. That would probably cut the workload for the Indy animations in half. (the "special case animations" are not as widespread as in e.g. MI2) But I guess they'll never do a SE of Last Crusade. Too many screens and most of them would have to get A LOT more detailed for a 1080p update. Also together with the original Maniac Mansion and Zak it's the "least accessible" of the classic adventures. The puzzles are a lot harder than what you get with normal adventures.
  10. Found these two on my old ClassicAdventures DVD I made a couple of years ago... Dunno if they have been posted already. Even the sketches without color look detailed enough to be scanned in at higher resolution. btw if anyone has these at higher res, post them!
  11. Classic LucasArts archives on Steam and on NintendoDS + bonus REAL LIFE LIGHTSABER! You heard it here first kids!
  12. Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  13. We once had a pretty cool "Monkey Island" bar that was on a sandbank in the middle of the river that flows through Duesseldorf.
  14. for some reason that beard makes him look like Ben's cousin from Full Throttle.
  15. it's very artistically done. Still, I think he is too far over on the DOTT side of the design spectrum. I want a GUYBRIEL KNIGHTBRUSH
  16. sometimes noise or grain can be good to suggest more detail in an image. Especially with enlarging something for print, grain can do wonders. Did you already do a test print?
  17. Me too. It really stirred something deep down. The stuff of nightmares. Where you have to fix something you broke and you don't have enough time and then BAM! LeChuck Gotchya! I think they did a really clever thing with that sequence, cause it turned a core element of how adventures work upside down: Normally you have plenty of time and everything is fixed to your speed, but this sequence (at least at first) felt like you didn't have control of the game flow. I think I was 13 in 1992 when I had bought it and it still scarred me a little. It's that combination or amalgam of two distinct genre elements and mixing them up with the right voodoo that was the secret. As I said earlier, kind of like GHOSTBUSTERS.
  18. Maybe they will do like a Buy-Vote? They make them all available as a direct download and the one that get's downloaded the most get's the SE treatment
  19. real life lightsabers near ripe wipeneighbours... it should be REAL LIFE TIE-FIGHTERS!
  20. Announcement: They invented a time and memory eraser machine that will enable them to go back exactly 10 years, delete the EMI source code and every other ****ty game since then and start over as a fresh, new company that encourages it's inspired workforce to go all out in creating funny, engaging aweinspiring new IPs with lots and lots of adventure aspects?
  21. well the guy who has been asking for "this" since before he started working at LEC must be a total newcomer. How old is the iPhone?
  22. If he hadn't mentioned "not concerning one ip" my guess would've been a new TIE-Fighter or X-Wing. Or maybe a Special Edition of one of the old ones. Those were brillant games. Maybe they will now allow modding for their games? But currently there is none that could qualify...hmm...
  23. looks like Guybrush has a fetish for candle wax sex practices.
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