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  1. Nice! i like it! i like it a lot! Brings me back to the days when I used to play Fate of Atlantis and watch indy movies all day! Ahhh those were some relaxing weeks... Keep up the good work!
  2. So I know this is very late but I finally got the english version. I havnt played it all the way through yet but I already love it. I like the look of the game the most. Very pretty! But I do have to say the characters in my opinion are a bit too blah and boring at some points. But I love the robots in the game! They are the best part!!! So I am happy with it. A pretty nice game considering what a fail the Runaway series was.
  3. DUDE I LOVE THESE!! Keep up the good work! I listen to them over and over they never get old! great job!
  4. Dude thats awesome! I love them!!! And just curious but why do you find it irritating??
  5. Ahh! Im so jealous right now!! I didnt know the full game was out yet! Where did you buy it?
  6. Yeah I am very tempted to learn German just so I can play some games. There are several games I have missed out on because they are only in German. But I am pretty excited about this one!
  7. Hello everyone! I dont know if anyone has seen this yet but it looks like it might be a fun game. I downloaded the demo but unfortunatley the demo is in German and I dont speak German so it is useless for me. But I did spend time walking around and looking at the graphics. Its got some pretty good music and I love the colors! Its worth checking out. I am hoping they will make an English version when the game is released. If not that I would be happy with English subtitles. Website Download the Demo Here Review Other Games by Pendulo Studios Trailer: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Gameplay: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) Screenshots:
  8. Ya thanks! I too would love to play it!
  9. Oh ya sorry I meant background and it is an adventure game. I am trying to go for the whole kind of sad dark feeling. I want to keep the main character a mystery. I want it to be different so its not like other games were you know almost everything about the main character there will always be a piece of information you don't know about him. Kind of a Machinarium kind of character. He wont talk much and there wont be voices but sounds. Its hard to explain but you will see if I make it that far. I'm kind of going for that dark feeling the world has in that game. I am hopefully going to make 2 games if I can manage to finish this one. I have already started on all the graphics though which is the farthest I have gotten. But the story is in complete in some parts so I also have to work on that. But basically you start out in an unknown town as your mysterious character. As you check the town out you can put the pieces together. The whole story is almost trying to figure out what happened to you and who you are. So you are basically thrown in the game not knowing anything and you slowly put things together while also solving the smaller puzzles throughout the game. I do have the story written but it has some dull moments I need to work on and I need to work on making the puzzles a little more challenging but I am far from putting the game together it will take some time. But I will be working on a demo so people can check it out and tell me if you liked it or if it needs any changes. So I will be updated on here and the ags forums.
  10. Ok now I am working on a main character (Whose name is SlIm) This I started on today and am still working on it but got the main outline. Again I dont know a lot so its the best I came up with. But I am going for this overall look with the map and sprites. My Main character (SlIm):
  11. Hello everyone! I havnt been on the forums for about a year and I thought I would show you guys what I just started working on about a day ago. I have this whole game idea that I thought up and I wanted to show you my first map. I have tried making games before but never can get the maps made up. But finally I have some free time to work on them. Now I am not a computer geniouse and definatley dont know anything about Photoshop but I have had some help from some friends and they are slowly teaching me some stuff. My first background: Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I know its big but it was just practice so I didnt worry about that. So tell me what you guys think!
  12. WOW AWESOME POSTER!!! I love the plant in the background!
  13. Oh I didn't know you were allowed to go off alone. I haven't put allot of time into the game though. It is nice not having to move around by yourself. I don't know about anyone else but I think this is the best by Telltale for awhile. I didn't really like the new Sam and max season I wish they didn't change the graphics and allot of different things so to me this is really exciting.
  14. Haha ya it is a freaky game it made me jump once so far it caught me off guard. Well I had no idea what it was so I am pretty excited about it and I am familiar of Grickle I thought I recognized the art from somewhere.
  15. Probably the best game I have played in months! I have been playing allot of first person shooter's and this was a nice change. I like the way the graphics and sound track the most but what I think makes the game so unique is the way you get around the place you don't actually move Agent Tethers around like you would in Sam and Max or TOMI. The only thing I am disappointing in is finding out info seems to be too easy. Its almost like it gives you the clues. The puzzles can be hard but I would have liked it if you can move freely around the map without it guiding you every step of the game like a built in walk through. But overall I think it is a great game! Worth the money. Here is the link just in case no one knows what the heck I am talking about: http://www.telltalegames.com/puzzleagent I suggest it to every Telltale fan!
  16. Hey everyone! I found a download for one of those super old dos text only adventure games! Its pretty sweet! I would post the download link but I dont know if I am allowed to.
  17. I agree although telltale did some Lucasarts stuff they didnt make it the same old Lucasarts Style. Like the TOMI series you dont have a table thing bellow you with commands.
  18. Haha well of course compared to Outlaws. But it didnt release for PC so that gives it a 4 out of 10 in my book. But I do like the graphics. I still think a cartoonish style game could go over big.
  19. Ok I know that this discussion is pretty much over but I think that I came up with what could be a great sequal to outlaws! All the other western games have amazing graphics (I think that the graphics have a big part in it.) But they are all seriouse and almost depressing looking. I think that the cartoony cutscenes from Outlaws is a great example of what the graphics and world should look like. If you have ever played the game you might have noticed that the world around you is more of a realistic kind of look with the textures making some of the wood and brick look beat up and rough but when you reload your Characters hand is the same cartoonish comic look. I think that the whole world around you should have the same look. Kind of like a cell shading kind of thing. Here are some examples of what I mean: Just western but same concept.
  20. I think that would be GREAT!!! I love those lego games they always do good.
  21. Ya but look at other games like Mafia. It didnt have the best graphics and isnt that known but it was a decent game and it has a really nice sequal coming out. I think its possible. Just Call of Juarez blew my mind with its graphics and I didnt think it could be beat but then they came out with Bound in blood with what I think has better graphics then some games like GTA 4 which I believe came out around the same time. Video Games will always advance and Red Dead Redemption cant stay on top forever I Believe It can be beat. And with all the latest western games being released I think that It can creat alot of hype especially if there was a first. I think that they could make something really good out of it if they wanted to. And since the original is so hard to find they could make it a bonus and include it with the seconed. And I think that a same cartoony less seriouse kind of game is needed. And for the time it was a great advance in First Person Shooters. The graphics are far better than quakes which I also thought was a great game. Plus Red Dead Redemption isnt out for PC which I thought was a very bad move. There are alot of mad pc gamers over it. I wouldnt call it perfect. It is nice but no game is perfect. I thought that many games were perfect then something better came along and I think that somthing needs to be a sequal and of outlaws. * The cartoony style (amazing for an FPS, and still unusual) * The fact that it had a strong LucasArts storyline and a few puzzles despite being an FPS. Is what lucasarts does best and is somthing that I think only they can pull off. I think that what makes it different than other games was the puzzles. Its not just pointless shooting and killing. And it reminds me of Full Throttle. Although it wasnt a FPS it too was kind of unusual and Its one of my favorites. All the other games are so seriouse. I think there needs to be a more unusual release that everyone can play. Outlaws was a pretty agressive for the time but it doesnt have to be another Gears of War.
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