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  1. Hey, I was brainstorming new ideas,but before I go public with them I need to know if they are possible. First off, do you know what animations are hard-coded into the game?


    Also the Hanharr animations are done as are the mira ones (the slamming ones), but I'm trying something completely new with them (at least I think it's new) and it might be a while until I can get them to you. I'll p.m. you the details.

  2. I have some new ideas for which model best suits the animations. As for when it comes out the best answer I have is I don't know. I was kind of busy with RL ( codenamed The Witcher 2) but that's finished. As such I know have the time to look at it again.

  3. Alright, I have good and bad news. I found a way to switch models in the main menu. However, first off modlops cannot read the mist so that's out. Secondly, the model lacks animations. Lastly, When I switched Sions model with Revans, his armour became half shiny half black. The last should be the simplest to find a solution for, but there may be no solutions for the others.

  4. Hey, I left a comment on deadly forums, but I don't know if you were notified of it. To reiterate, I am currently giving vandar's model yoda's style. It is slow going as I am creating each attack individually. It will probably be finished between he time the demo comes out and act one. Depending on when the demo comes out it may even be finished before hand.


    About a possible future project. Does Quan Dryan have his own model? He looks like a niman user does he not;)?

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