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  1. Hey great game I loved it I didnt make it all the way through the demo though havnt had time but I would be willing to buy it if it had a price you should show it to steam or somthing I dont know how you get stuff on the market but I think you have a real good tallent with this stuff. Real nice game.

  2. Hey your game is realy good thanks for telling me the program you used. I desided I might make a game. I know its going to be hard and It wont come out amazing but I got to start somewhere. Your game has realy inspired me into making one of my own thanks!

  3. Hey i was wondering how you would make a game like this? I want to make one. Thanks.

  4. LOve you AvaTar anD NAME!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey when will Frantic Franko be released? I am realy wanting to try it. I think it looks amazing.

  6. Hey just wanted to say good luck on the radio thing. You know the Power of Monkey Island! I am so exited I dont know why I just love radio programs. Thanks. And be sure to post it on your site so people that cant tune in can listen. Good luck!

  7. Oh well that would make sence. Thanks I was confused. I am staying on this forums so I will have mine soon I will just have to wait. Your real lucky to you get to be on the Mojo staff. Thanks just was curiouse.

  8. Sorry Jae Wont do it again.

  9. Hey how did you get that "aka 'MrCoulumb'" under your user name? I thought you had to have at least 1000 posts?

  10. Hey I am realy interested in your Frantic Franko thing. Could you give me a link or somthing? The one in your signature isnt working. I dont know if its my network or somthing but It isnt working. Maby you should make a thread in the Off topic Maythem or somthing. Thanks I am realy interested it sound realy cool.

  11. Hello Everyone. Please do not leave a visitor message unless its apropriate for everyone to see and is a comment. Please contact me through a private message or email me at snipped--don't post emails, please, it attracts spam bots. Send your email to the requesting person by PM. Thanks, Jae please do not use this to contact me. Thanks purple_tentacle_

  12. Hey dude. I want to put you signature image on the "Different Guybrushs" thread. I already have 2 of yours. I have your name above them to give you full credit. You should check it out and see if there are anymore that I missed that were made by you. Thanks. purple_tentacle_

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