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  1. Sorry not true. If you are participating in a discussion (which posting on a message board kind of is) than it's just rude to state something without backing it up, explaining it or trying to get the other person invested in your point of view. Your are just venting or verbally throwing **** against the wall otherwise. I know the internet was basically born out of a discussion culture like this, but that doesn't mean you should embrace it and dumb yourself down to that level.
  2. So here is my first fiddling. As you can see the original painting seems something akin to 94x60, not 80x60 And with the extended length it just feels more epic and pleasing to the eye. Is there any way we can get that photo of the framed artwork in higher res? And if I'm going to do it, I'll need your .PSD file Laserschwert, not the JPG.
  3. Of course they are. Laserschwert did a tremendous job with all of them. It's just knowing that my beloved masterpiece exists in a taller format makes me mad. Like watching a classic movie in Pan&Scan 1:1,78 when you know it should be viewed in 1:2,35 I'm planning on getting the MI2 poster for my new apartment and I really want to use a high class poster frame. So the original poster length is needed. As I said earlier, I might try to do it myself if I find the time. (between two moves and a new job)
  4. Compared to what??! This is a typical juvenile (you were the 13old right? so you are excused) posting of an absolute statement you can only get away with in an internet discussion. You see, in the real world there are shades of grey and if you want to grow up a wise man, you need to differentiate and categorize a bit more than "crap". Is it crap compared to the non-existent work of some holy, non existent team of ultimate-best-of animators injected with the combined Monkey Island love of thousands of fans with unlimited time and money on their hands? YES it is. Is it crap when keeping in mind that in reality such a team has money, time, artistic and technical constraints (like trying to keep the same number of animation frames and poses like the original)? NO definitely not. It's best to develop opinions formed on all the available facts. Of course if you just want to state "your gut feeling", than feel free.
  5. Did they use their Singapore studio for it? Don't think so. Last I heard (and that was from a very high level Lucasfilm employee) was that the Singapore studio only did the Nintendo DS StarWars game. No other gaming related project yet. They are busy doing the CLONEWARS cartoons and I think some of the ILM shots get shipped over there.
  6. Laserschwert: How could I get you in the mood to try and extend that MI2 poster? If you don't want to do it, I could try my luck, but that would have to wait till July...still working on my diploma project here..
  7. So now that we all established our animation kung-fu, I still stand by my initial statement. The animation of a taller 1080p Guybrush leaves no room for imagination. You perceive everything as is. Whereas the pixelated version left room for imagination. Hell there were some frames in Monkey Island2 where I never could figure out if it was his coat moving or his arms or something else. You just filled in the missing stuff in your head. The job of a remake team is not easy on this front. Even if they draw everything on the original keyposes it doesn't mean you get the same fluid feeling. I don't see a perfect solution for this, other than drawing completely new and/or more poses (more or less exaggerated and geared towards the new redesign) As we probably all love the original animation, I think this is the best compromise.
  8. yeah the brush strokes are more evident but I like the subdued contrast on the left one better. The right one looks like he is addicted to sun banks
  9. I love that frame... I think it is and it is closer to the normal movie poster dimensions which would be awesome to have.
  10. Laserschwert, if you can in any way get your MI2 poster to that cropping I'll kiss you: Ran an den Speck!
  11. I liked what I heard from Carla in the playthrough. Her voice (and her voodoo lady) increase the caribbean feeling of the island, which I love. Also some of the ambience sounds are good in heightening the carib feeling.
  12. Dude I know how animation works, I went to an animation school for 4 years... I was just pointing out that a taller Guybrush with longer arms and legs might be a little more difficult to animate properly. you can't exactly draw over the old keyframes if your T-poses and draw-sheets for the characters don't match up.
  13. Well the "stiff" animations might be the impression you get if you use the same number of animation frames and basic technique like in the original but in high-res the flaws and shortcomings become more visible. They decided to go with a more CMI like Guybrush who is taller than the old sprite and thus his limited animation frames for walking become more apparent. At least that's what I think. it's a real art form to get the most out of an animation when you only have e.g. 6 fps to work with. Maybe they should rehire Purcell or some oldschool stop-motion artists
  14. I don't think the backgrounds would be the biggest challenge or the iMuse stuff. All the special case animations would be a huge workload. And it would've to be done properly, funny and very professional. You'd need real skilled 2D animators to do those fluid, squash & stretch motions. My fear is that the crowd that's working at LucasArts right now might not be skilled enough to do the old work justice. Hope that my fear is unfounded!
  15. Hi everyone. new to this forum. I just read Purcell's newest blog entry and found it interesting that he put some MI2 art up: http://spudvisionblog.blogspot.com/2009/06/cartographers-cabin.html If a MI2 SE happens and they rescan the old art I might die of joy.
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